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How To Connect Vudu To Google Play -Tips

Vudu is an excellent way to watch all your favorite shows on many devices.

What is the Vudu app?

The Vudu smartphone app is available across various mobile platforms, allowing all android and IOS users to download it freely on any smart device.

What exactly happened to the Vudu app

Fandango purchased the Vudu app. This is a company that deals mostly In movie ticket sales. Ultimately, this may end Vudu.

Vudu has enabled access to thousands of movies and more free with limited commercials. Vudu is now available on the Android TV app.

How to connect Vudu to Google Play

1. Get to your account settings

2. Next, select manage Retailers

3. After which select a digital movie account you wish to connect. This can be Vudu, iTunes, Google Play

4. Make sure to follow the onscreen instructions, you can easily sign into and link your two accounts.


Why can’t I cast Vudu

If you can’t cast Vudu on a PC or Mac, this may be because you aren’t using the chrome web browser or the title may not have been converted for chrome casting.


If you’re using a tablet or smartphone, you must use the Vudu app and not a web browser.

How To Connect Vudu To My TV

1. On the remote control, choose Apps, next press ok

2. Going to the Apps page, select Vudu then ok

3. Next, you’ll be asked to sign up or log in if you already have a Vudu account – do so, then press ok.

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Should I choose Vudu over Netflix?

In terms of price, Netflix is cheaper and offers more options than Vudu. However, Vudu has a higher streaming quality. It is advisable you make your choice based on your current needs and be ready to make some compromises as well, either on price or in the quality of the video.

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