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Airtel Vida M4  4g Mifi Review

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If you are in search of a MiFi the Airtel M4 4g MiFi might just be the best for you. When searching for a MiFi I look at the coverage length, battery strength, the service provider, and also the physical appearance of the Mifi.

But before we go into the Airtel Vida M4 4g MiFi pros and cons, we would want to take a look at what Airtel Vida M4 4g MiFi is all about and also the manufacturer of the airtel MiFi.

What is Airtel Vida M4 4g MiFi

Airtel Vida m4 4g Mifi is a portable router that can be used to access the internet. Airtel Vida M4 4g MiFi is manufactured by Vida Technologies Limited.

Vida Technologies have created different models of Mifi for different networks in Nigeria and this is not their first time manufacturing a MiFi for the Airtel network.

What is inside the box

The Airtel Vida M4 4g MiFi comes with.

  • USB type B cord
  • Manual/warranty card
  • Airtel 4g sim card
airtel Vida 4g MiFi

Airtel Vida m4 4g Mifi key features

The body

Plastic body build



Led indications

Supported devices 

All Wifi-enabled devices

Everything on JUMIA



USB type B port







Airtel Mifi m4 4g full review

The body

The body of the Airtel M4 MiFi is made of plastic. At the top of the MiFi is its power button while on the downside we have the reset button, WPS, and the type B USB port which is used for charging and USB connection to the computer. The M4 MiFi is fragile, and a single drop is capable of tearing it apart.

airtel Vida 4g MiFi

The M4 MiFi would have been very light if not because of its huge 3000mah battery. The led notification area of the M4 MiFi is also made of plastic. The plastic looks like a black glass when not fully observed, it is highly prone to scratch too.

The display

If you have not physically get in touch with the Airtel M4 MiFi you would assume it has a kind of pixel type of screen, but rather it comes with a Led indication.

Some of the Led indication colours include solid red and solid green. These colours indications indicate different meanings.

Led indication meaning

Under the signal indicator 
  • solid red means no sim or pin not entered 
  • Blinking red means searching for a network
  • Solid green means registered to a 4g or 3g network
  • Blinking green means connected to a 4g or 3g network and data is also being transferred 
Under wifi indicator
  • Solid green means wifi is on
Under message indicator
  • Green means an unread message
Under battery indicator
  • Solid green means the battery is above 60%
  • Blinking green means the battery level is around 20% to 60%
  • When Blinking red, it means the battery level is below 20%
  • Blinking red and green also means the MiFi is charging

Supported devices

The Airtel Vida M4 4g MiFi support all Wifi-enabled devices. But in a case where your computer or PC doesn’t have a Wifi feature, you can make use of the USB tethering mode. You just need to connect your USB to your PC and MiFi, there you go you are connected to the internet.


As I wrote earlier the Vida M4 MiFi supports Wifi connection and a USB connection. The USB port is also used for charging and updating the MiFi.


The Airtel MiFi supports 4g, 3g, and 2g services. The 4g service can go as high as 11Mbps depending on the area you are in, I tried it out and it was amazing.


Unlike other MiFi that comes with a range of 1000mah to 2000mah battery, the M4 MiFi comes with a 3000mah battery which is huge. The large battery also makes the MiFi look a little bit heavy, but it fits fine in the pocket. I would rather put it inside my bag than put it inside my pocket anyway. 

Airtel 4g mifi battery

After acquiring the Airtel Vida M4 MiFi I run a few tests on the duration of the battery, and it was amazing. I charged it completely to 100% and I left it on from 10 am to 6 pm with my phone connected to it and I still have 70 % battery left.

Also, I made use of it the next day till the evening. From my two weeks’ observations, the Airtel M4 MiFi will last a day on minimum usage.

How to configure your Airtel Vida m4 Mifi

If you’ve just acquired a new M4 MiFi you would need to configure it before using it.

  • Register your Airtel Mifi sim card.
  • login to to set up your sim card so that you get your data bonus.
  • Log in to the following address or to set up Mifi. (NOTE. I just noticed most of you guys are clicking on this link, the link won’t work if you are not connected to your Airtel Mifi. You need to be connected to your Airtel MiFi and input the URL on your phone browser or laptop to log in)
airtel Vida 4g MiFi
airtel Vida 4g MiFi

Register your airtel mifi sim card

For you to be able to make use of your Airtel Mifi you need to register your sim card. If you are in Nigeria you will need to provide your NIN ( National Identification Number) as it is required in Nigeria before you make use of a sim card. 

Login to the airtel mifi home page

After you must have registered your sim card you need to log in to the assigned airtel MiFi homepage and fill in your details.

Your details include your MiFi number which is your sim number ( MSISDN ) your current phone number and your email address then log in. You can also manage your subscription from the airtel MiFi link.

Login to your Mifi

You need to log in to your MiFi to make changes to your MiFi name and address. You can do this by using the URL  or

Here you can manage your MiFi using the menu on the dashboard. Don’t forget to check on the back of your MIFI before the battery, there is a default WIFI password and also a user/admin password in case you reset or you want to change your password.

How to reset the airtel m4 4g lte mifi

If you forgot your password or you want to completely reset your m4 MiFi follow the steps below.

How to reset the airtel m4 4g LTE mifi
  1. Check under the m4 Mifi beside the WPS button you will see a small hole.
  2. Get a needle or an office pin.
  3. Push the office pin gently into the hole.
  4. Hold till 5 sec, your Mifi will be reset.

Some problems with the airtel mifi

There have been a lot of issues with Airtel MiFi sim registration lately, I saw a post on Facebook where a customer was complaining of not being able to make use of the MiFi after registration.

He said he took it to one of their office close to him but he was told that the sim inside the MiFi is not 4g enabled. It sounds weird, right? I bought my Airtel M4 MiFi in an Airtel outlet for 5,000 Nairas I registered the sim but till today I couldn’t make use of the sim.

When I contacted Airtel on Facebook I was told the KYC registration was incomplete. 

airtel Vida 4g MiFi

Going back to their office would be another stress to me, so I went to the roadside vendors, and I was told the sim serial number is not correct.

Then I flashed back to what the customer said. It wasn’t because the sim is not 4G enabled but the problem is from the serial number. The day I purchased the Airtel MiFi, a customer came in with two Airtel MiFi for the same reason.

airtel mifi 4g sim

I am convinced that Airtel NG is playing a fast one on their customers because, when you are unable to register your sim card that comes with your MiFi you won’t be able to receive your free data bonus.

But in all, I got another sim and registered it from the roadside vendors and it got activated in 20 min and that’s the sim I am using in my Airtel MiFi up to date.

Pros of airtel Vida 4g MiFi

Affordability: Did I even make use of that word in this article? The Airtel M4 Mifi is only 5000 Nigerian Nairas In any Airtel outlet in Nigeria. Although, this is a promo price and not its real price.

airtel Vida 4g MiFi

I went around computer village in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria in other to figure out how much this gem will cost, I was amazed the prices were different from different retailers, prices ranging from 7,000 to 14,000 Nigerian Nairas.

Strong battery: The Vida M4 4g MiFi comes with a huge 3000mah battery and it is not like other expensive MiFi that only come with a 1,500mah battery or less like my Huawei e5336 Mifi.

Easy to use: Unlike other MiFi, the Airtel M4 MiFi comes with different settings and customization, also the USSD platform makes it easier to recharge and buy plans without connecting to the internet.

Cons of airtel Vida 4g MiFi

No fast charge: I don’t know if there’s any MiFi that comes with a fast charge feature, but it would be awesome to see one that comes with it. The Airtel M4 MiFi takes up to 3hrs to charge from 1% to 100%, this could be bad for some users.

Fragile: The Airtel MiFi is very fragile, a drop on the floor could put the M4 4g MiFi into different parts. On the other hand, making the build thick would add to its weight with the 3000mah battery. I wouldn’t want a MiFi that is heavy, it would add more stress to mobility.

Price and where to buy the airtel Vida m4 4g MiFi

You can get the Airtel Vida M4 Mifi in any Airtel outlet in Nigeria.

Buy on Jumia 14,000 nigerian nairas


The Airtel Vida M4 4g MiFi is a gem. With its large 3000mah battery you are sure of 10 hours internet service on medium usage. Also, the M4 MiFi comes with different verities of configurations in other to make connection easy.

For now, the Airtel Vida M4 4g MiFi is unlockable, unlike other Vida models which could be unlocked. Also, there’s no place to insert unlock code if you put other sims apart from Airtel. Literally, the M4 will need someone to code or change the firmware version or software to unlock it, till then we will wait.

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27 thoughts on “Airtel Vida M4  4g Mifi Review

  1. Hello Benjmain here.
    I can’t set a password during my course of registration, it keeps telling me invalid password, can you imagine my own password i choose to form won’t go through and i can’t proceed to the next page because of this.
    Please i would be grateful if you could help me out.

    1. Hi Benjamin thanks for stopping by.

      Have you tried changing password?

      Please note that if you are trying to register the Airtel M4 MIFI using a number or sim card that does not come with it you will likely going to run into an error.

      Also, verify if your number have been used for registration before.

      For more assistance you can contact Airtel NG on Facebook by search for Airtel Nigeria, they would be glad to help you.

  2. Please I want to change my username and password but the name and password I put they said is incorrect, please how can I go about it

    1. Hi ugwu
      There’s a default password and username for the mifi remove the battery and check the sticker attached to the mifi. You should see a username and password.

      Also try resetting the Airtel m4 mifi if you’ve forget your password

    1. Hi Loveth,
      Please check on the body of the Airtel m4 mifi park you will see the Wifi number.
      Also, the sim card phone number which comes with the Airtel m4 mifi is also the Wifi number.

      1. The Airtel Vida M4 Mifi will need an upgrade or update method to unlock it. This is because the option of unlocking it using a password is disabled. This was done to make sure you don’t migrate to other networks.

        The upgrade or update is supposed to be released by Vida Technology, but however, this is impossible because of the contract between Airtel NG and Vida Technology.

        You can get this same Mifi (Universal model) from Vida Technology, but it is more expensive.

    1. Hi Dave,
      We are sorry, for now there’s no way to unlock the Airtel Vida M4 mifi.

      But as soon as we find any we would update this article as soon as possible. Please do make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out.

  3. my mifi is turned on and connected to my pc, but nothing is blinking other than the battery percentage, yet its going on my pc, is this normal? and what does noe blinking means, that the network is stable or not

    1. Yes, after putting on the Airtel Mifi. The battery icon starts blinking that is how it was configured. If the network is stable, the network icon won’t blink, but if it is not, it will blink.
      I wrote about the meaning of the lights and icons please go through the article.

      1. I have an Airtel vida m2 midi. Whenever I turn it on, it stay for some time and automatically reboot up itself.
        It always does that all time.

        Is there a solution to this.

  4. Pleaee even after pressing the reset button I cannot login.
    Is it the wifi key I am supposed to put as the password after resetting or what

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