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Google Pixel 6 Pro Unlocked For Free

Google Pixel 6 Pro Unlocked

Trying to have your Google Pixel 6 Pro Unlocked seems to be a very hard and even expensive task. We agree. It was until an amazing online tool that helps you to unlock Google Pixel 6 Pro by yourself without mastery was created. This guide will clearly explain the unlocking process step by step, so you won’t have any problems.

In short, you will only need to have the IMEI number of your device , since this will be an official method of unlocking by IMEI, just like your operator would do. There is no need to install any apps or software that can destroy your smartphone or affect your warranty.

Created by the most experienced developers, the unlocking tools can help anyone who wants his Google Pixel 6 Pro Unlocked for free on any operator (including Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Yoigo, Lebara, Happy Móvil, Simyo and more). The best part: you don’t have to pay anything to use this services. There are no subscription plans and you are not asked to pay by credit card or any other type of payment.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Unlocked by IMEI on Any Carrier

When a Google pixel 6 pro is locked means you cannot insert another carrier’s SIM card and your phone will normally only work when used with that particular network. To change and use another SIM you will have to unlock your Google Pixel 6 Pro first. This can be done by asking your operator to give you an unlock code for the Google Pixel 6 Pro, using a third party service (in both cases you have to pay) or using the tool that we will proffer here, that is free and instant.

The unlock tool is the only solution to have your Google Pixel 6 Pro Unlocked, free of charge within 5 minutes. It has the same unlock method as your carrier or other unlock code providers. However, they do it for free and won’t let you wait for days or weeks until your smartphone is unlocked.

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How to Generate Unlock Codes for Google Pixel 6 Pro

With easy to use interface and fast response server, once you use the tool you will never see “sim not supported” on your Google screen . It will be a permanent unlock and you will not have to worry when you are updating your apps or firmware and many important things will not be locked again.

From sending the IMEI number to getting the unlock code there are 3 steps to follow. It takes less than 5 minutes when starting the Google Pixel 6 Pro unlock process. There is everything you need to do and in case you you can’t do it, just contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Here are the steps, let’s proceed now:

Step One: Go to our tool page, enter your IMEI and click the Submit button. The easiest way to find the 15-digit number is by opening the phone app and pressing *#06# as if it were a phone call. Then the IMEI will appear on the screen.


Second step: In the second step you have to choose the country and the network operator that blocked your Google. In case you don’t know these details, just select WORLDWIDE in both fields and the unlock will be done via IMEI only.

Step 3: Once you hit the “Generate Unlock Code” button, our tool will start the process of unlocking your Google Pixel 6 Pro. This may take a while, but no more than 5 minutes. In this step the Google unlocker will connect to the Apple database and calculate the NCK code (unlock code) based on your IMEI.

When it’s done, you’ll be ready. You can download the generated 8-digit unlock code and instructions to unlock Google Pixel 6 Pro for free. Our tool has a success rate of 85%. In case it fails, please try again. You can try as many times as you want and also unlock as many devices as you want.

Why unlock your Google with the Code Generator

1. It’s free: why pay for unlocking services when you could unlock your Google for free? I was surprised to find that an unlock code for a locked Google Pixel 6 Pro, AT&T, cost over $50. That is the main reason why we have created our unlocking tools.

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2. It’s fast: no waiting weeks until you unlock your Google . Through our generator you can generate an unlock code in maximum 5 minutes, in addition to other unlock code providers that give you the code after 7-20 days.

3. It’s easy: with exactly 5 clicks of your mouse or recording 5 times on the screen of your mobile phone, after no more than 5 minutes you will have an unlocked Google Pixel 6 Pro without paying a single penny.

4. Clear Instructions: We have step by step instructions to have your Google Pixel 6 Pro Unlocked easily and also images showing the whole unlocking process.

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