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The Truth About Star Clicks Ad Network: Star Clicks Review

Getting a payable online job could be hard these days to find, especially when it comes to just merely clicking on ads to get paid. Well, in this article we will be talking about the Star Clicks advertisement network.

This review is based on my two years and some months experience of working with them.

Also, I will leave no stone unturned in this article as I will be touching on almost all aspects of this online advertising network.

What is Star Clicks

Star Clicks is an online advertising network that provides ads for publishers to click or display on their websites. You mustn’t have a website or a blog to become a publisher.

Also, Star Clicks create room for advertisers to run their ads for a fee. Star Click minimum deposit for advertisers can go as low as $5.

This is mind-blowing this is because it is very difficult to see an ads company like Star Clicks that charges as low as $5 for a minimum deposit. For most ads company like Adsterra’s minimum deposit for publishers starts from $100 and above.

How to create a Star Clicks account

Getting a Star Clicks account is quite easy and doesn’t require much, all you have to do is to follow the procedure below.

1. Log on to the Star Clicks website. (Please make sure you go through the terms and conditions page as there are specific rules which mustn’t be broken or else you get to lose your account and money)

2. Click on the “sign up” button (the sign-up button is at the top of the page)


3. After clicking on sign up” you would need to select which account you want to open. We have the publisher’s account and the advertiser’s account, do well to choose one.

4. Fill in your information and click on register (Your name, age, and other information about you. Make sure you use your real name, address, and information, or else you might find it difficult to cash out your money when it is due).

star clicks registration

5. Verify email address. You will need to verify your email address in other to activate your account. Click on the “Send activation email button”. Also, make sure you log into your email account to verify your account.

star clicks email confirmation

6. After verifying your email account, wait for 3 minutes for your account to be created.

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7. After logging into your account, make sure you check if your email and phone number have been verified. If not, provide the necessary information to verify them.

star clicks verification

What is HTML code in Star Clicks?

Star click HTML code is a code you add to your website in other for Star Clicks to display different types of text ads. You will need a website for this to work.

How to use HTML code in Star Clicks

The HTML code works like every other ad network. All you need to do is to copy the code and place it in any area you want ads to appear (ads are only in text format for now).

Is Star Clicks legit or a scam?

Star Clicks has been available for a very long time now. And like I said earlier I have worked with them for more than two years and I have received payment up to two times from this ads network. Payment proof is seen below.

star clicks payment proof

Is Star Clicks app safe?

Okay, this is where I can’t give you a straightforward answer, because when trying to do this the said Star Clicks app hacked my account.

star clicks application
star clicks error app

The website link ( is a link that was used to hack my account. I would advise you should stay away from any app on any platform as star clicks don’t provide good security for their publisher and advertisers. We also would learn more about this before the end of this article.

How to earn more on Star Clicks

You can get more out of Star Clicks ads network. What I am about to tell you now is the best way to earn from this ads network with ease.

Referring, and referring people to Star Clicks will fetch you more cash than merely clicking on ads or upgrading of account alone.

There are different percentages publishers earn for referring depending on their membership. do you know the good part? You also get a cut if the referred person upgrades his or her account or even brings another person to the platform.

How much can you earn on Star Clicks?

There is no limit to what you can earn. I checked through the Star Clicks “top members” list and discovered people who have cashed out up to $200.

Star Clicks are open to this as you can easily contact the person by sending a message to them through the platform. So, I think the right question should be how much energy are you willing to put into it?

Pros of Star Click

Very Cheap

As I said above, with a minimum of a $5 deposit, you can run your ads in no time as an advertiser. Unlike Google ads, Adsterra ads, Propeller ads, and so on, you can only deposit a minimum of $100 which is huge for some advertisers.

advertisers account star clicks

Easy to use

The Star Clicks ads network is easy to use, any body can understand and also make use of it, just click on ads and get paid for doing that.

star clicks daily earnings

Payment options

Unlike some ads network, you will be limited to some payment methods. But this is not for Star Clicks, as they support a lot of payment methods like; PayPal, bank transfer, bitcoin, and western union.

Cons of star click

Poor customer support

I am sorry to say this, they have the worst customer support system that can easily be noticed. I think their customer support system is focused on maintaining their image on Trust Pilot rather than fixing the issues on their platform.

trust pilot review on star click

This is because they are most active and on the watch for bad reviews on Trust Pilot without really taking care of the one under their nose.

Also, it is clear that customer assistant priority levels are being placed on each account depending on which membership your account is currently operating on.

The silver account that is available for all starters only gets a needle eye attention. While the Gold account has a little bit of attention than the silver account. The platinum membership account seems to be the highest as it is known to have the highest customer support.

This customer support also affects the overall support of the account including when it comes to payment.

Why is this so? From a business perspective, one good reason is to make money out of it.

Prone to hacks.

This question has been everywhere on the internet. Here I will tell you the truth it’s a lot easy to hack a star click account if you get just the password and email address.

I know some of you might say yeah! You can hack almost any account by getting the login details, but it goes beyond that.

This account has to do with money, good security measures are supposed to be implemented in other to secure their customer’s account. Check the likes of PayPal, AdSense, Ezoic, and some other ad networks.

It will be hard to gain access and change all information (from account name to nationality, age, email, and phone number) in a day without getting a confirmation on your email in other to proceed. Shouldn’t this be suspicious?

The likes of PayPal might even freeze your account. Also, Ezoic will ensure you confirm every change through your verified email address before any sensitive change. How many cases of Ezoic account hacks do we have online?

Check out a review on Ezoic free WordPress hosting service

Well, here my account was hacked on January 2023. I was sent a message through my star click account email to download and log into an app in other to get paid on time. Little did I know that the email was a false email sent by hackers in other to hack my account.

After visiting the link, I was asked to fill in my login details which I did, but I received an error after doing that. I didn’t understand what was going on until I couldn’t log in anymore.

star clicks
earnings on starclicks

Later on, a message was sent to me from ( [email protected]) telling me that I gave them my login information. Also, they were asking me to pay $4 to reinstall my account back. the message was sent together with a bitcoin address to make my payment.

star clicks account hacked

I had to make research about the domain ( and I discovered that it was registered five months ago while the official star clicks website is up to fourteen years old. It was clear to me that this new website was built in other to scam people with their hard-earned money.

Also, the website ( is an imitated version of the real star clicks website. I also observed that all the navigation buttons on the page don’t work except the “Help” button which leads to the real star clicks app.

This made me wonder, why will star clicks allow a fake fraudulent link leading to there’s. Why are they not doing anything toward securing the publisher’s account, and also how did these hackers get my email address that is connected to my Star Clicks account? are these fraudsters working with star clicks?

Anyway, that’s a question for another day.

Issues getting to the payment threshold

In this section, we will be doing a little bit of math. If you aren’t the mathematics type you don’t need to worry much because I am also not a fan of maths.

But I sure do know how to add and crack my head when it comes to money issues, trust me.

Star Clicks has three membership accounts they include the Silver account (regular) Gold (popular) platinum (highest earning level).  Below is an example of what the daily earnings of the silver and Gold membership account that I have tested look like.

Daily earnings for the silver membership account range from $0.03 – $0.07

Daily earnings for the Gold membership account range from $0.88- $1.00

The Star Click silver membership account

Let’s start with the Silver account, from the figures above show that you are likely to get three to seven ads daily which means you can earn from $0.03- $0.07 daily.

Now let’s assume that the amounts of ads are fixed to 7 = $0.07 daily and not the regular $0.03 – $0.07 daily.

0.07 * 30 days = $2.1 every month while the payout threshold is $50. Let’s do more math $2.5 (monthly income for 7 ads on silver account) multiplied by 12 (a year) = $25.2.

This means if you get 7 ads daily on a silver account for a year you will earn $25.2. Literally, it is going to take you up to two years to get to the threshold which is $50 if you are not using the referring method. wow just wow.

The Star Click Gold membership account

Now for the Gold account, you would probably be happy reading this one, but there is more to it than just the word “Gold on its name. Migrating from the Silver to a Gold membership account is not free. It will cost you $19.95 for a start and then $29.95 after expiration.

Before we start our analysis and calculation, I would want to clear the air. If you currently have an account and you’ve not upgraded to any membership account you would probably be surprised why I said earlier that the Gold membership account ranges from $0.88- $1.00.

But if you look closely at the Gold membership dashboard, daily earnings are estimated at up to $4.90, which is great.

Finally, it took me some weeks to upgrade my account to a Gold membership account because I was super excited. But star click failed to inform publishers that it is not possible to earn all those by just clicking on ads.

You would probably not get up to $1.20 clicking only just ads. It’s very rear, in fact, in my one month of being in the Gold membership account it didn’t get up to $1.20 a day clicking on ads. The remaining $3.70 on the Gold membership dashboard can only be achieved if you make use of the HTML code.

This means if you don’t have a website and good daily traffic it will take a long for you to get the withdrawal threshold.

If you make up to $1.00 clicking on ads on the Gold membership account, (1 multiplied by 30 = $30). This means no payment for you for the month as the withdrawal threshold is still fixed at $50.

Now the road to success becomes blurry because you will be left with two options which are upgrading the account to Gold again or Platinum membership.

The road becomes even more blurry as the Gold membership payment will double up to $29.95 remember we initially paid $19.95 for the Gold account earlier. When you continue this circle, you will be frustrated and run away leaving your money.

Also, put in mind that one ad = $0.01 on the Silver and Gold membership account. You would probably click on 100 ads to get a dollar on the Gold membership account.

Payment issues

Like I said earlier I have been paid twice by star click ad network (a lot of tanks). You would probably be smiling here, but it wasn’t that easy because I couldn’t withdraw my $50 on the platform.

I was asked to send my economic profile, my ID card, my Utility bill, and tax confirmation. After presenting all this they rejected my document many times I had no option but to select the “auto payment method”. In this method, payments are made any time they feel like paying you.

Also, you don’t get more than $10 after that you will need to work to get up to $50 again before you get another auto payment, maybe this time around $5.

This whole system for me is so annoying. If the economic profile was so important then why pay using auto payment with no documents or economic profile attached?

Once again it seems to be a business strategy to frustrate you to leave your money and walk away, I still stand to be corrected here. That aside, well you might be wondering who has walked away leaving their money on the platform. my friends did.

Another issue is sending emails using “Urgent” as the subject to get paid or else your email is likely to be ignored. This shows how poor their support system is and also, how far they put customer care priorities on the different membership accounts.

Fake reviews

Okay, this is last but not least, fake reviews. How is it possible to generate fake reviews? Well, it might shock you that most of the reviews about Star Clicks on Trust Pilots are fake.

Back to the question how is it possible to generate fake reviews?

Star Clicks offer some cents to publishers to make a good review about them on Trust Pilot. But I rejected the offer because a lot was going through my head. I was wondering why would someone want to do that. and again I was still very new to the system, so what’s the rush?

Mind you I stand to be corrected. I never said reviews on Trust Pilot are all fake, and neither did I say all reviews about Star Clicks on trust pilot are all fake.

Well if you make use of the Star Clicks ad network you would probably attest to this, and it makes the whole system look suspicious. I think comments and reviews are supposed to be done voluntarily or what I call “with a free heart”. Don’t you think so?


Star Clicks ad network is an ad network you can work and earn by just clicking on ads or publishing ads through your website. The ad network has been operating for a long and they do pay publishers for their work.

The best way to make good earnings on Star Clicks is to refer people to it as you will be given some percentage for anyone who takes the bold step to upgrade their account. You are likely to lose if you plan to click on ads only on this ad network.

I have also worked with Star clicks for more than two years and I can tell you that this article is not a sponsored one, but the truth.

Alright, would love to hear from you, what do you like about the star click ad network and where do you think they should improve?

I will be waiting in the comment section to hear your opinion.

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