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Folding Laptop Table For Efficiency & Longevity of your Laptop

Folding Laptop Table

If you work from home with a laptop, you should know that you can’t work on just any surface. Many times the surface that we choose to work from our laptop blocks the air flow generated by the fans of our computer. As a result, it overheats and this may affect its performance in the future. Folding laptop table not only provide us with a suitable surface to work with our laptop, but also save us space. 

In addition, they are easy to take wherever we want. If you want to know more about this type of table, in this article we have included the most important aspects that you should take into account. 


  • The folding laptop table gives us a suitable surface to work with our laptop.
  • Such a table allows for a flow of air. This dissipates the heat produced by our computer when used.
  • The various types of tables that we can find on the market are suitable for multiple needs.

What You Should Know About Folding Laptop Table

If you are thinking of purchasing a folding laptop table, it is important that you know its characteristics well. Next, we provide you with the most relevant data you need to know. In addition, we answer the most common questions about the folding laptop table.

Why buy a laptop table ?

A folding laptop table gives us a suitable surface to work with our laptop. In addition, as it is a folding table, transporting it to other places is easy.

This type of table helps us do two things. First, to save space thanks to its folding property. Second, to improve or help in the ventilation and cooling of our laptop. In addition, we find tables of different sizes, types and materials, which allows us to choose the one that best suits our needs.

air vent in folding laptop table
A folding laptop table saves space and does not obstruct the fans of our device.

Folding laptop side table or ordinary folding table?

Although both are one table and they may look the same or similar at first impression, there are differences in terms of the design on the surface and the function that each of them fulfills. In the following table we will mention these differences:

Common folding side tableFolding Laptop Side Table
SurfaceSmooth and uniform.It has holes.
VentilationIts design does not allow airflow through the bottom of the tableIts design allows airflow through the bottom of the table.
SubjectionThe surface does not have a clamping mechanism.The surface features a clamping mechanism to prevent the laptop from slipping off the table.

What are the benefits?

Having a A folding laptop table saves space and does not obstruct the fans of our device. It brings many benefits to whoever uses it. It becomes an indispensable accessory when working from home. Here is a list summarizing the pros and cons of a folding laptop side table :

foldable laptop table for studies


  • Does not allow the laptop to overheat.
  • Allows air to flow unobstructed through the bottom of the laptop .
  • Variety of options in terms of price.
  • There are tables with built-in fans that help cool the laptop .
  • Easy to move and store.
  • Save space.
  • Allows you to work virtually anywhere


  • More expensive than a common folding side table.
  • Not all models are adjustable.

When should I get a folding laptop table?

We recommend purchasing a table if you are one of those people who works from home with a laptop. Also, if you lack a suitable surface to work from your computer or if your computer tends to overheat.

On the other hand, the ease with which a folding laptop table can be moved allows us to move it to different environments in our home. So, if you are one of those people who has to do housework while working, and you need to move around the different environments of your home, this product is right for you.

Innovagoods Multipurpose Auxiliary Folding Table
Innovagoods Multipurpose Auxiliary Folding Table

The folding laptop side table has a suitable surface to work with our laptop.

What types of folding laptop tables are there?

There are different types of folding laptop table. In this article we have classified the main types into four groups. Thus, when choosing, you will not have difficulties. In the following table we will briefly describe them:

CharacteristicIdeal for
Folding side table with adjustmentIt has a mechanism that allows the table to be adjusted to different heights for greater comfort.Those people who are constantly on the move and work in different spaces for which the table needs to be adjusted to different heights.
Folding Side Table with Mouse HolderIt has a small extra folding surface next to the table to place the mouse .People who are not used to using the  touch pad on their laptop and prefer to use a mouse.
Folding side table without ventilationIt features holes in the table top to keep the laptop ‘s fans out of the way and allow air to flow naturally.Relatively new laptops that do not require additional cooling or if they are used for basic tasks that do not demand the use of many computer resources.
Ventilated Folding Side TableIt features a number of fans on the table surface offering additional cooling to the laptop .Laptops that tend to overheat (usually older models) or if they are used in tasks that demand a high use of computer resources.

In which environments can I use a folding laptop table?

Due to its folding property, these tables can be moved and used in any environment, both inside and outside your home. However, some of them can be carried more easily and comfortably than others. That is why it is important that you keep this point in mind when purchasing this product .

Although you can take this table almost anywhere, we recommend that you find a suitable place free from distractions, if you are going to use the table to work, or in any case, find a place that contributes to your concentration.


Purchase criteria

Before purchasing a folding laptop table, we suggest you take into account some criteria. Below, we have selected the most relevant. In this way, you will be able to make a proper purchase.


If we are thinking of buying a folding table, it is likely that we want to save space or need to move it frequently. That is why we must bear in mind that there are folding tables that are easier to transport than others.

Some tables, when folded, form a type of handle to carry them, as if it were a briefcase. Others are lighter due to the material with which they are made. This also makes it easy to transport.


If you are one of the people who usually move with your laptop everywhere, it is likely that, apart from needing a folding laptop table, you need one that is suitable for different heights. For this reason, it is important that the folding table can be manually adjusted. This way you can adapt it to your needs.

Everything on JUMIA
you can adjust it to your needs
you can adjust it to your needs


While most folding laptop tables come in a standard size, you may find some that are smaller than others. There are also others that are larger than the standard size.

If you work with your laptop, but you also need to have your mobile phone, tablet or, perhaps, a cup of coffee next to you; You should consider this criteria before proceeding with your purchase.

weight capacity

Folding laptop table are designed to support the weight of the laptop, plus some extra weight. However, we must be careful not to exceed this weight, if we do not want to deform the surface of our table.

The maximum weight capacity will depend on each manufacturer. Also of the elements that are used for its manufacture. If you have doubts on this point, you should ask the manufacturer for more information.


In short, the folding laptop table will prevent our laptop from overheating. In addition, it is practical to carry everywhere and easy to store, which helps us save space.

The different types of tables that we find in the market offer us different benefits, which will help us choose the one that best suits our needs. Leave a comment, if this article has helped you, and do not hesitate to share it on social networks.

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