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Paul onyeneke osondu also known as paulino ace was born in abia state Nigeria but grew up in lagos, nigeria and he is also studying Urban and Regional Planning (URP) in cross river state university (CRUTECH) . He loves anything that has to do with technology and loves to explore more, he is also the founder of 9ja Tide .

AI-Generated Personalized Content

Artificial Intelligence & Its Prevalence in Different Industries

The rise of artificial intelligence has been a significant breakthrough in several fields, redefining the structure of businesses and boosting productivity globally. Artificial intelligence has entered almost every sector, from healthcare and business to education and entertainment, where it has improved productivity, fueled creativity, and opened up previously inaccessible avenues for growth. Implementing AI to…

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infinix smart 7 plus

Infinix Smart 7 Plus x6517 Smartphone Review

Recently, I have been looking for a smartphone that is a little bit different from regular smartphones in terms of processor type. I had to settle for the Infinix Smart 7 Plus x6517 smartphone due to its unique processor (Unisoc SC9863A1). As we all know, Infinix usually partners with MediaTek (MTK) when it comes to…

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The Truth About Star Clicks Ad Network: Star Clicks Review

Getting a payable online job could be hard these days to find, especially when it comes to just merely clicking on ads to get paid. Well, in this article we will be talking about the Star Clicks advertisement network. This review is based on my two years and some months experience of working with them….

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