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About Us

Hi everyone! It’s nice having you on the blog and we are glad you are picking interest in who we are and what we do.

Brief history

9ja Tide has been around since 2017 we started on a Facebook group using a name called “Phone Information and Update (PIU)” we focused mainly on smartphones then. We grew and decided to expand. Then the birth of the 9ja Tide came around 2020. We changed our name from “phone information and update (PIU)” to 9ja Tide because we now deal with different categories under the tech niche, and not just smartphones. So, we decided to create a Facebook page, and also a blog which we named 9ja Tide.

What we believe

We believe the world we are in today hovers around technology we are inspired each day that passes by.
We love to write about technology, some of the areas of technology we cover are smartphones review, software reviews, webmasters, and blogging.