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Folding Laptop Table For Efficiency & Longevity of your Laptop

If you work from home with a laptop, you should know that you can’t work on just any surface. Many times the surface that we choose to work from our laptop blocks the air flow generated by the fans of our computer. As a result, it overheats and this may affect its performance in the future. Folding laptop […]

The Must Have Mini Tripod Resource List

Mini tripod, selfie stick, light ring, reflex tripods, mobile tripods, etc… There are many accessories today depending on the device and the function you are looking for. It is becoming more common that the society wants to capture its moments and share it on the internet. From the most common photos of healthy breakfasts and instagrammable meals, […]

Best Buy Portable Monitor You Should Know

A portable monitor is a monitor that can be carried everywhere. It’s not as big and heavy as regular monitors, so it’s easier to carry from one place to another. So, join me in this article as I review some best buy portable monitor and Current Deals. Best Buy Portable Monitors: our recommendation The Newsoul portable […]

Bose Computer Speakers Review

The Bose Computer speakers are peripherals that connect to your computer through the audio jack or USB port. They can be used to listen to music, watch movies, play games, etc. Generally, computer speakers come in all shapes, sizes and designs for all tastes. In addition, they have very different technical characteristics, adding extra bass response when needed. […]

The Importance of the Zebra Barcode Scanner to the Biz Tech Sphere

A Zebra barcode scanner is basically a scanner capable of reading information, using a laser. Normally, these devices are limited to reading the information, which they send to a computer through a cable or a wireless connection. It will be this device that decodes the reading made by the scanner. Barcode readers are mainly used in logistics […]


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