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Paul onyeneke osondu also known as paulino ace was born in abia state Nigeria but grew up in lagos, nigeria and he is also studying Urban and Regional Planning (URP) in cross river state university (CRUTECH) . He loves anything that has to do with technology and loves to explore more, he is also the founder of 9ja Tide .

Move your wordpress website to free ezoic hosting platform

How To Move Your WordPress Website To The Ezioc Free Hosting Platform

Hosting a website could cost about $5 per month or there about for a light hosting plan. In most cases hosting plans which are known to be cheap sometimes have their bad side. People tend to go for a higher or medium hosting package in other to secure, speed up and also save themselves from…

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updraft free website backup

How To Backup And Restore Website For Free Using Updraftplus

If you run a website and you probably have no plans for website backups just know you are heading for destruction. Website backup is necessary and it can’t be neglected because doing a backup can keep you out of trouble from your hosting provider, malware, and other things that could pose danger to your website….

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What Is The New Snapchat Premium App All About?

Snapchat has remained to have difficulties in light of the deteriorating fiscal climate as well as devaluation, just like several internet providers. In part to citing production channel problems, the conflict in Ukraine, increasing unemployment, plus increasing borrowing costs as contributory issues. The firm announced a difficult 1st period with nothing but a slight increase…

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