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Paul onyeneke osondu also known as paulino ace was born in abia state Nigeria but grew up in lagos, nigeria and he is also studying Urban and Regional Planning (URP) in cross river state university (CRUTECH) . He loves anything that has to do with technology and loves to explore more, he is also the founder of 9ja Tide .

website not working with WWW

Fix Website Not Working With WWW

Is your website not working when you include the WWW before your URL? Well, I have faced the same issue before. You might lose a whole lot of visitors and money, but not after this article. In this article, we will be looking at why you can’t access your website when you add the WWW…

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Nokia 2.4 review

Is It A Good Idea To Get The Nokia 2.4 Smartphone: 2022

The Nokia 2.4 smartphone was released way back on September 2020 and it has been distributed around Africa and the rest of the continent.Yes, the Nokia 2.4 might look a little bit old but when it comes to software updates it still has an edge over other smartphones released way back in 2020. In case…

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