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How To Fix Ezoic Ads Txt Using The Ads.txt Manager

ezoic ads txt

Ezoic is one of the best ad platforms that use an AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature to increase publishers’ revenue. One of the problems some publishers face is fixing ads txt correctly.

Well, that will be a piece of old news because, in this article, I will show you the right way of fixing ads txt issues on Ezoic and another ad network using the Ads.txt Manager.

If you’ve been following up on my blog posts, you would notice some time ago we talked about fixing ads txt issues manually on Adsense and another ad network. Fixing Ezoic ads txt issue is a little bit different from the regular way of fixing ads txt like the one for Adsense.

For those who might be wondering what ads.txt is, we’ve covered that topic here, you can go through the article before we move forward on how to fix Ezoic ads txt. Also, if you’ve not signed up for Ezoic, you can use my referrer link here to sign up.

Ezoic ads txt

As I said earlier, the way of fixing Ezoic ads txt using Ads.txt Manager is a little bit different from that of another ads network. This is because Ezoic will require to connect through Ads.txt Manager. This is because managing ads txt files is much more accessible and also it is a cloud-based ads txt manager, ads.txt files are not stored on your website, but outside your website.

How does Ads.txt Manager work

As the name implies “Ads.txt Manager”, it’s a cloud-based Ads.txt Manager, it manages ads.txt files. You mustn’t use Ezoic to use this platform as it could manage Adsense ads.txt, Hooligan ads.txt, HBagency ads.txt, and some ads.txt files from other ads companies.

Ads.txt Manager also comes with thousands of txt files that can be authorized and also included on your website with ease. You might not need to copy and paste ads.txt files if the “Sellers” ads.txt files are already available on the platform. Sellers like Ezoic, Criteo, Double Click Ad Exchange, Facebook Audience Network, and so on, are already made available. All you need to do is to authorize your desired seller.

Getting an account with ads.txt Manager is easy, all you need to do is register through their platform then authorize or paste your ads txt, then install their plugin on your WordPress website to redirect ads.txt files location and that’s all.

How to fix Ezoic ads txt

Now we have a brief knowledge of what ads.txt Manager is and how it works, we can set up Ezoic ads ads.txt files with ease. Please do well to follow the procedure below.


1. You will need to create an Ads.txt Manager account through their website, if you have one then log in.

Ezoic ads txt

2. Make sure you verify your email address then login to your Ads.txt Managers dashboard

3. In this section you will get a display like the picture below. There are five (5) steps that must be followed if not you won’t be able to complete the process. The first step contains information on what ads.txt is and what it does. Go through it and then when you are done click on the next button for the next step.

Ezoic ads txt

4. The next step is where you get to authorize and unauthorize sellers. Scroll through the sellers and look for Ezoic, once you get it make sure you click on the “Authorize” button. As I said earlier, this article is not just about fixing ads.txt on Ezoic through Ads.txt Manager, but also about other ad networks.

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authorize Ezoic ads txt

If you plan to use Ezoic alongside Adsense or another ad network you will also need to Authorize them. I will be explaining this one at the end of this article. After authorizing, click on the next button.

5. The next step is “importing”, this is where old ads.txt files are imported to Ads.txt Manager. We will leave that empty, click on the next button to proceed.

6. After step 3 (Import) the next step is step 4 (Redirect). There is a code that needs to be integrated with your website. This code is usually in form of five (5) digits. Do well to copy down the code as it will be used to redirect your website to Ads.txt Manager.

7. Create a new tab (keep the previous tab where you have the Ads.txt Manager website active).

8. Log in to your WordPress website, click on plugins then add new, and search for Ads.txt Manager. Make sure it is exactly like the one below.

ads.txt manager plugin

9. Click on “Install now”, then activate the plugin.

10. After activating the plugin go to plugins then installed plugins, look for Ads.txt Manager, and click on its settings.

ads.txt manager plugin

11. Do you remember the five (5) digit code we copied in step 5? Well, we will need to paste that code inside the box of “ID Number”. Once you do that, click on the “Save changes” button.

12. We still have unfinished business, go back to the Ads.txt Manager tab we minimized in step 7. Click on the next button. The next step is step (5) five (Validated). Check if your website is validated. If it is not, click on the re-validate button. By now it should be validated.

13. After validating, click on “view ads.txt”, you should be able to see some text displayed on your screen by now.

ads.txt manager ads.txt preview
Please take note I didn’t include Ezoic ads.txt here. if you did you will see lots of text.

14. Now head over to your Ezoic dashboard, click on “Ezoic ads” and then Ads.txt Manager. Input your five (5) digit Ads.txt Manager account ID, then toggle to enable Ads.txt Manager and click on the save button.

Ezoic ads txt
Please make sure the 5 digits code corresponds with the one you have on your ads.txt Manager. This one here is just for tutorial purposes.

Give Ezoic some minutes to confirm and connect to your ads.txt account.

How to manually input ads.txt in Ads.txt Manager

In this method, we will need to manually input the ads.txt file. You will need to manually paste your ads.txt text if you are trying to make use of Adsense manage, Adsense, or any ad network that is not available on the platform.

1. Go to step (2) two (Authorize) on your Ads.txt Manager dashboard, and click on Adsense, if you intend to use other ads apart from Adsense you will need to click on the “Manual entries” which can be found at the right side of your screen.

2. After that, click on the box after the plus (+) symbol and input the ad network domain. If you are using Adsense, the domain should be

3. Input your ad network account ID. The ad network account ID is the first alphabet and digits on your Adsense publisher ID, for example (pub-000011111111111). If you are using another ad network, do not worry it is almost the same thing. Input your ad network account ID.

4. Input account type, check your ads.txt file to know if it is (direct or re-seller). Make sure you choose the right one.

5. Finally you will need to input your “Certification authority ID” this is optional, but if you are using Adsense and the direct account type, you will need to input your certification authority ID.

6. Once you are done with this, click on the “ADD” button to save changes.

7. Make sure to click on “view ads.txt” to preview changes.

What to do if Ads.txt Manager is displaying ads.txt the wrong way?

Some time ago I filled in my Adsense publisher details on my Ads.txt Manager, but I was shocked when it displays in a way that I didn’t save it as. For example, the image below shows a line where I discovered an error, the Adsense domain name should have been and not   

Apparently, it displayed in a way that I didn’t save it as. Ads.txt Manager might show ads.txt the wrong way sometimes. But how do we fix it?

To be honest, the error comes from Ads.txt Manager, we might also need them or Ezoic to fix this issue. This is how to go about it:

1. Log in to your Ezoic dashboard

2. Click on the menu, then click on tickets.

3. Write to Ezoic about the problem. They might ask for login details for your Ads.txt Manager, do well to give them, then after issues have been resolved you can change your login details.


Fixing ads txt on Ezoic and other ad networks using Ads.txt Manager is very easy, all you need to do is to create an account on Ads.txt Manager, authorize Ezoic or (seller), get your five (5) digits redirect code then install Ads.txt Manager plugin to your WordPress, input the five (5) digit code on WordPress and Ezoic, then you are good to go.

Don’t be in a hurry to forget that Ads.txt Manager works for almost all ad networks using ads.txt. It can manage different ads.txt files for the different ad networks and it is easy to use, you don’t need to get a web developer to make use of it.

Did you follow the tutorial properly, did it work for you? Please drop your comments in the comment section I will gladly be waiting to answer any question related to this article.

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