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Fix Website Not Working With WWW

website not working with WWW

Is your website not working when you include the WWW before your URL?

Well, I have faced the same issue before. You might lose a whole lot of visitors and money, but not after this article.

In this article, we will be looking at why you can’t access your website when you add the WWW before your website URL, and how to solve the website not working with www.

But before we go into that, what is WWW?

What is WWW

The WWW is an acronym for (World Wide Web), it can also be described as W3 (WWW). It was introduced in the late 1980s. The WWW is used before a website URL, for example, Although, a website can also be accessed by just putting the domain name and extension, EG ( Most people are used to searching for a website while including the WWW. 

Why your website is not working with www

If you try to access your website with a browser and you experience an error like this (Check if there is a typo in the website address) it’s possible you’ve not added WWW as an alias to your domain in your DNS record.

How to enable WWW on your website

For you to enable WWW on your website, you will need to add it to your DNS record. 

You can do that through your Cpanel under DNS. But if you have pointed your nameserver somewhere else like (Cloudflare) you will need to go to Cloudflare or the nameserver provider you pointed the nameservers to.

In normal circumstances, your hosting provider would have added WWW with your domain as an alias of your website URL. You will likely face the WWW issue on Cloudflare or any other company you pointed your nameservers to.


How to add WWW to your DNS record

I would be using Cloudflare as an example, it is almost the same procedure as other platforms.

1. Log in to your dashboard on Cloudflare or the platform your nameserver is pointing to.

2. Click on your website in other to access features related to your website.

website not working with WWW

3. Click on the menu button, if you are using Cloudflare the menu button is at the top left corner of your screen.

Everything on JUMIA

4. Check for (DNS), click on the DNS button in the menu

website not working with WWW

5. Once you are inside the DNS setup, look for (Add record) and click on the add record button.

website not working with WWW

6. Under the (Type option) select CNAME.

7. Under the (Name option) input (WWW) without the bracket.

website not working with WWW

8. Under the (Target) you should have your URL there. If it is not included please add it. Remember to include the (WWW) it should look like this without the www at the front of the URL.

9. Remember to enable the proxy to improve the security of your website.

10. Click on the save button.

That’s it, as you can see in the picture below, we have our (CNAME) proxied and also containing as an alias of

Finally, we will need to run a check to see if everything is running fine, but before we do that we will need to clear caches. You can follow this procedure to clear the cache properly.

Hold on, I almost forgot, it might take an hour for this DNS configuration to propagate correctly.


A website not working with WWW is usually caused by the DNS configuration, adding the WWW plus URL as an alias for your domain URL will fix this issue as soon as possible.

Did this work for you? I will be waiting in the comment section to hear from you.

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