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How To Set Live Wallpaper On iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s has a live photo feature that enables one to capture the before and after of every video/picture in order to replay the moments before it was taken.

Does iPhone 5 support live wallpapers?

Yes, iPhone 5 supports the live wallpaper option. Here’s the process of setting up a live wallpaper option.

1. Go to Settings

2. Next go to wallpapers

3. Select a new wallpaper of choice

4. Next live photo

Setting up live wallpapers on iPhone 5s

1. One way to do this is to get live photos on your iPhone 5s

2. An iPhone 5 allows you to use the live photos feature

3. You can easily set up a live wallpaper iPhone 5s by following the setup process


Why won’t the iPhone 5 take live photos?

One reason for this may be the possibility that you have the live photo settings turned off.

To confirm this, go to Settings, next photos, and make sure you have the Live Photo turned on.


Why is the live option not working on my iPhone?

One of the reasons why the live option may not be available on your iPhone is an inactive internet connection. A second reason for this may be a problem with your phone’s software.

In the end, if the above does not work, there may be a serious problem with your phone’s hardware.

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Where can I find the live photo icon?

The live photo icon can be found through the following steps

– Open your phone’s photos app

– Next, select Albums from the menu bar located top of the screen

– Choose Live photos, the live photo icon can be found at the bottom of the screen.

A final thought on how to set live wallpaper on iPhone 5s

It’s really simple to set a live wallpaper in the iPhone 5s. Follow the instructions above to get it done.

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