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What Is Private Share On Samsung – How Does It Work

Samsung introduced the private share feature with its latest update (version Samsung’s new features allow one to easily share files.

Private Share is an application built on a privacy-first blockchain model. It allows one to share up to 20 files at a time – all under the limit size of less than 100MB from the previous 10 files and a 20MB size limit.

With the new update, one can choose recipients from their contact list.

Similar to the former Samsung Quick share feature, the private share requires both sender and receiver to have the Private Share app completely set up.

After following the next set of instructions, the sender can request to transfer files and once this request is accepted by recipients, a private channel will be created and files moved in a read-only mode.

Step-by-step process to move files through the Private Share

Because private share makes use of blockchain encryption technology, each content shared is encrypted before it reaches the receiver. Now friends and family can easily move important files and more without restrictions.

1. Choose the file you’d like to share, making sure to tap the share button

2. Select Private Share, choosing the recipient you’d like to share to via private share

3. You’ll see the option to choose how you’d like to invite via SMS, QR codes, or more options

4. After sharing files, you can check to confirm you shared the right files


5. You may also select a shared file to change its expiration date or revoke its sharing permission

Some important notes on Private Share

Private Share is not available on any tablet or PC device belonging to Samsung. It’s only available on Samsung Galaxy devices.

The Private Share feature is only available on Samsung devices that have Android P or higher.

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