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How To Update Your Phone Faster – Android Tips

As soon as you unbox your new phone, you can be sure that in the future, it won’t perform the same as a newly bought one.

Sure you can install games, files, and more, but none of these will improve your phone’s performance.

How to update your phone faster

Here are some reliable tips on how to update your phone faster.

#1 Free up storage space

Full storage space will slow your phone down. According to reviews, you can be sure to notice a decline in phone performance with a storage space of less than 10%. Here are steps to declutter.

Step 1: Go to settings

Step 2: Select storage or search for storage in the search bar

Step 3: If your storage space is less than 80%, take the necessary steps to free up space

#2 Uninstall abandoned Apps

Uninstalling abandoned apps can help improve the system’s efficiency and increase battery life.

A quick way to uninstall apps is by long pressing an app icon, then clicking the Uninstall button.


#3 Reboot your phone

By restarting your phone, you can improve the phone’s performance a lot more. It’s definitely a worthwhile tip to restart your phone at least once a week as this improves phone sluggishness.

#4 Use more Lite Apps

Facebook, TikTok, and several other developers have taken the right step to produce lite edition apps. The lite apps are smaller and less consuming to use.

#5 Update your phone’s software

Upgrading your phone’s android system with every new release offers tons of benefits. It improves the system with every new release and offers a ton of benefits. It improves the system’s efficiency and makes for faster app loading.

All manufacturers make an effort to roll out frequent software updates for your benefit.

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Should you turn on smart updates on your phone?

Yes, you should not use a phone that does not receive or allow updates. These updates will ensure your phone system functions well and will improve the security of your phone.

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