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How To Uninstall AnyDesk – A Computer Guide

With this guide, anyone with limited knowledge of computers can learn to uninstall AnyDesk from their computer/PC. Specifically from a windows computer and how an uninstaller tool works to do this.

What Is AnyDesk

AnyDesk is one free remote application on a windows computer. AnyDesk can compete with TeamViewer in terms of delivering a powerful DeskRT codec technology – what this does is it’s technology can penetrate firewalls, routers plus much more.

Features Of The AnyDesk Application

  • An incredible widget style display which allows users to easily manipulate and drop quick commands for an easy user experience
  • With AnyDesk, printing of documents on any particular remote device is made possible as long as it’s connected to a local printer.
  • AnyDesk allows you to easily collaborate and communicate with team members when working remotely – during long form meetings and presentations for work, projects and more

Uninstalling AnyDesk From A Computer

To remove AnyDesk through manual guides, you will first need to do this through the windows built-in uninstaller in the computer.

1. Close AnyDesk to end all it’s activities – To do this, right click on the start menu, then choose task manager

How to uninstall AnyDesk

2. Then locate AnyDesk, next choose end task


3. Right-click on start menu, then choose programs and features

AnyDesk programs and features

4. Select the AnyDesk application icon, right click to choose uninstall/change

Uninstall AnyDesk

5. Select uninstall to make certain of the removal of the app

Choose Uninstall of AnyDesk

6. Once completed restart your computer – you have successfully uninstalled AnyDesk from the computer.


Important – How To Uninstall AnyDesk From A Computer

Be sure to note that by using windows built-in uninstaller, this process does not guarantee the complete cleaning of all traces of the application.You may also try other methods of uninstallation if you want.

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