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How To Get PS4 Clips On iPhone

In this article, we will look at how to get PS4 clips on iPhone.

One easy trick to do this is to use the share button on the PS4 controller to share the clip with another. More preferably, one who can then send it back in a message form.

The second way to do this is with a USB cable – by connecting to your iPhone, then transferring the clip using the PS4 media player app.

How to get PS4 Clips on iPhone

Get PS4 Clips On iPhone

1. Notably there are different ways to get PS4 clips on an iPhone

2. You can also use the PlayStation to view clips to be saved onto your phone.

3. With a USB cable, you can also transfer clips from a PS4 to your computer, next to your computer to your phone.

4. A USB cable can be used to move files or with an online service like Sony’s own PlayStation media player.


Several ways to do this include transferring videos from a PS4 to an iPhone. You can also do this with a USB cable – connect both devices then successively drag and drop the videos into the phone’s photo gallery. Similarly, you can use cloud storage like iCloud or Google Drive to upload videos to the cloud – downloading them back to your iPhone.

Can you get your clips on the PS4 app?

Yes, it is possible to get clips on the PS4 app. To do this, press the share icon on your PS controller, and next select clip. Finally, share clips with friends or fam on your social media of choice.


Where can I find the capture gallery on PS4?

The capture gallery is situated in the upper left corner of the app.

How Do I Send My Playstation Clips

To send a PlayStation clip out, select the share menu, next broadcast, and share. Choose a clip, selecting the clip you’d like to share, you can also choose to add a message before you send it.

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