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Cellphone Quality Control – How It Works

The quality of a cellphone may be tested through good quality cellphone inspections.

In this article, we’ll look at the process of cellphone quality control.

How to inspect cellphones for quality control

The process of inspecting cellphones cover a number of areas. The cellphone inspection generally contains the sections below.

1. Check packaging essentials

Make sure to ensure that all graphics such as logo, individual and general packaging is intact. The graphic aspect of a cellphone makes it attractive to potential buyers and users, so it is the first thing you must ensure.

2. Cover visual inspections

Check on the look of materials, textures for dirt. Be sure to ensure the SIM card and IMEI numbers match accordingly. All visual materials such as screen glass, etc. should be kept clean and handled with care as cellphones are fragile and easily destroyed.

3. Physical checks

Look at each weight of product and carton. They should always match specifications. You should ensure that specifications aren’t misleading and are as said on label.

4. Essential functional tests

Some of these checks may include powering on and off, taking photos and making use of the device to verify it works well. Functional tests should never be overlooked as it is a practical means of ensuring a device is working.

5. Barcode verification

The UPC label on the carton should match the information in the purchase order of the carton.

Make sure to follow the standard AQL inspection procedures when conducting quality cellphone checks.


What are cellphone quality control checks?

Quality Checks are essential for product quality control. There are 3 things you should always ensure when conducting a good quality inspection checklist.

– Always consider future issues that may arise with the product.

– Ensure your inspection service provider works in hand with you to develop a good checklist.

– Update the checklist overtime.

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