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Car Window Tint Film – The Best Way To Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

Car window tint film

About Car window tint film; Imagine driving down the road on one of the hottest days of the year, and not having to worry about your car getting unbearably hot inside. 

With window tint film, this dream can become a reality. When it comes to how to choose the best window tint film, there are plenty of options to consider, and this article will help you find the right product for your car’s unique needs.

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Step-by-step guide on how you can get the film installed on your own vehicle

Installing car window tint film is a great way to keep your car cool this summer. Follow these steps and you’ll be sure to have it done in no time:

1. First, clean the surface of your car windows with a glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth. This will help the film adhere better.

2. Next, measure the windows so you know how many films you’ll need. Then, cut the film to size. It’s always best to buy enough for both front windows if possible because many films only come in 36 x 12. Next, peel off the adhesive backing on one side of the film and line up one edge of the sheet against one edge of a window. 

3. Press down firmly all around the edges to make sure that there are no air bubbles between the film and your car’s paint job. 

4. Use a squeegee to remove any excess water or dirt from the film before installing the other half of the window film. 

5. Finish by peeling off the adhesive backing on the other side of the film and pressing it against your vehicle’s other window.


Types of tints

There are three main types of car window tinting film: metallic, carbon, and ceramic. Metallic tints are the most common type of tint and are made with a thin layer of metal. 

Carbon tints are made with a thin layer of carbon, which makes them extremely durable. Ceramic tints are made with a thin layer of ceramic, which makes them resistant to heat. 

You can also find an assortment of colors for these different types of tints. If you want to get the most out of your investment in car window tinting film, make sure that you do plenty of research before making a purchase. Spend some time looking into all the different brands available, as well as any customer reviews. 

Once you have found a brand or two that suits your needs, ask if they offer free samples so that you can try it out at home first. Once you know what kind of tint will work best for your vehicle and needs, ask about lifetime warranties to see how long they will last on your windows.

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Reasons to get it done

1. Blocking out the sun’s harmful UV rays can help protect your car’s interior from fading and cracking.

2. Tinted windows can help keep your car cooler in the summer, which can save you money on air conditioning costs.

3. Tinted windows can also help reduce glare, making driving safer and more comfortable.

4. Window tinting can also provide some privacy for you and your passengers. 

5. If you get a text while driving and need to take your eyes off the road, a quick glance at the side mirror or inside mirror is all it takes without having to lower the window shade or make an awkward reach across to the other side of the car.

6. It may not be quite as simple as rolling down a window shade when someone is trying to talk with you, but it is definitely better than not being able to see them at all because of sunlight shining into your eyes.


We all know how hot it can get here in Texas during the summer. Not only is the heat unbearable, but it can also take a toll on your car. The good news is that there are ways to protect your car from heat, and one of them is by using car window tint film. 

Window tinting is an affordable solution for making sure your car stays cool during the warmer months. It’s easy to do, too simply visit our website or stop by our showroom for more information about how we can help you make your car cooler this summer.

Advantages of using solar heat absorbing films

If you’re looking for a way to keep your car cool this summer, look no further than solar heat-absorbing films. Solar heat absorbing films are a great way to reduce the amount of heat that enters your car, and can even help improve fuel efficiency. 

Here are some other advantages of using solar heat absorbing films;

1. The UV-protective coating helps protect your upholstery from fading or cracking over time. 

2. It helps you save money by keeping your AC from running longer than necessary, which reduces energy costs. You also get a more comfortable driving experience as there is less glare on the windshield. 

They also offer an anti-bacterial coating that blocks out unwanted odors in your cars such as food, cigarette smoke, and pet dander. All of these features make them a fantastic choice for anyone looking to keep their car cooler during the hot summer months.


As the weather gets warmer, we all start thinking about how to keep our cars cooler. And one of the best ways to do that is by installing car window tint film. Not only will it help reduce the sun’s glare and UV rays, but it will also keep your car cooler by blocking out some of the heat. So if you’re looking for a way to beat the heat this summer, be sure to check out car window tint film!

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