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How To Fix Posts Not Displaying Properly On The WordPress Admin page

post not displaying well on the WordPress admin page

Sometimes things might get a little bit messy at the back end of your website, website visitors don’t know what we pass through each day.

If your website is being managed on WordPress CMS (Content Management System) you would attest to it that your post might look scanty or not display properly on your WordPress dashboard.

Using your browser or chrome browser to zoom out, could look a little bit manageable to you, but it would also stress you out as some of your post titles and meta tags might appear trough and dirty.

In this article, we will be looking at how to solve posts not displaying correctly on the WordPress admin page and also how to solve them.

What are posts on wordpress admin page?

In order not to confuse you, when we talk about (posts not displaying well on the WordPress admin page). We are referring to posts at the backend area (WordPress dashboard) and not on the frontend.

The back end can only be accessed by the admin and other persons the admin has given authority to have access to the website. In other cases, the back end could be seen as the kitchen while the front end can be seen as the dining table.

The backend which can be described as the (WordPress admin page) is where all the brainstorming is made. When you access a website, what you see are results coming from the backend.
Without much ado, let’s look at what causes posts not to display properly on the WordPress admin page.

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What causes posts not to display properly on wordpress admin page

  • The screen option
  • Plugins

What is the screen option and how does it affect the WordPress admin post area?


Screen option

The “screen option” is an option that was added by WordPress in other for you to get easy access, and also managing of WordPress posts. The screen option contains lists that are being ticked or removed.

These lists are sometimes from plugins, but mostly from WordPress. For example, if you have a Yoast plugin you could thick on it to show the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) score on the post area on the WordPress admin page.

You can find options Like the Author, categories, and outgoing internal links inside the “screen option”.
The more you add more ticks in your “screen option” area, the messier it would look on the WordPress admin dashboard area.


We all know plugins are like additional features which can be added to WordPress in other to make the website look good or perform a particular task.

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When you add more plugins it could likely be ticked on the “screen option” area, and once it is done, your WordPress admin post area will look messy.

How to fix post not displaying well on the wordpress admin page

Now this problem of posts not displaying properly can be easily fixed, you don’t need a programmer and you don’t necessarily need to know how to code. How is this done?

1. Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
2. Inside the WordPress admin dashboard move to “post”, and click on “all post”.

Post not displaying well on the WordPress admin page

3. After clicking on all posts WordPress is going to display all the posts you have published, now click on the “screen option” it is at the top-right close to your avatar.

screen option on wordpress

4. Once you are inside the “screen option”, untick some options which are not mostly used by you. If you noticed I unticked my, likes, dates, tags, and other options I don’t need them now.

Post not displaying well on the WordPress admin page

5. Finally, click on “Apply” to save settings so that the next time when you log in it will be the same way you left it.

Post on wordpress admin dashboard

Once you untick each option you don’t need on the WordPress dashboard, you will notice your post will come back to its original state.


The post area in the WordPress admin page can be used for managing, editing, and deletion of posts that are not relevant or useful. But it might look scattered if you’ve not set up some rules in the “screen options” area.

Unticking some options on the “screen option” could fix the post not displaying well on the WordPress admin page. If you activate all options inside the “screen option” the post area in the WordPress admin will be jam-packed.

So the only way to fix this issue is to untick those options you know you don’t need to see at the moment. By doing so your post title and meta tags can be seen and readable at the front end with no stress.

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