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Should You Move To Ezoic Free Hosting Platform: Ezoic Free Hosting Review

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I know you must have been looking and doing your research about the Ezoic WordPress free hosting service. Look and research no more, today I will leave no stones unturned.
I have been using the Ezoic free WordPress hosting service for close to a year now, and I have also written on how to move your WordPress website to the Ezoic platform and how to access Ezoic free WordPress hosting database using SFTP.

But in this article we will mainly be looking at the Ezoic free hosting review, we will also look at what brought about the idea and why was it created.

What is Ezoic free WordPress hosting?

I know I have defined this in my previous article, but I will need to define what the Ezoic free WordPress hosting is because of those who missed out on the previous article.

Ezoic free WordPress hosting is a hosting platform designed for only qualified Ezoic users. The hosting service is free and you need not pay a dime for it. But like we said in our previous article you will need to qualify to use this freebie. What do I mean by qualified? When I say qualified, I mean you meeting up with Ezoic requirements:

  • You must integrate the website using Ezoic nameservers
  • You must be on WordPress (CMS) Content Management System
  • You must pass the Ezoic review test. This includes; traffic and objective tests.

Features of the Ezoic free WordPress host

  • Free unlimited SSD storage
  • It uses the latest PHP version by default
  • Ezoic can detect and exclude unsafe content
  • DDoS protection is fully supported
  • Ezoic tech team monitoring
  • Cloud-based memory
  • Stopping malware at the DNS level
  • Cloud-based CPU cores

How fast is the Ezoic free WordPress host?

If you are in for a business online, there are two very important things, these are (Speed and Uptime). Like I said earlier, I have used the Ezoic WordPress hosting service for close to a year now.

From my few months of observation, the Ezoic WordPress hosting service is fast. It also loads in a second, even when not using the Ezoic Leap service. I also do get a good score up to 90+ on GTmetrix.

Ezoic free hosting review

What is Ezoic free hosting uptime like?

When it comes to uptime, no hosting provider will give you 100% uptime. This is because things are bound to go wrong. In the case of the Ezoic free WordPress hosting service, they are not left out. Their uptime is amazing, I also made use of some tools to monitor uptime; Tools like Jetpack and Free web monitoring service.

Around 10th July 2022, my website was down for about 3 hours and I couldn’t access my WordPress site through the Ezoic dashboard. The error I received was that my site wasn’t eligible for the hosting service from the Ezoic end.
I reached out to other bloggers who are using the free Ezoic hosting service and they too were struck with the same issue.

Ezoic free hosting review

Although this was the first time I faced this kind of issue from them after using the free hosting service for close to a year. But it was later fixed after 3 hours.


Ezoic free hosting review

The truth about this is that every hosting company or service experiences this once in a while and I wouldn’t say once your site is inactive for some hours you should get a new hosting provider.
Like I always say most hosting providers will assure you of a 99.99% uptime or 99% uptime. The 1% which is left aside is for a reason these reasons include:

  • Technical issue (Where the storage has issues or anything technically related).
  • Software issues (where upgrades of service are made).

Which company is Ezoic partnering with to provide the free hosting service?

If you’ve been looking endlessly for an answer to this, then you are not alone. During my first month on the Ezoic free WordPress hosting platform, I was amazed by everything and at the same time scared.

So I went in search of where exactly Ezoic is hosting their customer websites. I couldn’t get concrete information, and I don’t know if the reason for this is for security purposes. But all I know is That Ezoic is not a hosting company as of now of me publishing this article.

This is not until I found out that my website was hosted on Hetzner. I didn’t bother to check other websites, I was only concerned about mine.

Everything on JUMIA

Ezoic free hosting review

Hetzner hosting service starts from 1.90 euro, which goes as high as 40.46 euro. If Ezoic is paying for SSD storage as they indicated above, then they are paying heavily for us to enjoy this free hosting service. But what do they gain from this?

Hetzner hosting plan
Hetzner hosting plan

How does Ezoic make gains from providing a free WordPress hosting service?

If you’ve owned a blog for a very long time or you’ve been using Ezoic for a long time you would notice that a lot has changed.
A long time ago you can’t apply for Ezoic if you don’t get a certain amount of traffic.

Also, a long time ago Ezoic faced a big problem which was website speed. The Ezoic Leap service was created and renamed and also given free access to eligible Ezoic users to make use of in other to solve this.

So why is everything almost free? The answer is to lure more customers to the system. Doing so profit is being made, they get their share from the ads provided and you get your share. I mean it’s a win-win solution.

Is Origin error part of Ezoic’s plan to lure people to use the free WordPress hosting service

You might be wondering where in hell am I getting all these questions from. But it is something some people have been wondering about.
If you are using Ezoic you would notice most people who are using Ezoic have migrated their website to Ezoic.
The origin error is a huge issue that is yet to be resolved fully for people who are hosting their website outside the Ezoic platform.

ezoic hosting
Comment gotten from

I too have experienced origin errors countless times until I migrated my website to Ezoic free WordPress hosting. I feel the Origin error has to do with compatibility issues, as some hosting providers seem to work well with Ezoic without migrating to the Ezoic hosting platform. For example, there’s a good count of success of those on Bluehost.

Why people are afraid of hosting on the Ezoic free WordPress hosting platform

If almost all Ezoic services are free, then why are people afraid of hosting on the Ezoic free hosting platform? Below are things we noticed during our research:

  • They want their privacy and also want to be in control
  • Fear of it being inactive soon
  • Fear of losing website data
  • Ignorance

1 Privacy and control

Some of the people we saw online complained about privacy and control. Most of them don’t like the idea of pointing their website to Ezoic nameservers. There’s also an option for Ezoic plugin integration, but it is not effective as the Ezoic nameservers.

ezoic hosting
Comment from

I have tried it out, but it wasn’t good for business, because my website goes offline frequently. Also, some hate the idea of using software like Filezilla client to access the database area, while some are only familiar with Cpanel and can’t do without it.

2 Fear of it being inactive soon

There’s this natural belief that free things(Especially unbelievable things) are not always good and they don’t last. And also, there’s a belief that if you want something good you certainly need to pay for it.

Some believe anything free is limited and as such, no one should rely on it since we don’t know what the future holds.

3 Fear of losing website data

This is a brother to “Fear of it not being active soon”. Some people believe that one day it will go offline or they might be forced to pay for the service. In other words website, data might be lost soon.

ezoic free hosting
Comment from

4 Ignorance

Most people don’t know how the Ezoic free WordPress hosting service work. And also, there are few reviews online about the Ezoic free hosting service. As such, they are not moved to try anything out.

Also, some have little or no knowledge about how to move their website to the Ezoic hosting platform and they are not ready to do research.

Why you should move to the Ezoic free WordPress hosting platform

We explained above the features of the free Ezoic WordPress hosting. Here are the benefits of moving to the Ezoic free hosting service:

Zero payment of hosting plan: We’ve said this over and over again, the Ezoic WordPress hosting is free, you don’t need to pay anyone a Kobo. All you need to do is to qualify for it. Qualifications include: integrating the Ezoic name server, passing the Ezoic traffic and monetization test, making sure your website is in line with their policy standard, and making sure you are not violating any.

Fast SSD unlimited storage: I tested the free WordPress hosting speed on GTmetrix, I do get up to 90+ scores sometimes even without using the leap feature. But the speed score might go a little bit done depending on the rate of ads on the site.

Security: With Cloudflare, DNS, free SSL, and DDOS protection rest assured your website is in safe hands. The Ezoic free hosting supports different kinds of protection levels in other to keep hackers and other Bot activities out from your website.

Tech team support: The Ezoic free WordPress hosting service comes with full support from Ezoic tech teams. I remember running into issues and just stating my problem from my dashboard area and things get fixed in a couple of minutes. But now the team support is broad, they now have Twist which can be accessed through a PC or by downloading the application from the play store.

Why I left the Ezoic free WordPress hosting

Do you want to know why I left the Ezoic free WordPress hosting platform? Well, there’s not much reason.
I left because I am not using Ezoic currently and I wasn’t able to fix mediation issues (Merging Ezoic and Adsense).

Apart from that, I am still paying for the hosting service on Truehost because of my custom email address, and also the creation of a custom Email address is not available on the Ezoic hosting service.

In a nutshell, if you plan to use your custom email address and also make use of Ezoic free hosting service, you will need to subscribe to the email hosting plan from your host. That means you need to pay for that only.

What faith do those who are using Ezoic hosting after being demonetized have?

Okay, here’s the gist, I also made use of the Ezoic free hosting plan even after my website was demonetized, because (I made a post about browsing free and network cheats). I was given a chance for a review too. Also, I admitted my mistakes and I deleted all posts associated with them. I was still using the free hosting service, but not until this month did I decide to let go of it.

The problem here is that Ezoic denied given access to the free WordPress hosting to those who are demonetized or haven’t been approved, but I can boldly tell you that once you’ve connected to their nameservers and you’ve been approved before, even after being disapproved or demonetized, you can still make use of the hosting service.

Ezoic free hosting review

But make use at your own risk because there’s nowhere stated on their website that users who have been demonetized should still make use of the hosting service even when on reviews. Take note.


Finally, we are coming to the end of this article. We said that the Ezoic WordPress hosting is free because we were not asked to pay anything to move our website to it. Also, you need to be eligible to make use of the Ezoic free WordPress hosting.

You also don’t need much to be eligible for the free Ezoic free WordPress hosting service, all you need is to integrate to Ezoic nameservers (This is very important) pass the Ezoic monetization test, and also (objective test about Ezoic), make sure you are not violating any rules, that’s all you need.

We also said people don’t want to join the Ezoic free WordPress hosting because of privacy, control, fear, and ignorance.

Now tell me, are you planning to move over to the free Ezoic WordPress hosting service? What’s the challenge so far and what do you think?

In other to be in good standards with Ezoic I will advise you to go through this article, I explained how to fix and avoid violation issues.

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