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How To Correct The Receiver’s Details On Ria Money Transfers

ria money transfer

Ria money transfers are arguably one of the leading cross-border money solutions in the world. Migrants, sojourners, freelancers, and businesses have been the forefront beneficiaries of the Ria services in recent times.

Let me get more intentional here, you probably have not heard about the Ria money transfer service? That’s not a problem, in this guide, you will find the necessary answers to set you in the right perspective.

By the end of this guide, you will not only be acquainted with the process. But also use the platform successfully to send and receive Ria money transfers in Nigeria, the US, the UK, and Europe.

What is Ria transfer?

Ria is a money transfer platform, by this definition, a medium through which migrants send money home to their loved ones with relative ease.

In the past, sending money home from abroad to friends and family was not easy until cross-border money transfer solutions came into being.

As a global brand, Ria offers its services at over 435,000 locations across 160+ countries. The company commenced business in New York as a single storefront in 1987, now one of the largest money transfer companies in the world.


Mr. Ben Mark a Nigerian traveled to the US in search of greener pastures, having made some money, he needed to send remittance back home to support his family with the living expenses, medical bills, etc.

The most reliable way to send this money home is through a cross-border money transfer platform like the “Ria”. The money sent will be picked up by his sibling Mr. John Mark in this scenario.

More so, there are instances where freelance writers raise an invoice and receive payment for a service rendered from clients who reside outside the shores of their residence country.


Typically, this service can be used by several individuals across the world apart from the migrants as cited in the illustration.

By and large, the cross-boarder money solution was an invention of necessity across the globe to enable fast, secure, and cost-effective remittance.

How to send and receive Ria money transfers

Ria money transfer

Just in case it’s your first time, sending and receiving the Ria transfer does not involve rocket science, all you need to do is get the requisite items for this transaction ready.

You’ll need the sender and the receiver’s details to consummate your transaction.

Everything on JUMIA

The sender details

  • A valid government-issued identity card
  • The sender’s complete name
  • Amount to be sent/a duly funded Ria app

Receiver’s details

  • Receiver’s complete name
  • Country /city of residence
  • Bank account details where necessary.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you send and receive Ria transfers, read through it and acquaint yourself with the appropriate details if this is what you want.

How to correct receiver’s name on Ria money transfer

The major subject to discuss in this guide. Correction of the receiver’s name is a situation in a money transfer where the sender (Mr. Ben Mark) as cited in the illustration either by the error of omission or commission did not capture the exact name of the beneficiary (Mr. John Mark) in the Ria transfer.

Maybe “John” was written as “Jon” or “Mark” written as “Mak“. Possibly a middle name is omitted from the transaction while it’s contained on the receiver’s identity card.

When such an error occurs, the beneficiary cannot claim the transfer in his/her residence country. This is established on the premise that such transfers could belong to someone else other than whoever is trying to claim it at that time.

This is a security and safety measure in place to mitigate transaction theft.

Note: If you are looking to pick a transfer in Nigeria, you will have to visit participating banks to claim your remittance.

Your transfers are paid in USD strictly at this time, kindly note this while visiting the banks.

Where to receive a money transfer from Ria money

You can receive your transfers with;

  • Fidelity bank
  • Access bank
  • Polaris bank
  • UBA
  • Union bank
  • The first bank, etc.

To avoid this incidence, the receiver should always endeavor to take a snapshot of his/her identity card and forward same to the sender via WhatsApp.

The name on the ID card should be used on the transaction as seen in the required columns respectively, this way you’d be sure to get it right.

The senders should not send the money on the premise that they know the receiver’s complete name already. Such a name may not conform with what the receivers have on their valid ID card.

Your valid identity card is the major prerequisite the bank will use to facilitate your payment, where there are perceived variations/differences between the ID and transaction as viewed on the system. Such transfers cannot be paid until the name is corrected.

Correction of receiver’s name 

Since the error has been committed, the receiver’s name will have to be corrected. There’s no chance to abandon the fund or cancel under this guise.

A correction could be effected in two phases

  • Via the agent location
  • Ria transfer app

Do understand that your transfers could be sent from an agent location as well as the Ria money transfer app.

Note: That correction can only be effected by the sender and not the receiver.

Subsequently, you are expected to go about the correction following the same channel through which you sent the money.

Correction at the agent location

Kindly visit the agent’s location and inquire to correct the receiver’s name on the transfer being sent.

The agent will require your transaction receipt alongside your now preferred receiver’s name in the right order.

Changes will be effected on the system. kindly ask to have a glance and ensure the receiver’s name appears as appropriate.

Having completed the process, your transaction should be available for pick-up within 24 hours.

Correction on Ria transfer app

You can change a spelling error on the recipient’s name as well as first or last name to match the appropriate order in their photo ID.

  • Open your Ria money app.
  • From your list of transactions choose the active transfer you’ll like to edit.
  • Click on the “Need help” button.
  • In the next slide tap “Modify recipient name” Enter your now preferred receiver’s details.
  • Click on “Save” to complete the process. Ensure to confirm that the changes are now accurate as required.

Having completed the above process, kindly inform the receiver to visit the bank in the next 24 hours to claim the money.

Ria money transfer receipt

The transfer receipt in this case is a document issued to every Ria customer who completed a transfer successfully either at the agent location or via the Ria app.

The Ria money transfer receipt contains the following;

  • Sender’s details; first name, last name, location, and address
  • Amount sent
  • Receiver’s details; first and last name, country, address, phone number, etc.

Ria transfer limit to Nigeria

There’s a threshold associated with every money transfer platform, what determines the threshold is the company’s risk appetite and the destination.

In this instance, we are talking about how much you can send at a given time.

Ria platform allows its customers to send a maximum of $5,000 to Nigeria per quarter.

Note: The transfer limit is subject to the receiver’s country/destination. By and large, transfer limits differ according to the recipient country.

Ria money transfer app

Ria money transfer

The transfer app is a mobile app enabled by Ria through which customers could complete several transactions online.

The app is available on Google and App Store for Android and iOS operating systems. Download and install this app on your mobile device.

Sign up by providing the requisite details, link your credit card to your account, and start sending money via the mobile app at once.

Ria tracking

Ria tracking provides a piece of firsthand information on the status and exact position of a Ria money transfer.

Having tracked your transfer, you’ll get to understand if such transfer has been picked, in progress, or suspended for any reason.

Ria customer service

Sometimes you have concerns, issues, and inquiries to make. You need to talk to someone for a live response in real-time.

Kindly call this number for Nigerian customers: 0800 085 5955 or +18443775843 for global customers.

Email [email protected]


Ria money transfers can be sent in two different ways, either from the agent’s location or via the Ria app. Be sure to have the receiver’s details (first and last name) in the right order at the time of treating such a transaction.

Review your transaction finally before you hit the send button, peradventure an error occurs with the receiver’s name, your beneficiary will not be paid until you affect the name correction.

Significantly, this error can be avoided by paying attention to details with due access to the right name sequence as contained in the receiver’s valid ID card (voters card, driver’s license, National Identity card, or international passport). Most banks may accept your BVN as a valid ID.

Are there questions or inquiries you’d wish to make? let’s get talking in the comment section? I’ll be waiting and be rest assured to get a satisfactory response.

Thank you for your time and please do check back for subsequent updates.

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