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Windows 11 Compatibility Check And Problems 

Check my system for windows 11 compatibility   

Windows 11 has been available for some time now, but one question that bothers almost everyone is how to know if your computer or system supports the new windows 11.

In this article, we are going to look at how to check your system for windows 11 compatibility. 

The new Windows 11 has a lot of things to be met in other to be fit to run the operating system. A lot of old computers have been pushed out from getting this update because most of them don’t have the hardware which is required to properly run Windows 11.

Although there are other (back doors) and ways of installing windows 11 on computers that are not eligible for the windows 11 operating system. Some features are likely to run into errors if you install windows 11 on computers that do not meet the basic requirement.

Check my system for windows 11 compatibility   

With that being said we will want to know what these requirements are and also how to get started.

Basic requirements for windows 11

In other to properly run the windows 11 operating system on your computer, your computer must meet the following requirements;

  • The processor (1 gigahertz and above)
  • The RAM (4GB and above)
  • Storage (64GB and above)
  • Graphics card (DirectX 12 compatible or above with WDDM 2.0 driver)
  • System firmware (Full UEFI support)
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
  • Display (9INCH 720p with 8 bits per colour channel or above)
  • Internet connection (A must for windows 11 Home)

The processor

Windows 11 supports computers with 1 gigahertz or higher. If you own a PC with anything lower than this then I am sorry you won’t be able to install the windows 11 operating system. 

Even if you did somehow, it would be a suicide. This is because Windows 11 needs a higher Gigahertz to run properly.

So you are likely to fall into errors now and then. Adding to this, if you have a computer with more than 1 core, it would be a boost to the overall performance of the computer. This is because if you have more cores, you have more gigahertz and speed.



The ram plays a major role in the computer. If you agree with me you would notice that PC manufacturers don’t include RAM below 4GB on the computer anymore.

Although the HP stream has 2GB ram, the HP Stream is built for light usage, if you plan to install windows 11 on your 2GB RAM HP stream computer just forget about it, you will face a lot of issues even if you follow through the (back door) method.

Windows 11 support only computers with 4GB RAM and above. For me, if you have an 8GB RAM computer or above, it would be the best, especially if you have a lot of huge programs on your PC.


When it comes to storage we talk about the OS (Operating System) and your Disk drive. Because windows must be installed on your PC storage you will keep a storage space for the windows 11 Operating system. Windows has a stated size of 64GB.

Everything on JUMIA

Huge right!! The windows 11 operating system won’t take all 64GB of storage, but it will also need some free space on the drive in other to run apps and other features properly. Also, Windows 11 has a routine update just like windows 10.

If you’ve used Windows 10 before you would agree with me. Sometimes a single update size will be up to 800MB. This is why storage space is very important if you are planning to move to windows 11. 

So if you have a computer with a storage size lesser than 64GB I wouldn’t recommend you to install windows 11 on your computer.

if your computer supports a removable disk or drives I will advise you to get a higher disk or drive as soon as possible before migrating to Windows 11.

Graphics card

If you are currently running a PC with a low or outdated graphics card then windows 11 isn’t for you sorry. If you have been a huge fan of the Windows operating system you would notice a lot of things have changed.

When you compare Windows XP to Windows 8 you would notice Windows 8 looks a lot better than Windows XP, the same thing with the latter.

Also, your graphics card should be compatible with DirectX 12 or above with the WDDM 2.0 driver too.

System firmware

Your computer must come with UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware) and secure boot. If your computer doesn’t come with this feature then it’s likely that you won’t be able to install the new windows 11 OS.

Also, I was not able to upgrade to windows 11 because my Dell 3330 failed this part of the test. I have a lot of things right now on my laptop and for now, I am not interested in fixing this issue.

You can also check out for UEFI by booting to BIOS and checking boot options.

Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

Your computer must support (TPM) Trusted Platform Module version 2.0. A lot of people are not able to install windows 11 just because their computer failed this part of the requirement in Windows 11.

Also, I was not able to upgrade to windows 11 because my Dell 3330 failed this part of the test. And a lot of people are also not able to install or update from windows 10 to windows 11 because of these issues.


Have you ever wondered if screen size, resolution, and quality can stop you from upgrading your windows computer? The new Windows 11 doesn’t support computers with less than 9 inches display size.

And also, you will need a PC with a high definition of about 720p with 8 bits per colour channel or more. Again if your computer does not support this, then you are not allowed to install the windows 11 OS.

Internet connection

I don’t want to include this before, but it’s part of the Windows 11 requirement. I am still wondering if there’s a computer on planet earth that doesn’t have a way to connect to the internet.

Anyway, you will need an internet connection to be able to download updates and other features. And also, windows 11 Home edition will need an internet connection during setup. You won’t be able to completely install windows 11 Home if you don’t complete the setup.

We’ve looked at the basic requirement of installing the windows 11 OS, so how do we know if our computer passes those basic requirements?

Although, some of the basic requirements listed above are things you could quickly check and confirm, for example (Storage size, RAM size, Screen size, and Display).

How to check if your computer supports windows 11 using the windows pc health check app

You can easily run a test with the Windows “PC health check app” in other to confirm if your computer meets these basic requirements.

Step 1 Search and open the PC health checker app using the search bar, or download and install the PC health check application here.

Check my system for windows 11 compatibility 

Step 2 Run the application and click on “check now” under the windows 11 update notification.

PC health check

You will receive a message shortly after you click on “check now” this message will tell you if your computer is suitable to run Windows 11 or not.

The picture below is the message I got from the “PC health check app” on my Dell 3330 computer.

 windows 11

Where to download windows 11

If you found out that your computer meets up those basic requirements you can download windows 11 from their official website here.

(Are you planning on buying your first PC? check out 15 top things I check before buying any laptop computer).


The new windows 11 has a basic requirements just like the previous Windows 10. You will need to pass all the requirements to be able to install the Windows 11 OS on your computer.

These requirements are to ensure stability, security, and smoothness of the Windows 11 OS. If you somehow managed to install Windows 11 through the back door, you might fall into several errors.

Some of the applications in windows 11 will need some of the hardware specifications which was listed above earlier.

I also noticed most people who want to migrate to the new Windows 11 OS failed to pass (TPM) Trusted Platform Module version 2.0 and secure boot requirements.

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