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How To Link Your Uba Africard To Paypal In Less Than 3 Minutes

Link UBA africard to paypal account

If you make use of Paypal here is a sure way to get and pay for goods and services through Paypal using the UBA Africard.

After successfully publishing an article about how to get the UBA Africard, there have been a lot of questions as to whether the UBA prepaid card can be linked to Paypal.

If you are in Nigeria, you would attest to the fact that there have been a lot of restrictions on the Naira card lately. Most Nigerians who do business online are looking for ways to get past this by getting virtual card apps from the play store and other banks outside Nigeria.

In this article, I will be teaching you procedures on how to link the UBA prepaid card to your Paypal in three minutes. If you are in Nigeria and you do a lot of international transactions and business, I would advise you to go for the UBA dollar Africard.

This is because the UBA Naira Africard is limited to only $20 (spend) for each month. You can read more about it here.

This article targets not just Nigerians alone, but all those who can get the UBA Africard (Mostly African countries).

Also, if you are using other banks card like the GTbank dollar card that supports Paypal, this article would be of help to you too.

Step-by-step procedure on how to link the uba africard to paypal

Before we proceed, make sure you’ve registered on Paypal and you also have an active account.

Step 1. Log on to the official Paypal website.


Step 2. Click on the “log in” button and fill in your log-in details.

uba africard paypal

Step 3. If you activated the “Two-step verification process” you will need to receive a code via the means of identification. Input the code you received and continue.

uba africard paypal

Step 4. You should be on your dashboard right now. Click on the bell at the top right side of your dashboard.

uba africard paypal

Step 5. Under the “notifications” you should be able to see “shop with confidence” and “cash out quickly”. The “shop with confidence” option allows you to link your card to Paypal in other to make payment online. While the “cash out quickly” allows you to link a debit card to Paypal in other to receive payment online. The UBA Africard can receive payments online and can also make payments online.
Click on the “link credit card” under the “Shop with confidence”.

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uba africard paypal

Step 6. Here, you should be able to see some blocks to choose from and also fill in. Enter your debit or credit card number. Your card number is the 16-digit number on the front of the card. Fill it into the space required for the card number.

africard to paypal

Step 7. Under the “Card type” change it to visa. Paypal supports 4 card types (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discovery). If you are not using an Africard you need to check the card body to identify which company the card is partnering with. For the UBA prepaid card, it is the visa.

uba africard paypal

Step 8. Fill in the expiration date. The expiration date is at the front of the Africard and every other card. It looks like this (07/24), depending on the date the card is said to expire.

Step 9. Input your security code. Your security code is a code found at the back of your prepaid card. It is normally in 3 digits. Input the 3 digits code into the “Security code” box.

Step 10. Fill in your billing address. If you already signed a billing address on your Paypal, you should be able to see it automatically. If not, fill in the billing address and continue.

Note: You cant link a card that is not funded at the moment. You will also need to follow the same procedure to link your debit card under “Cash out quickly”.

What happens after linking the uba prepaid card to paypal

If you’ve successfully linked your UBA Africard to Paypal, a dollar equivalent to your local currency will be withdrawn by Paypal. You need not worry, it would be refunded after a month.

If you check the picture below, I was charged 502.32 Nigerian Nairas which is equivalent to a dollar then, on the 8th of march. But it was refunded on the 8th of June.
Like I said earlier you will need to have a fund of up to 1 dollar before you can link a card to Paypal.

Why this? This is because Paypal will want to confirm if your card can make and receive payment without issues.

What is the cause of paypal card rejection

  • If your card doesn’t support international transactions, it is likely that your card will be rejected. Contact your bank in case you encounter this issue.
  • If you don’t have up to a dollar you will receive an error. The picture below is an error I received after trying to link my UBA Africard to Paypal with an empty balance account.
  • Your card has expired. If you try to link an expired card to Paypal it would be rejected instantly.
If your card is not credited you cant link it to Paypal

Below is a payment I did with my UBA Naira Africard using Paypal.

uba africard paypal


The UBA Naira or dollar Africard can be linked to a Paypal account. It can also receive funds from Paypal. You will need up to a dollar in your UBA Africard or any other bank card to be able to link to Paypal for the first time.

You will be charged a dollar equivalent to your local currency, then after a month, you will get your money back from Paypal. This is done by Paypal, in other to confirm if the card can make and receive payment.

If you have any issue or error when linking your UBA prepaid card, you can contact UBA customer care at the back of your card and explain things to them in other to get things working properly.

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