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What Are Smart Wallets And How Are They Being Used

Technology is getting better as the day goes by, your wallet could now do more than you would ever think. In this article, we will be discussing the smart wallet and its uses.

What is a smart wallet

A smart wallet is a device that can store your private keys and public addresses. It also can connect with other devices such as computers, phones, or tablets via Bluetooth.

This product is characterized by having an RFID chip inside, which allows the user to access their credit and debit cards without having to remove them from the wallet. When they’re ready to pay something, they just touch their card to the top of the reader at the checkout and then enter a PIN on the keypad at the top.

Types of smart wallet

There are two types of smart wallets:

RFID-equipped smart wallet: the RFID-equipped smart wallet comes with an RFID chip, which allows you to use your credit card without having to remove the physical card from the wallet. It works without contact.

Bluetooth-equipped smart wallet: The Bluetooth-equipped smart wallet uses Bluetooth technology so you can pay with Apple Pay or Android Pay from the application on your phone instead of taking out a physical card.

Features of a good smart wallet

  • A good smart wallet should be able to hold your cards and cash and have a secure and easy-to-use closing mechanism.
  • It should also look stylish so you can wear it proudly.
  • It must have built-in RFID technology, as this will allow your bank cards to be much more secure and free from any possible theft or cloning.

Who should use a smart wallet

Anyone who wants to keep their cash app cards and cash safe. Smart wallets are perfect for those with a busy lifestyle, or those who travel frequently.

They’re also great for people who want to avoid the hassle of carrying bulky bags or purses.

Things to look out for when purchasing a smart wallet


The first thing you should look for in a smart wallet is the material it’s made of. It must be resistant and durable so that your money is not damaged or lost.


Choose to choose much more durable materials as well as much more resistance. Those that are made of metals such as titanium, usually resist falls and strong blows.

Available space

Make sure you choose a wallet that suits your needs and also the number of cards and items you carry daily. You must take into account how many cards fit in a compartment: if there are too few slots, you will not have enough space for all your credit cards and identity documents.

It will always be better to opt for larger options in which everything can fit in the best way. This way, you won’t have to buy additional bags or other items.

Some good brands of smart wallets: 2022

Some good smart wallets we recommend:

Everything on JUMIA

The STEALTH Wallet

STEALTH smart wallet
Slim, Lightweight, and Minimalist Wallet with Credit Card Holder 

This wallet stands out for its high RFID and NFC technology. These allow your cards to be much more secure from unauthorized contactless scanning. You can also prevent anyone from cloning your cards and keep your identity information safe.

On the other hand, this product has space for five pasta cards and eight lighter cards such as cardboard. It is easy and practical because when you press a button at the bottom of it, your cards will come out instantly.

It is designed based on materials such as aluminum and synthetic leather, giving daily use a much more elegant and minimalist look.

The STEALTH smart wallet is simple and functional.

The BEWMER 1 Zip Card Wallet

Smart Wallets
Smart Money Clip Wallet for Men and Women with Purse

This product is ideal first of all for its safety. BEWMER 1 Zip Card Wallet has RFID and NFC protection that allows your cards to be safe from possible cloning or contactless transactions.

The BEWMER 1 Zip Card Wallet has a unique design, as it has an interior clip that holds your bills, a capacity for nine bank cards, and a pocket for coins with zip closure.

Also, it stands out for its minimalist and elegant design, its material is unique and compact. It is a modern wallet with a unique touch of tradition.

The BEWMER 1 Zip Card Wallet comes with a Unique design.

The I-CLIP Heritage Titanium Blasted

smart wallet
Titanium Frame Smart Wallet

The product has a minimalist and unique design. It is made of ultralight titanium that allows it to have much more resistance to shocks or possible falls.

The I-CLIP Heritage Titanium Blasted offers space for 10 cards and also, thanks to the peephole and its sliding technology, it is possible to have a quick and general view of everything you carry inside.

Also, It has a money clip inside that seeks to hold a large amount of paper or bills safely and effectively, so that you can always use them quickly.

The I-CLIP Heritage Titanium Blasted has a Better material.

What are the advantages of a smart wallet?

  • Smart wallets are the most comfortable way to carry your money. They can be used as a regular wallet, but they also have an RFID blocking feature that protects you from identity theft and credit card fraud.
  • You no longer have to worry about carrying multiple cash app cards or cash because everything is stored in one place. It is easy to use and much easier to carry or carry in your pockets.

Where to buy good smart wallets




Smart wallets are an excellent option to keep your bank or other financial cards safe. With its RFID technology and cool designs, these smart wallets can protect your information while making it super easy for you to access any card that you need at the moment.

We’ve reviewed some good options and mentioned them in our selections of smart wallets, review was based on durability, security, and efficiency.

Finally, what do you think about smart wallets? we would love to hear from you in the comment section.

Written by Natasha Davids

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