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What Is Bluestacks X And Why Would You Need It

bluestacks X

What if I tell you that you can now play cloud games on Bluestacks?
There has been a lot of misconception about the new Bluestacks X AKA Bluestacks 10. In this article, we plan to unveil the true identity of the Bluestack X player.

If you’ve been following up on my articles about Bluestacks player you would notice I have a thing for them and I make use of the Bluestacks software a lot. I have also reviewed the Bluestacks 4 and Bluestacks 5 player.

Bluestacks 4 and 5 has a specification that must be met before they can work properly, but with the new Bluestacks X, we don’t need any of those huge specifications or requirement anymore. It seems like I am talking too much. So what is this Bluestacks X or Bluestacks 10 all about?

What is bluestacks x

Bluestacks X which is also known as Bluestacks 10 is a cloud gaming software that was launched in September 2021. The Bluestacks X or Bluestacks 10 allows you to play games without downloading game files on your computer.

The Bluestacks X uses a technology that derives games from a cloud-based system, and also allows users to play games without your computer reading the data or files of the game directly from your computer storage.

You will need internet and data to be able to play games using the Bluestacks X. The Bluestacks X is also powered by

How does bluestacks x work

The Bluestacks 10 or Bluestacks X makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technology which allows users to stream games online from the cloud storage. The Bluestacks X also recommends users with games that are available and trending.

This means if you are streaming a game using the Bluestacks X software you shouldn’t be worried about your storage getting filled up anytime soon.

What are the games available on the bluestacks X

Bluestacks X supports different types of android games. Although some games on android are yet to be playable on the Bluestacks X player, Also, games are been added routinely.


games available on bluestacks X

As of the time of publishing this article, the Bluestacks X supports a massive size of 2million plus playable games available on the cloud storage. Some of the games include Infinity kingdom, Star Trek, king of Avalon, Pop Slots, Rebirth of Chaos, Baba Wild Slots, State of Survival CRS 2, Dawn Zombies, and more.

some games on bluestacks 10

There are a whole lot of games that I can’t mention here, if I do, you will stay on this article till the next year (laughing ) just kidding.

Bluestacks X requirements

Since the Bluestack X is a cloud-based gaming software it doesn’t come with a requirement. But I will advise you to use these minimum system requirements.

The minimum requirement for windows operating systems

  • Windows 7 computer and above.
  • 2GB RAM and above.
  • A minimum of 5GB of disk storage space.

The minimum requirement for Apple computers

  • macOS Sierra or higher versions.
  • 4GB RAM and above.
  • A minimum of 5GB of disk storage space.

Step by step procedure on how to install the bluestacks x

Follow the procedure below to install the Bluestacks X.

Everything on JUMIA

Step 1. Log on to the Bluestacks 10 official website.

Step 2. Click on the download button and wait for the download to complete. (The installation package is about 784kb in size).

bluestacks x intaller exe

Step 3. Go to your download folder and locate the file name Bluestacks 10 installer EXE. Double click on the Bluestacks 10 installer EXE to start the installation. (Once you double click on the EXE file windows starts extracting the Bluestacks 10 player).

bluestacks 10 inataller

Step 3. Before the installation will start, Bluestacks will run a check on your computer to be sure if it supports the Bluestacks 10 player. If you already have Bluestacks 5 on your computer you will see the update button on your menu, click on it to update. But if you don’t have Bluestacks 5 on your computer no need to worry just start the installation.

updating to bluestacks x

Step 4. Again Bluestacks will check for system requirements to be sure if your computer is suitable to run the Bluestacks X or not. (If your computer meets up with the requirements then the download will start). The download size for this is around 156MB.

instalingbluestacks 10

Step 5. On completion of the download above, the Bluestack X will start downloading another file. This time around the file size will be 421MB. All you need to do is to wait till the download is completed.

installing bluestacks x

Step 6. After completing the download above, Bluestacks X will download another file again, with a smaller data size of 65MB. Wait for it to complete downloading. After downloading, Bluestacks X will extract files too.

bluestacks x completely installed

And that’s it we have our Bluestacks X right on our computer. The Bluestacks X took up to 643MB of data to fully download, it might be lower on your side if you already have the suitable Bluestacks 5 version for the Bluestacks X.
In case you don’t know, you will need the Bluestacks 5 to run the Bluestacks X properly in some cases.

How to use bluestacks x

For you to be able to use the Bluestack X properly you will need the Bluestacks 5 application. I uninstalled my Bluestacks 5 and I tried playing a game using the Bluestacks 10 but it wouldn’t work. Instead, I was advised to install back the Bluestacks 5 application.

Once you have these two applications, head over to the Bluestacks X and launch the application, then select the game of your choice to play. Yes, it is that easy!

What to do if your Bluestacks 5 is not compatible with your Bluestacks 10 player

One thing I noticed, I tried to connect my old version of the Bluestacks 5 player with the Bluestacks 10 but it didn’t work out. Instead, I received an error (Sorry, the current version of Bluestacks 5 is not compatible with your PC. You should uninstall Bluestacks 5 and restart).

bluestacks 5 not compactable to bluestacks x

Uninstalling and reinstalling of the Bluestacks 5 player would fix this issue. After reinstalling the Bluestacks 5 player, re-run the Bluestacks X one more time.

Bluestacks x vs bluestacks 5

Like seriously! who brought this up? Guys, there are a lot of questions online about comparing the Bluestacks 5 player to the Bluestacks 10 player. First of all, I would love to clear the air on this one.

The Bluestacks 5 player is an emulator which emulates android games on computers while the Bluestacks 10 or Bluestacks X is an application that uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to allow users to stream games from the cloud storage.

The truth is that Bluestacks 10 would rely on Bluestacks 5 to play a game locally while on the other hand Bluestacks 5 will rely on Bluestacks X or 10 to stream a game online.

These two are two different application that does different things. The confusion started when Bluestacks used the AKA word for Bluestack X as Bluestacks 10. Now people believed that the Bluestack 10 is an upgraded version of the Bluestacks 5.

But to me it’s not, they are two different applications that can also work together to provide a good gaming experience.

How to uninstall bluestacks x

For any reason, if you want to uninstall the Bluestacks X player, follow the procedure below.

Step 1. Search for the control panel using the windows search bar.
Step 2. Launch the control panel.
Step 3. Look for the Bluestack X software.

uninstalling the bluestacks X

Step 4. Once you find the software, right-click on your mouse, an option will pop up (uninstall/change). Left-click on your mouse to uninstall.
Step 5. Wait for the Bluestacks X to uninstall completely.

uninstalled the bluestacks x

Pros of the bluestacks x

Easy to use: The Bluestacks X is very easy to use, it doesn’t come with many settings just launch and start playing games from the cloud.

No download required: As i said earlier, the Bluestacks X comes with a cloud base technology that allows you to play games directly from the cloud without downloading game files. Bluestacks had to partner with to make game streaming possible.

Device storage not needed: Since the Bluestacks X supports cloud gaming this means you won’t be worried about your storage getting filled up anytime soon. But you will need your device storage to install the Bluestacks X application. No application no cloud gaming.

Cons of the bluestacks x

Not all games are available: The Bluestacks X cloud gaming supports over 2 million-plus games, but not all games on Playstore are available for cloud gaming.

You may need Bluestacks 5: Believe me or not, you may need the Bluestacks 5 to be able to play some games on the Bluestacks X, don’t do away with it yet.


The Bluestacks X which is also known as the Bluestacks 10 is quite different from the Bluestacks 5 because it performs a different job. For example, the Bluestacks x is used for cloud gaming (Streaming of games online) while the Bluestacks 5 is used for local gaming ( Games installed locally on your disk drive).

You will surely need the Bluestacks 5 in some cases when using the Bluestacks X player. Another thing is that the Bluestack 10 or Bluestacks X only supports Bluestacks 5 player, anything lower than that is not acceptable and it won’t work.

Finally, this article will be incomplete without your comment in the comment section. Tell me how you feel about the new Bluestacks X player.

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