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How To Get The Uba Africard In Less Than 20 Minutes

uba africard

Has your card ever been rejected when trying to make a payment online? well, it might surprise you that many cards today are not widely accepted internationally but today we will break that barrier using the UBA Africard.

So lately, I have been trying to make payments to my Paypal account using my GT bank Mastercard to no avail. I noticed the GT Naira Mastercard could not make or receive some payments online, like funding your Paypal account and also paying for Facebook ads.

So I had to go in search of a good Naira card that I will use for my Facebook ads and also fund my Paypal account. I went to some banks in Nigeria but the customer care service wasn’t sure if their card could do what I need. Not until I found the UBA Africard.

If you’ve been looking for a card that will make almost every payment online the UBA Africard might be the best choice.

What is the uba africard or prepaid card

I want to clear the air on this one, the UBA Africard is also known as the UBA prepaid card. You can choose anyone you want to call it. The UBA Africard can be described as a wallet that can send and receive funds.

The UBA Africard or prepaid card is a stand-alone account, which means it is not linked to any bank account but rather has its unique ID which is used to identify the owner and the account. The unique ID number could be found on the back of the card.

Types of uba africard 

There are three types of UBA Africard.

  • Local currency card
  • The dollar card
  • And the UBA corporate prepaid card

The local currency card

The UBA Africard is available in so many African countries, for Nigeria, the local currency card could be described as a Naira card.

If you are viewing this article from other African countries, then your local currency card should be the name of the currency that your government has legalised.


The UBA Naira Africard can be used for transactions online of over 30 million retail outlets around the world. 

The downside of the Naira card is that you cant spend more than $20 a month on international transactions.

The uba dollar card

The UBA dollar card only supports dollars, which means you need to fund it with dollars and not with local currencies. And also, the UBA dollar Africard can be used for transactions online of over 30 million retail outlets around the world.

The good part about the dollar Africard is that you can spend up to $10,000 monthly, which is about #5,000,000 if we take a dollar for 500 Nigerian nairas.

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The uba corporate prepaid card

The UBA corporate prepaid card is mainly for organizations and business owners, you will also need to register with your companies name.

Prepaid card variant

There are 4 types of UBA prepaid cards

  • Gift card
  • Salary card
  • Expense card
  • Co-branded

How does the uba africard work

Since the UBA prepaid card is not linked to any bank account then how does it work?

As I said earlier the UBA Africard or prepaid card has a unique ID at the back of the card.

This ID acts as an account number but it is not called an account number but a user ID. The ID which is in digits contains information about the owner just like the way the account number does. the ID is being used to identify the cardholder and also vital information like the account balance and so on. 

The UBA Africard act like any other bank card it can be used to make payment online and withdraw and pay from ATMs and POS machines.

How to get a uba africard

For you to get a UBA prepaid card you need to walk to any of the UBA banks near you and tell them you want to get an Africard or prepaid card. It is that easy.

You don’t need to open a UBA account, anybody can get a UBA Africard as long as you have a valid governmental ID card, a utility bill not less than 3 months old, and 1 passport photograph.

What are the requirements to get a uba prepaid card

There’s a spoiler above If you read my last statement carefully. For you to get the Africard you will need the following below.

  • A valid governmental ID card (Drivers License, Voters Card, National ID).
  • Utility bills not less than 3 months old (Electricity bill, Bank statement, Water supply bill).
  • A recent passport photograph
  • Your BVN (bank verification number) that’s if you are in Nigeria.

How does the uba africard form look like

The UBA Africard form is straightforward. You are only required to fill and tick where necessary.

  • Your BVN number.
  • Date of the application.
  • Prepaid card type  (Make sure you choose the visa card. don’t go for the Naira Master card because there are a lot of issues going on with the Naira Mastercard and they don’t act like they are fixing them anytime soon).
  • Card type (Choose referred card type if you go for personalized your name will be written on the card, you can as well choose the dollar or your local currency type).
  • Biodata (Choose how you want to be addressed Mr, Miss or others.
  • Surname (Write down your surname).
  • First name (Write down your first name).
  • Middle name (Write down your middle name).
  • Preferred name on the card (Write the name down if you are customizing).
  • Residential address (Put down your address).
  • State (Write down your state).
  • Country (Write down your country).
  • Email address (Write down your email address, double-check because this will be used for alerts and logging in).
  • Length of stay in present address (Tick if you own the house or resident, write down how long you’ve lived in your current abode).
  • Occupation/profession (Write them down or leave them empty).
  • Expected annual income (Write down or leave them empty).
  • Your mobile number (Make sure you put down your main number, because you will need it for OTP and alerts).
  • Gender (Tick your gender).
  • Date of birth (Put down your date of birth).
  • Place of birth (Write your place of birth down).
  • Nationality (Put down your nationality).
  • Identification (Tick your identification type).
  • UBA customer (Tick yes or no. If yes put down your account number).
  • ID number (If you are using any ID card put down the ID card number. Make sure it is correct, and put down the country of issue).
  • Sign.

How to activate the uba prepaid card

For you to activate the UBA prepaid card or Africard you need to peel off the orange tab on your manual.

Once you have successfully gotten your prepaid card, open the envelope remove your card and manual you will find an instructions about peeling off the orange tab. Gently lift and remove the orange tab you will see your card pin and web password on the body of the orange tab you peeled.

uba africard password check

Make sure you copy the codes. Head over to the ATM gallery slot your prepaid card to the ATM, and input the pin you saw on the body of the orange tab you peeled. Now change your password to your preferred password.

How to create a uba africard profile for web and online transaction

Before you create a profile online you must have activated your card using the ATM. This involves changing your pin. After you must have done that, log in to the Africard homepage.

  • Click on “set up a new account”.
  • Enter your unique ID (Your 10-digit code at the back of your prepaid card).
  • Enter your password (Your password is the code on the orange tab you peeled out from the manual).
  • Then login.
uba africard login

Remember to change your web password once you log in.

How to fund your uba africard

There are three ways to fund your UBA prepaid card.

  • Going to the nearest UBA bank
  • Make use of the UBA bank app online
  • Using USSD code

Going to the nearest uba bank

You can fund your UBA prepaid card by simply going to the nearest UBA bank close to you. Get a deposit slip, fill in your details, and use your card ID (The 10-digit code at the back of your card as your account number).

uba africard user ID
user ID is the number starting with 001

Write down the amount to be deposited and give the money to the cashier.

Make use of the mobile app

You will need the UBA mobile app to do this, you must be a UBA customer or you must have a UBA account to do this. You can download the app from the play store.

Register and log in to the UBA bank application, select send money> select account> select prepaid card> enter amount> then select transfer.

Ussd code

You can also transfer funds from a UBA account to your UBA prepaid or Africard. Dail *919# click on send> select number 6> enter pin> enter user ID (10 digit number)> enter amount and send.

Uba africard transaction limit

The UBA Africard has a transaction limit, this could also be described as your monthly spending limit.

The Naira card: In Nigeria, almost all cards are not allowed to spend more than 20 dollars a month on an international transaction. Initially, it was $100 a month but they reduce it again to $20.

Some Naira cards don’t fully support international transactions like the Mastercard. I find it difficult to link to my Facebook using my Naira Mastercard. Also, the GT Naira Mastercard now only use (Dynamic currency conversion) transaction. They have even blocked some websites from their platform.

The dollar card: The prepaid dollar card seems to be the best for international transactions because it has a limit of monthly spending up to $10,000. That is huge and not even nearly comparable with the Naira Africard.

If you are viewing this article from another country, do well to ask the UBA customer representative so that you would be sure of which to go for.

How to check my uba africard balance

To check the UBA Africard balance you need to log in to the Africard official home page.

UBA prepaid card balance check

Input your username and password to log in. As soon as you log in you will see your balance fully written on the dashboard.

Uba africard charges

As of now, the official bank standard of dollar to Naira is 415.19 Naira. But I was charged 502.32 Nigerian Naira to a dollar on pay pal. I don’t know if some charges are added to sum it up to 502.32 Naira.

So you might be charged 502.32 Nigerian Naira to a dollar if you are doing an international transaction.

Again if you are viewing this article outside Nigeria do well to ask the UBA customer service how much is their conversion rate.

How to withdraw from uba Africard

For you to withdraw from your dollar Africard, you will need to visit any dollar-paying ATM or better still go to any UBA bank and cash it out.

For you to withdraw on the Naira Africard you can make use of any POS or ATM in Nigeria or head over to UBA bank and withdraw your money.

How much is uba africard

The UBA Naira card is now 1,075 Nigerian Nairas. You Won’t be charged when you are about to get the card but rather you will be charged after you make your first deposit into the Naira Africard.

uba prepaid card

Africard charges

Transaction type charges are as follows.

Pin re-issuance fee#150+VAT
Cashback/ advance3% of transaction value
Local ATM transactions in NigeriaFree
International web paymentFree
International POS transactionfree
International ATM transaction#1,000+VAT
Local POS transactionFree

For the UBA dollar card, you will need to budget up to 3 dollars. you will also be charged after the first deposit.

Uba africard contact

If you are in Nigeria you can contact the UBA Africard customer service through:

Email [email protected]

Phone number +2347002255822

For additional information about the UBA Africard service you can visit

If you are not in Nigeria check the manual that came with your UBA Africard, you should be able to see the UBA contact information.

Pros of the uba africard

Pocket friendly: The UBA Africard is pocket friendly, you don’t need to break the bank to get it. Unlike other banks that do charge from $10 to $500. I ran away from one of the Nigerian banks after they told me to deposit $200 to just open a dollar account.

Widely accepted: Unlike the Mastercard which is been restricted to so many online transactions like Facebook and Paypal, the UBA Africard does those transactions with ease.

Card to card transfer: The Africard support card to card transfer. This makes sending money to another Africard user easy.

Fast: To get the UBA Africard is fast and easy, in less than 20 minutes of card request, you get your card instantly. Nothing like coming tomorrow or next week.

Cons of the uba africard

Difficulty in Funding the card: If you are not a UBA customer or you’ve never opened an account with them then it will be a little bit of stress in the funding of the card. This is because you will need to go to the bank to fund, or you will need to get funds from someone who owns an Africard or UBA account.

Also, there’s no option available in most of the POS machines to send funds to the Africard. You either visit the bank or meet someone who uses a UBA account or Africard.

Low Naira spending limit: As we said earlier the UBA Naira Africard can not spend more than $20 monthly for international transactions. This will be difficult especially if you want to pay for a product or service that is above $20. Also, as soon as you exhaust your $20 for that month, you won’t be allowed to do any international transactions.

You cant deposit Nairas into dollars Africard: This is a hard one. The UBA dollar prepaid card does not allow Naira deposit, and the UBA customer care are not ready to convert (Nairas to dollars) or help.

The dollar card is only meant for dollars if you don’t have any, don’t go for it. But if you can get a place to change your Nairas to dollars for example (bureau de change) it would be the best option before going to deposit it in your dollar Africard.


The UBA Africard is a wallet that can be used for payment and receiving of funds. The Naira Africard is not allowed to make more than 20 dollars of international transactions a month, while on the other hand, the dollar Africard can spend up to $10,000 a month.

The UBA naira and dollar card can receive and send funds through Paypal and they are widely accepted, with over 1.9 million ATMs around the world.

The UBA Africard is not suitable for receiving payment from Adsense and other ads company because it doesn’t have an account number. The Naira Africard does not allow dollar deposits through the bank, but it will be able to convert dollars to Naira once it detects a dollar payment.

For you to effectively use the UBA Africard I will advise you to go for the UBA dollar Africard, because it has a lot of advantages when compared to the naira Africard.

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