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Is The Oraimo Pilot 20000mAh Power Bank Reliable

Oraimo pilot power bank full review

Getting a good power bank that will be able to keep your devices active for a day could be very hard to find, especially now that we have a lot of fake power banks flooding the market.

Lately, I have been In search of a good power bank that will charge my smartphone of 4000mAh battery size at least twice before running out. Somehow I stumbled on a review on Jumia and Oraimo store about the Oraimo pilot 20000mAh power bank. I decided to give it a try.

review on oraimo store

The Oraimo pilot 20000mAh power bank has been in circulation in the market for some time now. I wanted to get a feel of what the Oraimo pilot 20000mAh power bank could do.

So I purchased it through their official website store in Nigeria, I got the power bank within the frame of 4 working days.

In this article, you will get a full review of the Oraimo pilot 20000mAh power bank. At the end of this article, you would be able to make a better decision for yourself before purchasing the power bank.

What is Oraimo

Oraimo is a brand that was established in May 2013 by a group of people who felt like doing something to change the world. Oraimo has gained the trust of so many African countries including Nigeria.

Some of Oraimo’s products include Oraimo ear pods, phone chargers, USB cords, power hub AC outlets, cell batteries, and also a smartwatch.

Oraimo pilot 20000mAh power bank key features

  • Power bank capacity: 20000mAh battery size (74W).
  • Battery cell type: Lithium battery type.
  • Dimension: 15778.522mm.
  • USB output 1: DC 5.0V 2.1A maximum.
  • USB output 2: DC 5.0V 2.1A maximum.
  • Input 1: USB Type C (DC 5.0V 2A).
  • Input 2: USB Type B (DC 5.0V 2A).

What is inside the box

  • A USB type B cord.
  • Oraimo pilot 20000mAh power bank.
  • A manual.

Oraimo pilot 20000mAh power bank specification and review


The Oraimo pilot 20000mAh power bank looks rigid in the hand. At the top side starting from the left is its output 2.1A USB port followed by the USB type C 2.1A input area, next is the type B USB input area then finally the second 2.1A USB output port.

pilot 20000mah review

The pilot power bank has some stripes on some sides of the body making it easily grip-able. According to Oraimo the stripes which are also known as the laser texture reduces acid corrosion caused by sweat.
We don’t know how true this is but it sounds interesting.


Supported device

The pilot 20000mAh power bank support devices like iPod, android smartphones, apple smartphones, POS machines, and other mini chargeable devices like Mifi and smartwatch.


As I said above, the Oraimo pilot 20000mAh power bank has two input and two output methods this means you can charge two devices simultaneously but I wouldn’t suggest you try two inputs at a time, it could damage the power bank.

You are either to use the type B USB port or the Type C USB port for charging. The good part about this is that both type B and C have the same ampere, so there’s no room for argument whether the type C USB port would charge faster than that of type B. The two output ports have the same ampere which is 2.1A and both support a fast charge.

20000mah power bank review

The good part about the Oraimo pilot is that it comes with an auto-switch feature that changes charging mode once it recognizes a low-power device. This is a sure measure of avoiding damages to the device.

Everything on JUMIA

If you look from another perspective it also means if your smartphone does not come with a fast charge feature don’t expect a fast charge and also if you are using a USB cord that is not of high quality you won’t get a fast charge.


The pilot 20000mAh power bank comes with a huge 20000mAh lithium battery that can be used to charge your smartphone as many times as possible.
According to Oraimo, the pilot 20000mAh power bank could charge most phones 4 times.

It could also charge the I phone 12 up to 4.6 times, I phone 12 mini up to 5.8 times, and Samsung galaxy s21 up to 3.25 times.
Let’s do a quick maths here.

oraimo power bank

iPhone 12 comes with a 2775mAh battery, multiplied by 4.6 = 12765mAh.
iPhone 12 Mini comes with a 2227mAh battery, multiplied by 5.8 = 12917mAh.
Galaxy S21 comes with a 4000mAh battery multiplied by 3.25 = 13000mAh.

oraimo power bank 20000mah review

If you take a closer look at the stats here you would notice approximately 7000mAh will be lost here. This happens to all power banks, this is because when charging (Heat is being created) and energy are being lost in that process. This is unavoidable.

So don’t calculate based on the size of your battery to the size of the power bank. If you have a smartphone with a 5000mAh battery size and you are expecting the pilot 20000mAh power bank to power your smartphone 4 times since it has a battery size of 20000mAh, just know that it is impossible.

The Pilot 20000mAh power bank charges my Nokia smartphone of 4000mAh battery size up to 3 times.

Oraimo pilot 20000mAh power bank full specification


Built with strong plastic material.


Digital N/A.
Led light battery gauge.



Supported devices

USB chargeable devices.


2 USB output ports of up to 2.1A (DC 5.0V) fast charge.
Type C input USB port for charging (DC 5.0V 2A).
Type B input USB port for charging (DC 5.0V 2A).






Output over-voltage protection.
Temperature resistance.
Input over-voltage protection.
Short circuit protection.
Output over-current protection.
Overcharge and over-discharge protection.


Lithium 20000mAh battery.

What I love about the Oraimo pilot 20,000mAh power bank

Fast charging: There are a lot of debates online about if the pilot 20000mAh power bank supports a fast charge. The pilot 20000mAh power bank fully supports a fast charge of 2.1A on both USB ports, but you won’t notice this if your device does not support a fast charge feature.

oraimo pilot power bank 20000mah review

This is because your device needs to support a fast charge to enable the Oraimo pilot to charge it fast. Also, the Oraimo pilot 20000mAh power bank automatically adjusts the output flow of current if it detects your device supports a lower charge speed.

Rigidity: Obviously the Oraimo pilot power bank is strong and it also has a laser texture surface which allows easy grip.

pilot bank 20000mah review

Protection: The Oraimo pilot power bank supports multi-protection methods like output over-voltage protection, temperature resistance, input over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, output over current protection, overcharge, and over-discharge protection. This is meant to safeguard your power bank and your device.

This means you shouldn’t be bothered about your pilot power bank or device getting damaged if you charge overnight. But anyway I wouldn’t advise you to charge that way always.

Cons of the Oraimo pilot 20,000mAh power bank

No digital battery state: The Oraimo pilot power bank doesn’t come with a digital battery state display, instead it comes with a led light battery gauge. This could be difficult in determining the percentage of the battery because the led light doesn’t tell the battery percentage remaining but rather it gives a clue or an estimate of the battery state.

No charger: As stated above, the pilot 20000mAh power bank doesn’t come with a charger but rather a type B USB cord for charging it. This would be a lot of problems if you have a charger lesser than 2.0A because it might take forever to charge from 1% to 100%.

Also, the use of a computer to charge the Oraimo pilot 20000mAh power bank will give you a headache, because it would also take forever to get to 100%. This is because the USB port in a computer is not built for charging devices, and as such the power passing through the USB ports won’t be sufficient to charge a huge device with a 20000mAh battery size.

Price and where to get the Oraimo pilot 20000mAh power bank

You can get the Oraimo pilot power bank on Jumia or in Oraimo’s official store. The prices are as seen below.

Oraimo store #8,800
Jumia #9,440


The Oriamo pilot 20000mah power bank was built for those who want more. The power bank could charge my Nokia smartphone with a 4000mah battery size up to 3 times.

Although there are other larger power banks from the Oraimo brand, the 20000mah pilot power bank is pocket friendly, unlike the others that are a little bit expensive.

If you are in search of a power bank that will charge your smartphone with a battery size of 3000mah or below up to 4 times the Oriamo pilot 20000mah would be a good choice. Based on my observation the Oriamo pilot 20000mah power back is reliable.

But I won’t recommend you to get the pilot 20000mah power bank if you intend to charge a device with a 4,000mah battery up to 4 or 5 times. I will rather advise you to go for the Oraimo traveler 3 byte because it comes with a 27000mah battery size.

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