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How To Partition Your Hard Disk Or SSD Storage On Windows

Disk partitioning

Ever wondered if you could run two different windows on your computer? Well, we will be looking at how to partition your hard drive, SSD, and other storage in your computer.

But before we proceed we would want to know what is disk partitioning and partition table. People tend to mix these two up and It is very important to understand the two.

What is disk partitioning?

Disk partitioning simply means dividing your disk storage into different units, it is also described as disk slicing. If you have 500GB storage you could split the storage into different sections, let’s say two, three, four, or five as the case may be.

If you partition a 500GB disk storage into two, we will have two 250GB storage. In this case, you can use the first 250GB of storage for your operating system (OS) installation, this will be where all your windows files and installed application will be.

You can also use the remaining 250GB space for another operating system (OS) or use it as reserved storage in case something goes wrong and you want to back up your files.

While on the other hand partition table is a table on your disk that outlines the partition on your disk. There are two known types of partition tables, they are the GUID partition table (GPT) and the master boot record (MBR). We will talk more about the partitioning table in our next article.

How do I partition my disk storage?

The best way to partition your disk is to format your computer or get a fresh disk. If you have important files on your computer you might consider backing up your files before proceeding.

The first thing to do is to back up your files. If you already have files on your disk, but if you have a fresh computer and you want to partition your disk you can skip this part

Secondly, you need to get a bootable CD or a pen drive with windows operating system images and files on it. Switch off your computer, insert your CD or pen drive then boot from CD or pen drive, accept windows terms and conditions.


Choose the windows package you want to install. When you get to a place where you will be asked “which type of installation do you want”. Click on the next option which is the custom option (install windows only (advance)). After clicking on it you should be able to see two to three partitions already created by your computer.

partition your hard drive
install windows only

Some of these partitions are for drivers or reserved for recovery. You can either delete them if you feel you don’t need them or create a new one. For you to create a new one, check outside the box of the partition by your right you should be able to see new. Click on the new, input the size of the partition you want to create.

Remember the sizes are calculated in MB. So if you want to input 1GB you should use this figure 1000MB or 1024MB which is equivalent to 1GB. After you must have done that click on apply, you should be able to see the new partition space now. Do this as much as you want if you are creating more than one partition.

partition your hard drive
size is calculated in MB

When you are done you have to select one of the partitions for windows installation. Move your mouse to the partition space you want to make use of, click on it. Remember you need enough storage for windows files and also applications. Click on the “next” button at the right bottom of the windows.

Everything on JUMIA
partition your hard drive

After installing windows you will see your new partition folder, but you won’t be able to use the disk until you format it. Do well to format and if possible rename it before use.

How to delete and format disk partitions

If for any reason you don’t need the partition space anymore, insert a pen-drive or boot-able CD. Go back to “where do you want to install windows” select the partition space, and click on delete.

partition your hard drive
deleting partition

If you want to format your disk partition head over to my PC, right-click on it, select the manage button. Next you open disk management select the partition right click and click on format.

Or click on this PC locate the storage space right-click on it and click on the format button

formatting partition
Formatting partition

What is the benefit of disk partitioning

The benefit of using disk partitioning is as follow:

  • Space management: Disk partitioning gives room for space management you could divide a 500GB storage into two places or more and use one for windows files and the other for your files.
  • It reduces the stress of moving files when formatting: If you have 500GB storage and you use 250GB storage for your file, it will be easier for you to format your computer without tampering or moving your files which are saved in the other partition space.
  • It allows you to run a different version of the operating system on one computer: If you have multiple partition spaces you will be able to install different windows versions on your computer. You can also install MAC and Windows OS on your computer.

What are the disadvantages of disk partitioning

Well, there are not many disadvantages of disk partitioning apart from you won’t be able to fully utilize your storage. Especially when it comes to the installation of applications and windows 0S.

If you have 500GB storage and you partitioned it into two which is 250GB. A single OS will go for each partition. This means 250GB for one OS and the other for another purpose. Let us say Windows OS will take 20GB from the 250GB, you will be left with 230GB for installations of applications.

You cannot install the windows application in the other partition because that’s not where the Windows OS is installed. So if you have a lot of heavy apps you might find it hard to manage 230GB. An upgrade of storage will be a good one.


Disk partitioning creates room for better space management. You can split storage into different segments and also name the storage differently. I created a different storage space for my dell drivers in case I will need to format my computer.

partition your hard drive
one of my partition

I don’t need to go to the Dell website or any other website to get my drivers as it is already saved on my disk.

Anytime I notice any funny behavior on my computer I don’t worry about downloading or looking for the specified driver for my dell computer, I just go ahead and wipe the storage partition which is allocated for my windows.

I am not worried about my document on my laptop which I use for 9ja Tide, because I don’t have important stuff on it, it is just for blogging.

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