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Is TrueHost Another Bad Hosting Company

truehost review

Your host could give an insight into where your blog or business would be in the nearest future. Today we will be reviewing TrueHost, one of the cheapest hosting companies in the world, and also we will look at how good their service is.

Mind you this is not a sponsored post but I am only reviewing based on my experience because I am hosting some of my content on True Host. I also have some clients who I have also hosted on Truehost.

What is truehost

TrueHost is a hosting company that allows business owners and bloggers to host their website content remotely or online with them. TrueHost supports email hosting, web hosting, domain purchasing, True Host has up to five domains that they operate on, they include.

A brief history about truehost

Before TrueHost started hosting they were known for building and developing websites for their client. They decided to create their own hosting platform when they discovered that their clients were not happy with the hosting service in which they hosted their content.

Most of the complaints laid by their client include.

1. They are not satisfied with the pricing level.

2. They weren’t satisfied with the level of service the hosting platform provided.

3. The support team was poor.

Due to these unending complaints, True Host decided to come up with its hosting platform. 


The concept of TrueHost is mainly to create a reliable hosting platform of up to 99% uptime, 24/7 service, and also, a friendly pocket-size pricing list.

Today they operate with different countries like Nigeria, Europe, South Africa, China, the United State of America, India. 

What is truehost uptime like

When purchasing a hosting plan from any company, it is always advisable to know their uptime. This requires you to know how stable their server is. When you experience too much downtime, it could kick you off business. 

No hosting provider will guarantee you a 100% uptime because some issues might come up. Most hosting companies are bent to use the keyword “99% uptime” leaving the remaining 1% aside, this is because things might come up along the line which may be difficult to escape or do e.g. ( server upgrade, technical issues) 

Everything on JUMIA

In the case of TrueHost, their uptime is above average and fair enough. You might experience downtime for a couple of minutes, and your website is up again. The good part is that it doesn’t occur regularly and it gets fixed in a couple of minutes.

I have used a well-known hosting company that charges high, but still, I experience downtime sometimes. It is just inevitable it will happen one time or the other. 

How fast is truehost 

Some research has proven that a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load will lose viable visitors and also will experience a fall in traffic.

Most of the hosting plans I have bought through them are shared hosting. Although TrueHost has a range of hosting plans which include. VPS hosting, shared hosting, and more. 

Prices vary depending on the service you need. The VPS hosting uses an SSD system which is faster compared to that of shared hosting.

compressing your files in your database could also increase speed, I usually get a 99% speed on GT metrics, if I disable my ads networks and around 92- 80 when I turn on my ads network.

We will talk about speed in my next article.

Update: check out how I drastically improved my website speed.

How responsive is truehost representatives

Most bloggers are not the coding type, they have less knowledge of some errors and also lack simple language skills. Some bloggers are used to just installing (CMS) content management systems like WordPress, installing a theme, and starting blogging.

You might run into an error that requires a professional or a programmer to look into it. If you find it hard to get In touch with your hosting provider, this could be a red light. TrueHost customer care teams are amazing, with the easy chat plugin, you could get things done through them with ease. They give feedback in less than a minute.

turehost review

Which features do truehost come with

With the fast-rising of (CMS) content management systems and other building applications. It is wise to host with a hosting company that comes with one-click installation with also support for other features.

TrueHost comes with the one-click installation of WordPress and other website builders. This means, with a single tap you have your WordPress running smoothly. Features like OLITT builder, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento are also available. It also comes with free lifetime SSL and C-panel full support.

What you will gain if you host with truehost

Here are things you stand to gain if you host or buy a domain on True host.

Free host plan: For every domain you buy, you get a free one-month hosting plan this include:

· 1GB Disk Space free host plan

·  30 Day Trial Period

· Unlimited Bandwidth Transfer

· 1 Email Accounts

· 1 FTP Accounts

· 1 Database

· Your own Cpanel

· Free Script Installer – softaculous apps

· All CMS – Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento

· Latest PHP, Perl, MySQL, Postgre Database

· 24/07 Support

· Free Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate

· Free Website Builder

Some truehost hosting plans

Here are some hosting plans and prices in TrueHost under the Nigerian domain.

truehost hosting plans
truehost hosting plans

Is truehost reliable

Like I said earlier, your host could give you an insight into where your blog or business would be in the nearest future. For you to be able to know what hosting company will be suitable for you. You need to look at two things which are the cost and how effective the hosting company is.

Below are some positive comments on Facebook.

Also, check out some reviews on Whtop

I have been using TrueHost for more than a year now. I started my first blog with just 2,500 Nigerian naira domain registration and a free host plan. My clients also make use of it too, I can boldly say that they are reliable.

9jatide payment on truehost domain payment on TrueHost

How to buy a domain and host plan on truehost

You can purchase a domain or host plan from TrueHost here.

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