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Easy Ways To Transfer Contacts To New Phones

moving contacts to phone

Contacts are essential but sometimes things might go wrong. You might lose your smartphone, your phone develops a hardware or software issue, and boom, just like that all your contacts cant be accessed. In today’s topic, we will be showing you easy ways to transfer contacts to new phones or old ones.

It is no news that if you are using an Android smartphone, you are entitled to get some gigabyte cloud storage. This storage space can be used to save your pictures, videos, documents, contacts, and files. The storage can be increased by subscribing to a higher package. If you are using an android phone running on the 5.0 version upward you will notice your contact is automatically backup to google cloud storage when you register or input your play store information.

In some cases, people get confused after losing their smartphone or migrating to another OS. The question arises, how can I get all my contacts back? We all know if you have, let’s say 600 contacts it will be a full-time job to save all contacts one by one. Regardless of your mobile phone manufacture and OS type. Here are some easy ways to get back to all your phone contact.

How to retrieve your contacts from google

This is the easiest, you can do this manually or automatically.

The manual method:

In this manual method, you need to log in to google contacts (you can do this using your computer or any smartphone). Input your email and password, after you must have input your email and password it will log in to your contact list.

Click on export contacts, you can find export contacts at the left side of the screen, after clicking on (export). You will be left with some options for selecting the contacts which you want to export. You can also select all or manually select the ones you want to retrieve.

google contact
google contacts

Choose the method of export. We have the google CSV (for google smartphone) outlook CSV (for windows), and also the v card (for iOS contacts and mini mobile phones). Click on the preferred choice, and click on the export, then wait for it to export completely. When exporting process is completed, you should be able to see contacts.csv in your download folder or the chosen location.

copying google contacts to storage
google contact

Copy the contacts file to your new android smartphone and save it on the root of your phone’s storage. If you have successfully done that go to your androids contact check for import under settings. Click on import, locate where you saved the contact file, click on it. You should be able to see all your contacts gushing in at this moment.

The automatic method: 

For you to recover all your contacts automatically you must have an existing Google account. Also, you must be using an android phone of version 5.0 upwards. Move over to google play store fill in your existing Google account information. After successfully login, go to your contacts you should be able to see your contacts now.


How to import your contacts to windows people 

To import your contacts to windows (people) you must have a Microsoft account if you don’t have one register. Once you have logged in or registered your account to Microsoft, open “people” if you don’t know where “people” is, use the search bar at the left-down side of windows 10. Search for “people” and launch the software, you will be asked to choose your account click on your existing account, or add one.

importing contacts to window people

After you must have done so, you will see import below your account details, click on it. A new window will appear for you to choose where to import from. Click any of the import methods and fill in your information for that account. Don’t forget to give access to windows for it to get contacts from that account.

How to import your contacts to windows outlook

Another method is by getting the contacts manually. This is done by downloading the contacts from google contact or any cloud storage. File must be in (VCF) format, after downloading from google contacts to your windows, locate the file in the directory you saved it. Double click on the contacts.VCF, a new window will pop up welcoming you to outlook click on next. Again, a new window will pop up with two options:

1. Is to add your outlook account in other to save the contact.

Everything on JUMIA

2. Is to save without adding your outlook account information.

Either way, you choose your contacts will be saved. But contacts saved under your outlook account will synchronize automatically.

inporting contacts to window outlook

How to import and export contacts on mini mobile phones

How to import

For you to import a contact to mini mobile phones like the itel2173 and other mini mobile phones. You must have an existing (contact. VCF). This can be done by exporting (contact. VCF) from google contacts or by exporting contacts from a mini mobile phone like that of itel2173 and also from other contacts like outlook, I cloud, emails, ETC. After exporting the copy file to the mini mobile phone root in the memory card.

Open your contacts on your mini mobile phone, click on settings, locate “import/export contacts” click on import, it will automatically take you to the memory card storage to find where you saved the contact.VCF. Click on the “contact. VCF” and click okay to import. Contacts will start migrating to your mobile phone.

importing contacts to mini phones

NOTE: mini mobile phones like itel2173 and their counterparts have a low storage system, it has a contact limit rate. This means if it is to accommodate only 200 contacts and you are trying to import 500 contacts to it, it will eliminate the remaining 300 contacts due to storage space standards.

How to export

exporting contacts from mini phones like the itel2173 and its counterparts is quite easy as not many tasks to perform. To export contacts from mini phones, click on contact, move over to import/export click on export and, mark all contacts or mark preferred contact click on export. Once the contact has been exported, you will see it in your memory card inside a folder called the v card. If you have given a location for it then navigate to that place.

exporting contacts on mini phones

How to move contacts from mini mobile phones to your google contacts

You can move contacts back and forth from your cloud storage to your mini mobile phone. In this case, you still have to go back to contacts in your mini mobile phone. Click on options locate import and export, click on export, select the folder on your SD card that you would like to push the contact.VCF.

After that click export, now we have exported the contacts to the phone’s storage or memory card. The next thing to do is to log in to your google contact, check at the left side of the screen, click on import now locate the (contact. VCF) file and click on it. Wait for the file to be imported, after completion, you will notice your contacts on your mini mobile phone have been added to google contacts.

Note: For those using Blue stacks just fill in your play store information and all your contacts will be migrated to your blue stacks.

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