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Why You Should Upgrade To Bluestacks 5 And Why You Shouldn’t

bluestacks 5

Some time ago we discussed about Bluestacks 4, today we will be looking at Bluestacks 4 successors Bluestacks 5. We are going to look at its pro and cons, why you should install, and why you shouldn’t. Also ways on how to improve it.

What is Bluestacks

For those who are new to Bluestacks and other pc android emulators. Bluestacks is an android emulator which was developed for the sole purpose of running android applications and games on computers. If you still don’t understand what I mean check my previous review about Bluestacks 4.

Bluestacks 5 requirement

  • 5GB of free disk space
  • An AMD or Intel processor
  • Windows 7 version upwards
  • At least 2GB of RAM

Bluestacks 5 total size

Bluestacks 4 was around 700+MB. But this time around Bluestacks decided to adjust some pieces of stuff to make Bluestacks 5 consume lower space. At first, when downloading Bluestacks 5 it took me about 394MB while the next download took about 70+MB, in total not exceeding 500MB. Bluestacks 5 would need about 5Gb space or more to work properly depending on the android applications and programs you intend to run with it.

Bluestacks 5 size
Bluestacks 5 size

What processor is best for Bluestacks 5

According to Bluestacks they didn’t mention which processor is suitable to run Bluestacks 5. Although processors play a crucial role to run Bluestacks properly. This means a higher processor a better experience.

Note: Not just processors, don’t forget a good PC and also good ram all goes hand to hand.

Which version of windows is suitable for bluestacks 5?

Bluestacks made mention of the versions of windows that are capable of running Bluestacks 5 this includes windows 7 windows 8 and windows 10 upwards. Any versions below this are not likely to run Bluestacks 5 due to compatibility issues.

How much RAM you need to run bluestacks 5

According to Bluestacks the least is 2GB RAM and the minimum is 4GB RAM. More RAM space more speed, Bluestacks 5 needs enough ram to work well. Bluestacks 5 is much better than Bluestacks 4 when it comes to RAM management because it doesn’t have many sub-applications running in the background like the Bluestacks 4.

If you followed up my previous review about Bluestacks 4 you will notice I compared the difference in performance between a 4GB ram and a 6GB ram system with the same configuration. I performed this test by adding 2GB ram to my existing 4GB ram on my computer and it performed better than when I was using a 4GB ram. This means the larger the ram the better Bluestacks 4 and 5 will run. But in this case my 2GB ram computer performed better with Bluestacks 5 than Bluestacks 4. If you want to run some good games with it you will need to upgrade your RAM. Also, Bluestacks 5 have a set space for you to allocate a specific amount of ram for it to run well. we will look at that later in this article.

Want to expand your RAM using a pendrive? check here


What benefits do bluestacks 5 have over bluestacks 4

Bluestacks 4 vs Bluestacks 5
Bluestacks 4 vs Bluestacks 5

Less RAM Usage

Like I said earlier Bluestacks 5 runs better on my 2GB RAM computer than Bluestacks 4. This shows how good it is when it comes to RAM management. According to Bluestacks, Bluestacks 5 Uses up to 50% less RAM than other platforms for a faster and smoother gaming experience. Also, the data was recorded by running 3 simultaneous instances each of BlueStacks 4 and BlueStacks 5.

Bluestacks 5 RAM usage
bluestacks 5 RAM usage in background (on my 6gb ram computer)

Faster boot

For those who used Bluestacks 4, you would notice Bluestacks 4 do sometimes take forever to boot, although booting speed moves alongside how good your PC configuration is. This means a better configuration a faster boot. It usually takes up to 40 seconds at most, for my Bluestacks 4 to load up on my computer (core i5 dual-core 1.8ghz processor 3rd generation 6GB ram 1.7GB graphic space). According to some reviewers like the one, I saw on GameHigh said it took twelve (12) seconds to start up which is amazing.

But in my case after installing Bluestacks 5 on my computer it takes up to 30 seconds to boot up for the first time. It takes a little longer after booting your computer but takes less time when you restart the software. According to Bluestacks, Bluestacks 5 comes with a 50% faster setup than that of Bluestacks 4, so you get little time to wait.

Better Performance

After installing Bluestacks 5 I was able to do more with my pc. I couldn’t run android games on my computer with Bluestacks 4 because it gets hot like hell and sometimes the application won’t startup. So I was stocked with WhatsApp and Facebook because that is what it can handle well. Also, keeping lots of tabs on my chrome and opera mini increases CPU usage so I don’t keep many tabs. I tried installing playing games on the play store. Finally, I downloaded (west gunfighters) on my pc and it ran very well without any glitches. I saw some Bluestacks games which were tested on MightyGadget they also performed well.

Everything on JUMIA
westgunfigters on my bluestacks 5
Flawlessly running westgunfigters on my bluestacks 5

Multitasking and eco mode

I am yet to use this feature. According to Bluestacks You can now play multiple games simultaneously. Enabling Eco Mode will reduce CPU usage by 87% and GPU usage by 97%.


From what I have seen and experienced so far, Bluestacks 5 is more stable than the previous version (Bluestacks 4).

How to make use of bluestacks 5 effectively

Most people know how to install bluestacks 5 but don’t know how to make use of it effectively.

Enabling virtualization/SVM in BIOS

This can improve the state of the Bluestacks 5. This is required on almost all emulators as it is needed for them to run well. Due to the difference in brands and different bios configurations, I wouldn’t want to post pictures as they might look different from the ones you have on your computer. But you can easily do this by starting up your system switch to bios by clicking the (ESC, f12, f2, or moving the arrow buttons) that’s for Toshiba’s computers. If you’ve successfully accessed the bios look for virtualization and activate it.

Setting up bluestacks 5

The Bluestacks 5 comes with a default setting. These settings are already there after installation, but tweaking this setting might have a great impact on your computer either positively or negatively. There are six settings in Bluestacks 5 (performance, display, graphics, preference, device settings, and advance).

Performance: If you click on performance, you will see some options like CPU allocation, memory allocation fps, and all that. From the picture below you will see how I set mine. Now, different computer, different configuration mine may not be effective for you use my set up format. But it works well for me it depends on your configuration. If you have more cores, you can use more than two cores, you can also change the memory allocation. I am using a 6Gb ram PC and I allocate 2GB for my Bluestacks 5 when I tried lowing the RAM to 1Gb I noticed a little bit of delay in response, but the 2GB ram allocation works well for me. I don’t find my self-playing game with my Bluestacks any time soon so I leave the rest settings the way it is. You can try changing settings too.

bluestacks 5 performance setting
Bluestacks 5 performance settings

Display: when you head over to display you will see resolution and pixel density. using the last options in each of the display settings (resolution and pixel density) will create a better, wider, and clearer view. If you noticed your Bluestacks 5 is becoming slow try to change this display setting back to the previous state. For those using a lesser allocated ram don’t bother about this setting as this might slow your Bluestacks 5.

Bluestacks 5 display settings
My Bluestacks 5 display settings

Graphics settings: I left my graphics settings on default in my Bluestacks 5, and it works fine for me.

Preference, device settings, and advance: I left those settings that way because I don’t find anything necessary to set up there.

What I like about Bluestacks 5

I believe that after going through this article you should by now know what I like or love about Bluestacks 5

  1. Easy and faster multitasking: Multitasking is now easy and fast unlike Bluestacks 4 that sometimes hangs when multitasking.
  2. Faster boot: As I said earlier I usually wait up to 40 seconds for my Bluestacks 4 to load up but now it doesn’t take up to that amount of time.
  3. Lesser ram usage: Bluestacks 4 usually use most of my RAM space I couldn’t run chrome and Bluestacks 4 at the same time with a 4GB ram pc but Bluestakes 5 takes lesser space to run well
  4. Kills easily: I don’t know if anybody noticed, Bluestacks 4 usually takes like 5 seconds to exit the application, but in Bluestacks 5 it’s one click away.
  5. Clean UI: Unlike Bluestacks 4 there are always top minimized and processing bars at the top of the app even when you are on the home screen. But in the case of Bluestacks 5, I don’t get to see all those except in browsers.
  6. Easy navigation: in the case of Bluestacks 5 there are two navigation buttons on the top and by the side. It’s up to you to make choices when accessing the navigation buttons.

What needs to be improved in bluestacks 5

  1. Difficulty in coping and pasting: This feature isn’t available in 4 and 5 but I would love to see this in the next update. A friend sent me FIFA 2021 game, I tried to copy the OBB and other files to their location I couldn’t do that on my Bluestacks 5. There might be other means to do this, like locating files on windows, I am not sure but, adding this feature to the stock file manager Is one sure thing that needs to be done.
  2. No themes: seriously I couldn’t believe it. This was available on Bluestacks 4 and was lovely we could make display changes and all that without installing a launcher but they removed it on Bluestacks 5. Now we are stocked with the dark theme.

Bluestack 4 vs bluestacks 5 which is best?

As we all know Bluestacks 5 is the successor of Bluestacks 4. From my review and other reviews, I saw online I can confidently tell you that Bluestacks 4 is nowhere close to Bluestacks 5.

Where to download bluestacks 5

You can download Bluestacks 5 from their official website.

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