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How To Use Octopus To Play Any Game On Android Smartphones

use octopus on android

If you love android Games like me then you are in the right place. Today we will be looking at how to connect wireless gamepads to android using Bluetooth on the octopus game app, and also how to connect gamepads to android using the OTG method.

If you love android games like me, you will notice that gaming on the android phone has evolved. We now have android games with gamepad support like the modern combat 5, Dead effect 2, dead trigger 2, and so on.

But sadly, some interesting game comes with no gamepad support. But there’s good news, yes good news. I will be showing you how to make those games you love to play work with a gamepad. If you are the techy type, you might have heard about game mapping and all that.

I remember some years back when android was still a baby, I tried to connect my gamepad using an android application I had to root my smartphone for me to do that. But today you don’t need to root your smartphone anymore, people no longer talk about rooting android smartphones like before.

How do I know if my android smartphone supports gamepads?

There are two known methods on how to connect gamepads to android smartphones and that is.

  1. Using the on-the-go (OTG) method
  2. Connecting using the Bluetooth method
use octopus on android

Using the on-the-go (OTG) method

The truth is that not all smartphones support OTG as some are been blocked by OEM or are been disabled in the ROM. To confirm if your phone support OTG download the OTG checker, and run a check to confirm. In some cases, the OTG checker app might be wrong.

In this case, You can also buy a good OTG, connect your gamepad, try to on the analogue light or try moving the analogue or D-pad. If you notice any movement on your phone then your smartphone support OTG.

use octopus on android
My phone connected to my gamepad using the OTG method

Connecting using the Bluetooth method

Most Android smartphone comes with Bluetooth enabled on them. Head over to settings, and enable your Bluetooth and visibility. If you are in Nigeria, I recommend this gamepad because that’s what I am using and it works fine for me. 

Make sure your gamepad supports Bluetooth and is also not programmed to a particular Bluetooth address like the ps3,4,5 or PC gamepad with receivers. If you want to use any of those, you need an app for it to work. But in the case of receivers, just plug it into your smartphone using OTG. You should be able to pair your gamepad now.


use octopus on android
My phone is connected to a Bluetooth gamepad

What you need to be able to play games on your android using gamepads

  1. You need an app called octopus
  2. A gamepad (wireless or wired) You will need a Bluetooth enabled device or an OTG cable, or receiver if your gamepad is wired.

What is octopus and why do I need it?

What is octopus: Octopus is an application used for gaming; it supports key mapping that is used to replace button keys on android games. Octopus uses an overlay option to be able to place button keys on your android game.

You need an octopus application to be able to pair external gamepads, a mouse, and keyboards to your android smartphone.

What are the steps to connect the octopus android app to your gamepad?

If you have downloaded the octopus android app from the play store launch the app, add a game you want to play and configure it. Connect your gamepad, you should see a notification on the octopus android app after connecting your gamepad.

Now launch the game through the octopus android app, after you must have done that, start the game.

Everything on JUMIA

You should see a blue-looking head with eyes wide open (like an owl) at the top of your screen, click on it, click on the plus icon, and you will notice a tray of button options. Now you have to decide what button fits the game you want to play.

For example, you will need the sweep button if you what to play games that need sweeping like the subway surf, angry birds, and so on.

I will be using a car racing game I downloaded as an illustration. After I finished downloading the octopus android app. I launched the car racing game through the application, then I waited for the game to start up, after that, I started the gamepad configuration.

After that, I clicked on the big eye blue-looking creature at the top of the screen which is the octopus android app icon, which brought out some options. I clicked on the plus icon located after the gamepad logo, which brought out a tray of button options.

use octopus on android
List of button options from octopus

Now my game, which is a racing game requires just clickable buttons, so I used mostly the (A keys), which are for a single click. I then clicked on the button on the A button on the screen, after that, I clicked on the button on my gamepad, the same way I did on the Ppsspp emulator.

This is to assign the button, then I dragged it to the location I want it to stay on. Remember you just don’t drag and drop. Make sure you drag and drop on the area or button location assigned for that particular game on the screen.

After you must have assigned all buttons, click on the good icon, then start the game over.

use octopus on android
Game successively mapped and ready to play

If you are playing games for example (FPS) first-person shooter games like MC, Call of the duty, and so on. You will need the analogue buttons as those games require analogue buttons for a look around and movement. All saved game settings will be saved, you don’t need to bother about resetting the game on every launch.

Where to download octopus

You can download octopus from the play store

Also, check how to play games on computers using a gamepad on games that don’t support it.

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4 thoughts on “How To Use Octopus To Play Any Game On Android Smartphones

  1. Hi! I need your help regarding my infinix hot 10s phone can’t be connected with gamepad mocute 058. Already downloaded Octupos App, and when I’ll pair them- could not pair because of wrong pass key.. what should I do. Pls help me..thank you so much.

    1. hi Dkoy i havent use mocute game pad before but try reseting the game pad, i once used an s3 wireless gamepad it wont pair if you have paired with another device before. all i need to do was to reset it before pairing again.

  2. Мне это приложение не зашло, хотел поиграть в кроссаут мобайл на клавиатуре, но со входом в гугл оно мне такие канди бобели закатило, в итоге я не смог поиграть.

    “This application did not work for me, I wanted to play crossout mobile on the keyboard, but with the entrance to Google it gave me such candy bobels, in the end I could not play”.

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