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Modio Smartwatch Mwo2 Review

modio smartwatch mwo2

Some days ago, I discussed about the cheapest smartwatch in the world the m4 smartwatch. But due to its small screen and capability functions, most people were discouraged to go for it. But today we will be discussing the Modio mwo2 smartwatch. The Modio mwo2 smartwatch was introduced to the market some years ago, it has been widely used by various people around the world I recently got one from a store in Nigeria.

Modio Mwo2 key features

Display 1.56” TFT LCD touch screen 240*240 pixels

Camera 2.0 megapixel camera

Connectivity GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz single micro sim

Anti-loss technology

Pedometer, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder


Bluetooth 3.0 and message reminder

Modio Mwo2 specification


The Modio Mwo2 smartwatch comes with a 1.56-inch TFT touch screen with a 240 * 240 screen resolution. The Mwo2 smartwatch looks good on the hand and is also bigger than the M4 smartwatch. Modio mwo2 also Allows you to click on texts easily with just a single touch.


modio smartwatch mwo2
Modio smartwatch mwo2 240 * 240 screen display


Modio Mwo2 smartwatch is built with a metallic material on the front side but on the backside with a very light plastic cover for the battery. On the top side is its mouthpiece and also a 2.0-megapixel camera, while below the screen is the power button which also works as the home button. On the back-right side is its speaker which is used to play music and also used for calls. The Modio Mwo2 has different colors of the bracelet, the one I bought is black while the one on the display park is white, it is built with leather material.


Modio Mwo2 comes with a 2.0-megapixel camera which can be used for video recording and also taking pictures. The 2.0-megapixel camera looks a little bit dull, but images that are captured close look a little bit good. The Modio mwo2 smartwatch also comes with a remote camera that can be connected using the Bluetooth feature, this can be done by connecting your smartphone with the smartwatch using Bluetooth. Pictures snapped with your smartphone will automatically show on your smartwatch. This is another good feature as it enables you to use a better camera for taking pictures.

modio smartwatch mwo2
Modio smartwatch mwo2 2.0 megapixel camera

Hardware and software

The Modio Mwo2 comes with an MTK6260A processor, sim card slot space, and external TF card space up to 32GB. When it comes to software, the Modio Mwo2 comes with an audio app preinstalled, sound recorder, calculator, image viewer, sedimentary reminder app, camera, remote notifier, file manager, remote capturing app, anti-lost app, sleep monitor, pedometer app, quick response app, browser (not fully installed), Twitter (not fully installed), Facebook (not fully installed), WhatsApp (not fully installed).

I am still finding it hard to install those apps listed above that are not fully installed, I don’t know if it’s my network or something, but I noticed there is no space to fill in settings for internet connectivity, it is always displaying Empty. If you’ve successfully fixed your internet settings in your Modio Mwo2 smartwatch you can drop the process you used in the comment section.

Everything on JUMIA


The Modio Mwo2 support a sim card GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz single micro sim support and also a 3.0 Bluetooth feature installed in it. The Modio Mwo2 comes with a micro USB port that can be used for charging also, for data transfer.


Modio Mwo2 comes with a 380mah battery. The battery is very light when it comes to weight. I run a few tests on the battery strength it can last 2 days on minimum usage and can also last a day when connected to a smartphone using Bluetooth. The battery of Modio Mwo2 has a talk time of 3 hours. The Modio Mwo2 battery can be charged full within an hour, it is recommended to charge for two hours which is written on the manual.

modio smartwatch mwo2 380 mah battery
modio smartwatch mwo2 380 mah battery

What is inside the box

  • Modio Mwo2 smartwatch
  • A USB cord
  • 380mah battery
  • The Manual
modio smartwatch mwo2
modio smartwatch mwo2/ battery/ manual/ reciept/ usb charger

Full specification of Modio mwo2


1.56-inch TFT LCD screen with 240 * 240 screen resolution


GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz single micro sim support

USB port mini USB

Bluetooth 3.0


MTK 6260A processor

SIM card support

External memory card support up to 32GB

Camera 2,0 megapixel camera


Bluetooth dialer support

Audio app preinstalled

Sound recorder


Image viewer

Sedimentary reminder app


Remote notifier

File manager

Remote capturing app

Anti-lost app

Sleep monitor

Pedometer app

Quick response app

Browser (not fully installed)

Twitter (not fully installed)

Facebook (not fully installed)

WhatsApp (not fully installed)



How do I connect your Modio Mwo2 smartwatch to my android smartphone?


The Modio mwo2 smartwatch connects to an android smartphone using Bluetooth mode. You need to download an application called {United power Bluetooth notifier} you can download this application using the QR code on your Modio mwo2 smartwatch below

modio smartwatch mwo2 barcode
Modio QR code


how do I set the clock and date on the Modio smartwatch?


Once you connect your Modio smartwatch to your smartphone using the {United power Bluetooth notifier} your time and date will automatically set as it synchronizes with your smartphone.


Is the Modio Mwo2 an Android smartwatch?


I wouldn’t want to say the Modio Mwo2 is an android smartwatch, but it supports android smartphones. Bear in mind the Modio Mwo2 smartwatch cant run an android application.

What I Like about the Modio Mwo2 smartwatch

Calls: I can make and receive calls regardless if my phone is with me or not as long as I have a sim card on the Modio smartwatch.

Notifications: I get notified as soon as I get a message on my smartphone or my sim card with a vibrating alert.

Screen size: The 1.56-inch TFT LCD screen is just perfect it’s not too big nor too small which makes it good in the hand.

What I dislike about the Modio Mwo2 smartwatch

Battery Strength: The battery duration is too short for me. It can only last a minimum of two days when not connected to a smartphone, also on minimal usage it hardly lasts a day when connected to a smartphone.

Image issues: I know of friends who got this smartwatch to cheat but not being able to zoom image makes it almost impossible. Though you can trim images to fit their screen size, which will be section by section this is very stressful it takes courage to do so {if you are a chronic cheat}.

Build quality: The Modio Mwo2 is very fragile especially the back-battery cover. If you ain’t very careful it will break easily.

Where to buy the Modio Mwo2

Jumia 5,000 Nigerian Naira

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