How To Test And Enable Computer Gamepad Vibration

pc controller vibration test

Everyone loves to get that vibration feedback when playing a game because it makes you enjoy the gameplay, especially when you are been shot or something suddenly happens when playing. Some games on PC come with vibration support but, some people don’t make use of this Because they don’t know how to set this up, or their gamepad doesn’t have a motor to make this vibration possible.

Today we will be looking at how to enable vibration feedback on pc gamepad, how to check if your pc gamepad supports vibration feedback, and also how to enable vibration feedback in a game.

How to check if my gamepad support vibration feedback

Most gamepad comes with motors responsible for vibration feedback, and some don’t come with one, now the question here is how do I check or know if my gamepad support vibration.

  1. Checking your gamepad manuals: If your gamepad support vibration, it will be written on your gamepad pack or manuals all you have to do is check for it.
  2. Downloading a vibration enabler: If you aren’t sure if your gamepad support vibration or you’ve trashed your gamepad manuals, you can download this software for gamepad vibration here.
  3. Opening your gamepad to check: If you feel methods 1 and 2 are not good enough for you, you can open your gamepad to check.
pc controller vibration test
opened one of my gamepads, it has one motor

How to enable vibration feedback in a game

In this case, you have to get this at the back of your mind that not all games support vibration feedback. Most recent games on computers are now enabling this option. Although, some old games like far cry 3, which was released in 2012, support vibration feedback while Hitman blood money which was released in 2006, doesn’t support vibration feedback.

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For you to enable vibration in your game, head over to settings or options in your game, then check for the control you will see the vibration option. If you don’t see this option it’s most likely your game doesn’t support vibration.

pc controller vibration test
Setting up vibration settings in your game

How to enable vibration on my pc gamepad

For you to enable vibration on your PC, you need a driver. In most cases, you would find a driver already installed on your computer while in some cases, you will find none.
To check if you already have a driver installed on your computer, go to search, search for “game controller” if you get a message like an image below then, you have no drivers for it.

image showing my computer with no gamepad drivers

If you get a message like the one below it means you have a driver, but you also need a complete driver to enable vibration.

pc controller vibration test
image showing a driver installed but no vibration on my second computer

If you fall in those categories above, then you need to download the Speedlink strike gamepad.

How to setup Speedlink strike gamepad

After you must have downloaded the Speedlink strike gamepad, you need to unzip it using an unzipper.
Accept all installation guild, after you must have finished installing this software go to your search and search again for “game controller” this time you will see something like the image below.

pc controller vibration test
image showing Speedlink installed and vibration test

To confirm if your vibration has been set, click on properties, then at the top right click on the effect page, now rotate your left analog stick you should be able to feel the vibration from your gamepad. You can also set the intensity of the vibration.

If your gamepad is still not vibrating

If you still can’t feel any vibration, then there’s three possible cause.

  • You might be using the wrong USB port: Try changing USB ports. If you have more than one USB port on your computer, try plugging your gamepad into the next one, I noticed my dell 3330 two USB port does don’t allow vibration feedback on my gamepad. You need to know that different USB ports different power output and usage. This means if you check properly you will notice a symbol beside your USB port indicating the function of that particular USB port. You might be using the wrong one.
  • Your gamepad has no motor: Like I said earlier on “how to check if my gamepad support vibration feedback” you might want to check the third option which was opening your gamepad to check. If you don’t know how to do this you can give your engineer, you can also google your gamepad brand and model number to confirm.
  • Your gamepad is damaged: If you are still not getting a vibrate, it’s more likely that your pc gamepad is damaged, try changing it.

Read an article I wrote on using the x360ce application to enable vibration in gameplay.

I hope this will work for you, I will also love to hear from you in the comment section.

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