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All You Need To Know About The Bad And Good Side Of Tecno Pop 4

Tecno pop 4

Recently I was in search of a smartphone with at least a 32GB ROM and 2GB RAM I stumbled on the new Tecno pop 4 which was released in July 2020, I decided to get one for a review.

The Pop 4 boasts of a killer 5000mah battery with a 32GB ROM and 2GB RAM, a 6inch screen, and a single camera at the back which is different from other mid-range smartphones released in 2020. We will be looking at the good side and the bad side of Pop 4 and also its features.

Tecno pop 4 key features

  • 5000mah inbuilt battery
  • 32GB ROM and 2GB ram
  • 6.0″ Fw + IPS screen
  • Android 10 go edition (based on HIOS )
  • Quad 1.3GHz quad-core processor
  • Face and fingerprint unlock
  • 8mp front camera and 5mp back camera

Design and display

The Pop 4 is made with plastic material, and the design at the back is beautiful. The front of the Pop 4 looks exactly like the Itel a56 pro. At the top left of the screen is its 8mp front-facing camera while at the top right of the screen is the flashlight used for night selfies. The pop 4 uses a screen navigation button and its screen to body ratio is average.

When it comes to displaying the pop 4 comes with a 6.0 Fw + IPS screen and a 480*960 screen resolution like that of A56 pro, which is quite low compared to other smartphones.
At the back of the pop 4 is its camera and flashlight located at the top left side. The back camera of pop 4 is a single 5MP camera. The back design makes it look appealing to the eyes ánd it is also firm on the hand.

Pop 4 has two beautiful colours which are the ice lake green and dawn blue. Different light and shadows effect should show up under different lighting environments. It also has texture lines on each one.
Finally, at the top of the phone is the charging point and headphone jack.

pop 4 tecno
Tecno pop 4 display 6 inch


The Tecno Pop 4 comes with a back 5mp camera and a front 8mp camera I don’t know why Tecno decide to take this decision, it’s the worst decision ever. The Tecno Pop 4 is not a selfie phone like that of Itel s13 or S series. I’m wondering why they decided to put an 8mp camera with no focus feature, it makes the picture look dull in the eyes, photos at night are even worst.

Talking about the rear 5mp camera the 5mp autofocus camera would take a clear picture when there is enough light, but if there is low light the picture won’t look good as expected. The back single 5mp camera comes with a flashlight. But due to the low pixels of the camera and resolution pictures don’t look good at night unless you come very close.
Below are some pictures I took with Tecno pop 4.

pop 4 tecno
Tecno pop 4 back 5mp camera with low light and no flashlight
pop 4 tecno
Tecno pop4 back 5mp camera test
pop 4 tecno
Tecno pop4 front 8pm camera with low light an no flashlight

Hardware and software

The pop 4 comes with an MTK6580 1.3GHz quad-core processor which is used on most mid-range smartphones. When it comes to speed, Tecno pop4 is above average as its operating system is based on android go edition, which is a good one. Tecno Pop 4 comes with a 32GB ROM and 2GB RAM. And also a space for external storage which can run the most application.

Mind you pop 4 is not a gaming phone as some games like Grid won’t show up in the play store due to compatibility issues. But still, it was able to run the most application when I tested it.
Tecno Pop 4 comes with google core apps like the play store, play service, and Gmail. Some of googles application were ditched, like youtube music, it was replaced with the boom player.


pop 4 tecno
Tecno pop 4 specification

Battery and network

Pop 4 comes with an awesome 5000mah inbuilt battery which seems to be the selling point of this smartphone. The 5000mah battery can take you a day and a half on medium usage. I usually get an indication of 2days juice, with a full charge which will exceed 2 hours if you are not the surfing type like me. According to Tecno mobile, you get 23.6 hours of calls, 10.8 hours watching a video, and 69.2 hours listening to music.

pop 4 tecno
Tecno pop 4 battery durability

Sadly, pop 4 comes with no fast charge, meaning that it will take a while to go from 1 to 100%. {SIGH} Yes, I sigh, after giving me a nice ice cream you decided to add sand to it? I wouldn’t want to talk much about this because it’s so annoying.
When it comes to the network aspect the pop 4 comes with GSM, WCDMA, EDGE, and GPRS, unfortunately, no 4g service. According to Carlcare, people who have used the smartphone said the 3g service is super fast, how true? well, that’s a story for another day.

pop 4 full specification


  • Height: 160mm
  • Width:77.25mm
  • Thickness: 9.5mm
  • 6″ FW+ IPS Screen
  • 480*960 Display
  • Face Unlock
  • 32GB ROM
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1.3 GHz Quad-Core
  • 5000mAh(type)

Network & Connectivity

  • GSM
  • GPRS

Camera & Interface

  • 8MP Front Camera with Flash
  • 5MP Rear Camera with Dual Flash


  • G-Sensor
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Proximity Sensor

( Full specification got from )

What is inside the box

  • A charger
  • A USB cord
  • Tecno pop 4
  • A plastic body cover

What I love about Pop 4

Large battery: When it comes to the battery the pop 4 has it all. Pop 4 can take you a day and a half on medium usage, which is awesome. And also, its thickness is 9.5mm, which is also wonderful.

Everything on JUMIA

Better user experience: unlike other Tecno smartphones running on the HIOS platform with 2GB ram, are not as good as pop 4 with android go edition because its system application is based on the lite version.

Large storage: I always love smartphone with 32GB ROM upward because I don’t enjoy putting sd cards on my smartphone, 32GB upwards is a green light for me.

Beautiful back design: Long before, Tecno care less about design even if somehow, someone comes up with a design, they use this design forever. For me I wouldn’t want to use another smartphone with this same design, it makes me feel like I am still using the Tecno Pop 4 again. I know it’s challenging to come up with something unique all the time but hey, that’s how the system is. You just have to do something about it.

pop 4 tecno
Back view of Tecno pop4

what I don’t like about pop 4

Low-quality camera: Although the 8 and 5mp camera looks small I expected the 8mp camera to look a little bit like that of the Qubo p6 8mp camera. For me, the 8mp front camera would have been ok at the back since the front camera doesn’t have the focus feature, why waste it? I am expecting a better camera in the next pop smartphone.

Low resolution: I remember I reviewed Itel a56 pro last year. I was angry and also doing the typing because it also has a 480*960 screen resolution like this pop 4. Why would you want to mess everything up with a low resolution, it affected everything pictures, games, even videos, I mean it looked dull, like that of Itel a56pro.

No fast charge: I do say this, when you are planning to produce a smartphone with a battery higher than 3000mah its a must to plan for a fast charge feature, I can’t wait forever to charge my smartphone. The worst part is with time it starts taking much longer than it used to for it to get full.

Old front design: I care about design but not as hardware and specs. The front design looks almost like a56 pro. It looks old to me. How about putting the 8mp camera and flash at the top left and sensor top right? I am tired of seeing flashlights and cameras going sideways, Tecno does this a lot on their low-end smartphone and midrange smartphones also, it looks boring to me.

FAQS on Tecno pop 4

Does tecno pop 4 support 4g?

Tecno pop 4 dosent support the 4g service

How long does Tecno pop 4 battery last?

The Pop 4 can take you 3days if you are a light user but if you fall under the category of medium usage, you get a day and a half, if you fall under the category of heavy, it won’t last a day.

Tecno pop 4 prices in Nigeria

Tecno Pop 4 is 35,000 Nigerian naira on Jumia, and 35,700 Nigerian nairas on Konga, you can as well check local stores and compare prices.

Is Tecno pop 4 dual sims?

Yes, pop 4 is a dual sim smartphone.

Is Tecno pop 4 waterproof?

The Tecno Pop 4 is not a waterproof smartphone and should never be thrown inside the water, or else it will get damaged.

Is Tecno pop 4 good for gaming?

The Pop 4 falls in the average category when it comes to gaming, and so can not run most heavy games on the play store.

Is Tecno pop 4 inbuilt battery

Yes, The pop 4 have a 5000mah inbuilt battery.

Does Tecno pop 4 support fast charging

No, the Pop 4 doesn’t come with the fast charge feature.

Where to Download Tecno pop 4 firmware

You can download pop 4 firmware

Where to buy tecno pop 4


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