Free Mtn And Glo Data Cheats 2021

free browsing on Mtn and Glo

Free MTN and Glo data cheats

Data plans are expensive in Nigeria, many people are in search of free browsing cheats and tweaks to enable them to browse for free or pay less. Today I will be showing you how to surf the internet for free using psiphon for MTN and Glo data cheats. And also how to use other limited plans like social plans and youtube plans to browse on any app or website of your choice.

What you need for this tweak to work

You need to have the following below to make this tweak work.

  • Psiphon version 311
  • An android smartphone from 4.2 upward
  • A social plan or any other plan which works for a particular application
  • MTN or Glo sims
  • A 3G, 4G, 5G enabled smartphone
  • You can explore more by trying it out on the airtel network I am sure it will work with their social plans too.

How to setup on Glo network

first of all, you need to download the Psiphon v311 after that, install it on your smartphone make sure you have enabled installation from other sources.

After installing the Psiphon v311 on your smartphone. Make sure you don’t have a battery optimizing application like dura speed and other killer apps on your smartphone, as this might kill the app after connection. You can untick the Psiphon on dura speed by going to settings if you are using dura speed.

Mobile Category

You must have an active data plan. Like the Glo social plan which is 100 Nigerian naira for 500MB, it’s a one month plan. You can check other social or youtube plans too.

After you must have subscribed for any of the plans listed above, on your data, preferable 4g or 3g service. Open the Psiphon application click on options, then select service region to “best performance”. If it is already in the best performance just click on the start button and it will connect in 2 seconds.

psiphon v311 glo connected

The download speed is up to 600kb per second, the picture below shows that the data is been removed from my social 500MB plan.

glo wtf plan

glo wtf plan

How to setup on MTN network

The MTN network has two ways of setting it up.

  1. If you want to browse free with no active social data plan or any data plan at all.
  2. Access the internet using the social plan, BB plan, or any other plan.

If you want to browse free

As the usual, download the Psiphon v311, the download link is at the bottom of this article.
make sure you don’t have application killers or dura speed on. You can tick dura speed from not killing this application by going to settings scroll down to click on dura speed and tick the Psiphon to the ignore list.

Now open the Psiphon application click on the options button then click on select server region, set it to Canada then click the start button.

This free browsing mode works sometimes and sometimes it won’t be able to connect make sure you have your 4g data service on. The download speed is up to 150kb per second.

Access the internet using your social plan

If you have any active social plan, download the Psiphon application the download link is at the bottom of this article.
After you must how downloaded the app, make sure you don’t have app killers running on your smartphone, or active dura speed. To deactivate from killing this application click on settings scroll down and click on dura speed and tick Psiphon to ignore when killing apps.

After you have done that open the Psiphon application, click on the option, make sure the select server region is on best performance now click on start, it will connect in 2 seconds. I am currently using the Glo social 500MB plan to publish this article.

How to use psiphon on computers

  • You can now use psiphon on your computer, heres what you need to get started
  • You need to download psiphon from here.
  • After you must have download, subscribe to glo WTF or MTN social plan.
  • Launch the psiphon and enjoy.

psiphon for computers

How to hotspot data to other devices when Psiphon connected

Sadly you can’t connect other devices to your smartphone when the Psiphon is active. But with the help of PDANET, you can connect even your computer using this tweak.

Where to download the Psiphon v311

Click here to Download the Psiphon v311

The file format is 7z you can download 7zipper here

To unzip it the password is 9jatide

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