How To Share Your Phones Data To Computers And Other Devices Using Bluetooth Or USB

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How to share your phones data to pc and other devices with a USB or Bluetooth using PdaNet

Do you know you can share your phone data to your pc and make use of your data using a USB cable or Bluetooth? this feature has been available for long but some people don’t even know or even have the knowledge of how to, maybe because there’s a hotspot feature on most android and people just don’t see reasons to use Bluetooth mode of sharing and other means, well I might blow your bubbles to tell you that some android doesn’t come with a place to on your hotspot, it’s either locked or disabled, well there are other means to maneuver this but its the truth.

Some weeks ago I bought the ola m8 plus and one of the main reason I bought this device was to use it as a kind of modem, because it comes with 4g enabled while the modem I use on my PC is 3G enabled, so I decided to buy the smartphone and use it to speed up things online, to my greatest surprise I couldn’t connect my pc to my phone I was surprised not because it’s my first time noticing this kind of problem but because I wasn’t expecting it on this new device.

well I couldn’t connect my pc to my phone I tried all I could but only one method that worked for me, and that was disabling the security feature on the hotspot that looks like pouring my water on a basket.

okay long story short I opt for another option and this was to use a USB cord or using my Bluetooth to share internet data, How did I do this? I used an application called “pdaNet” this app does not only manage your data connection but also restrict windows pre-installed app like windows store and update from using your data ( i can see smiles all around ) yes you heard me I know most of you might be using windows data usage/ metered or restriction which is not very effective because I have made use of those and I monitored my data using a data count and I found out even when I enable all those things windows pre-installed app keeps updating by itself, and before I could say “jack” my data is gone, I use to subscribe like 500mb to post just an article because I know windows pre-installed apps will make use of my data, don’t get me wrong I also disabled all auto windows update including its anti-virus, but it keeps using my data in one way or the other. now I can boldly say I can make an account of even a bit of my data now.


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PdaNet is easy to use, you can either connect your phone to your PC or from phone to phone you can also create a hotspot from PC to phone you can connect two devices using this method ( wifi direct hotspot, USB, and Bluetooth ).



WIFI DIRECT hotspot: This just like every other phone hotspot, it creates a hotspot for you to be able to connect to, you can either on your wifi direct through pdanet on your pc or your mobile phone depending on which one you want to host with, after creating a hotspot mode you would be given a password of which you can later edit. the only downside is you need pdanet app on both device to be able to connect the two device.


USB MODE: this method works only if you have a USB cable, all you need to do is to plug your USB cable to your pc and your phone then you click on activate USB mode, It automatically connects, you need to enable developers option and USB debugging on your device, for you to be able to do this, go to settings then scroll down to about phone scroll down look for build number then click on build number rapidly, 3 times you will get a notification that you are a developer now then, go back to settings scroll down you will see developers option click on it, look for USB debugging and activate.

NOTE: Mind the way you use developer’s options as this feature is made for an android developer or an experienced person, if you don’t know anything about it don’t activate anything else for you might soft brick your phone.

BLUETOOTH MODE: This is the easiest part of it, if you want to connect your device using Bluetooth mode you need to click on activate Bluetooth then allow to access Bluetooth after that, open pdanet on you PC then right click your mouse you would see connect through Bluetooth, make sure you activate you Bluetooth on your PC then click on connect Bluetooth, it will search for Bluetooth device then click on your Bluetooth address, it connects automatically and not only that your address is saved so next time you don’t need to search anymore.


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(pdanet review download for pc and android)

Where to download pdanet

Pdanet full version for android is paid, and not free. The difference between paid and free is that the free version is limited to a certain amount of data before disconnecting

download pdanet for WINDOWS 32 and 64bits

download pdanet for android on play store

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