How To Fully Utilize Your Opera Free 50mb Daily




some months ago opera started giving out free 50mb every day across some African countries like Zambia, Ghana, and Nigeria, this 50mb can be used on MTN and Airtel if you are in Nigeria and for ghana Vodafone this daily 50mb can be used on search engine and almost every other website like google, bing, 9jatide, twitter, Facebook, olist, oride, opera news and so on, but some people are yet to fully utilize this free daily 50mb.

I realized that your internet settings can hinder you from utilizing this daily free 50mb, a phone I was using with an MTN sim, couldn’t access google search engine but only bing search engine, sometimes I do get that annoying message from MTN that I don’t have an active data and I should buy one when I haven’t even touched my free 50mb by opera.

I looked online for the cause of this but I couldn’t find any good information then I had to stick to the bing search engine, this limited me to do something like checking my Gmail, google console, and anything related to Google, I needed to subscribe to check any of those and I couldn’t even fully use my 50mb in a day, it makes no sense right? you might not experience these limitations on some phones though then finally I found out a way to fix this.


The first thing you need to understand is that opera mini free 50mb only works for MTN and Airtel if you are in Nigeria. If you have any of this then proceed to the next step Download or update your opera mini to the latest version: If you are using an old opera or opera min you might experience some error when trying to access the website with your free 50mb, so it is advised to always update your opera mini to the latest version as bugs and other related issue are been fixed by opera developers from time to time to keep it running smoothly secondly, use these settings: If you are using an android phone go to settings then network and internet click on mobile network click on advance the access point name you will notice there is already a default APN click on the active APN erase everything on the APN and input a dot (.) and save.

APN settings

You will notice you can browse and make use of your 50mb without limitations of some website, apart from free 50mb daily.

let’s look at some of the reasons I love the opera mini browser and why I think its the second best browser.

why I love the opera browser

Its simple to use anybody can understand it and it’s fast I do use it mostly on Nairaland and search engine it is lightweight, it doesn’t take much space like other browsers, opera browsers are of different kinds, we have opera mini and opera browser, opera mini is the light version of opera browser, so you have a choice to make.

opera mini has a data saving feature that enables you to manage your data plan. opera also have an Ad blocking feature which removes some Ads from a website and makes browsing faster, although some Ads companies are creating antidots for ad-blocking system, you might still find some ads even after enabling this feature.

It also comes with personalization settings which enables you to change the color of the app and it has a night mode for reading and other settings which I wouldn’t want to name one by one.

What I don’t like in opera browser

Am still yet to figure out why I don’t like opera browser or opera mini but I prefer to use chrome when it comes to an online transaction or editing content on any of my blog. I only prefer the mobile version to the pc version as most of the things i do online I do it with chrome because all my accounts are been synchronized.

Please let me know on the comment section below, if this article is helpful and if it fixed the issue of not fully utilizing your daily 50mb from opera

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