Fans Not Happy With Infinix As They Finally Announce The New Hot 10


Angry Fans Attack Infinix Following The Release Of Hot 10

Armageddon broke out on Infinix Facebook handle as fans attack Infinix following the release of the new hot 10 and hot 10 lite.

Some days ago we wrote an article about the new Infinix hot 10 and hot 10 lite,  looks like fans ain’t happy with the hot 10 specifications and price. Infinix mobile was found in 2013, it was also born after french mobile manufacturer Sagem and has gained a lot of African countries just like Tecno mobile. some years ago this smartphone manufacturer took over some African countries like Nigeria when it comes to the smartphone business.

I still remember my first Infinix smartphone which was the hot 2, it was the first android one smartphone made by Infinix, it was amazing then, as of then the hot 2 1gb RAM 16gb ROM was been sold for 17,500 nairas only and 2gb ram was been sold for 20,000 nairas then Infinix was still trying to gain ground in Nigeria, but now their smartphone is expensive.

Infinix mobile has been releasing different smartphones this time around with not too great specification buy huge price and fans are getting angry as the day passes by, the last straw that broke the camel’s back was when Infinix mobile announced the release of hot 10 the same year after releasing hot 9 was released some months ago and this caused hundreds of people destroying hot 10 posts on Facebook made by Infinix, some of the comments are as seen below.




fans attack infinix


I had to go through some of the comments, and I found out that they need to up their game as I said in my last article on infinix hot 10, at least focus on giving an update, good fixes for bugs in ROMs, and good chipset rather than releasing smartphone every 3 months and leaving the rest behind, some users suggest they should up there game with a snapdragon processor I know Snapdragon processor are very good but MTK Processors are good too, the problem with some phone manufacturers is that they keep buying outdated chipset sometimes you see 2006 chipset on a 2020 smartphone when there is new chipset available, the worst part is that it is been sold for a higher amount.


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