Check Out The New Youtube Music Features On Android 9 Upwards

youtube music


Google start rolling youtube music on android 9 upwards features as seen below

After 9jatide published an article of google ending play music soon, it seems google already started rolling youtube music as some android 9.0 version comes with youtube music pre-installed in it, like the olla m8 plus I bought comes with youtube music pre-installed on it. Though early phones which come with the Android 9.0 version comes with play music pre-installed like the Huawei y6 prime.


youtube music

youtube music looks just like play music, apart from the online streaming and subscription its almost like play music. Youtube music also plays videos on it, there are up to a billion kinds of music on youtube music so I doubt there’s any music you cannot find on youtube music, that’s if the music is well recognized don’t quote me wrong though.

youtube music
According to youtube music, in Nigeria you are to pay a monthly subscription of 900 Nigerian nairas which means in a year you are to pay a sum of 10,800 Nigerian nairas yearly you also get a free one month trial in case you want to check it out before subscribing you also get to download music from it and its ads-free after subscribing, restrictions also apply in some geographical location which means some features can be available in your location or not. Also, only first-time youtube red, music premium, youtube premium, and google play music subscribers are eligible for free trials and introductory offers or promotional pricing.

youtube music

youtube music has a monthly subscription and a free one month trial like I said earlier you will be automatically charged the price listed unless you cancel during your trial take note on that one, and then every month starting from the first billing date until you cancel your subscription. You can cancel at any time you feel like remember no refunds or credits for partial billing periods.

There is also a place for a family subscription, you can invite five additional family members to join your google family group, and share your music premium and youtube premium subscription, and as said by youtube music all family members must be at the age of 13years or older, must also have a google account and reside in the same household as the family manager. Family subscriptions are available in some countries not all, you might want to check your youtube music to find out if your country is supported.

For students like me here we go, as a student, you might want to sign up for a youtube music premium account or youtube premium membership as a student and get all the same benefits at a discount rate. youtube student memberships are only available to full-time students at higher education institutions in some selected countries, and eligibility will be verified by a third-party verification service. This is for those who like to cheat and for you all who are still in primary and secondary schools sorry, I guess higher institutions are kind of hard than secondary and primary school, sometimes you just have to hustle to get money to pay for hands out if mama and papa ain’t responding in a way you think they ought too, I guess google feels your pain.

Okay here’s the killer point on student membership, according to youtube music, student membership is valid up to a maximum of four years. ( I mean what are you still doing in school, it’s four years now you’ve been enjoying
discount rate are you sure you ain’t lying about this your membership status? ) I guess that’s how google feels like, please don’t mind me am just kidding, I know some course which are more than 4 years like mine, but on the other side some are below four years. You will also be required to re-verify your eligibility with them, and if you are no longer eligible I mean if you’ve exhausted your 4 years you are required to pay the full price, I wouldn’t want to put a price here for other countries as price varies in different countries. You can also opt-out if you don’t want to continue.

you must have an internet connection to be able to download and stream music/video online, That doesn’t mean you can’t play music from your TF card or storage as this is fully supported you must also be 18 years and above to agree to youtube music terms and conditions.

Enough talks and all that let’s just move forward and look at the reasons why you should have the youtube music and also the reasons you shouldn’t.

I like to write about the bad side and the good side about anything especially if I have used that particular product or device, and if I am to check for a review about a particular device and I didn’t get to see these two things to me story ain’t complete.


Youtube music allows you stream millions on music online, now you don’t need to store music on your device storage, I have up to 1000 kinds of music on my phone’s storage and its space is up to 4.9gb imagine using that space in your phone storage for something else.

It’s a simple music app like play music it took about a 100mb space on my android running service when I played songs for about 39min I think this is fair, it also depends on you available ram storage space.

youtube musics

you can view the next music which is about to be played when you scroll up.
it has a beautiful design, it has this look of play music but slightly different.


I always wanted a delete button for my play music, up till now I don’t see it coming even on youtube music.
There is no recently added playlist this is so annoying, I need this because some times I feel like listening to my new songs from storage, I cant go about searching for my new songs its frustrating.

This is the most annoying part I can’t search for my songs on storage, the search button at the top right only recognize songs online on youtube music.

There are no lyrics, my love for lyrics is unspeakable if there are no lyrics I only listen to the song but if there is one, i listen and understand the song. they need to learn from musixmatch and the rest.

NOTE if you are viewing this review some of the reasons why you should/ shouldn’t install youtube music might be obsolete due to fix and updates from youtube music developers.


you can download youtube music on play store.

I would love to know what you think about the new youtube music, you can drop your comment below.

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