#10GB Data Mining

free data

Hello, tidders we will be playing a game from 30 September 2020, and also giving out free MTN NG data, up to 10GB data for a giveaway.


How to play the game?

This game is easy and simple, all you have to do is to log on to your facebook our twItter account share our post on FB or twitter.

We will create a post every day on Facebook and twitter with a time to drop your screenshot on our post, and also share to your Facebook or Twitter account.

Mobile Category

All you have to do is share our post then screenshot and comment with a screenshot under our post on Facebook or Twitter.



Step 1. if you are using facebook, like our facebook page then wait for a post with #10GB DATA MINING it will be posted with a time on when to upload your screenshot on the comment section.

free data



After the post must have been made by our MODS on Facebook, with a time on when to post your screen shot, click on our page then click the share bottun.

free 10gb



Screen shot your shared post on your timeline and upload it on comment section on  #10GB DATA MINING on facebook.






Twitter users

The same procedure, click the share bottun { or just re tweet}



Copy and paste on your Twitter or re tweet and send, then screen shot and upload on #10GB DATA MINING post on twitter.



Rules of the game

You cant paste screen shot twice with the same account on #10 GB MINING post.

You can only participate if you follow or like 9jatide on facebook or twitter.

You are not allowed to post an old screenshot.

The screenshot should be made after the re tweet or share, and not below the time giving on #10 GB MINING post on facebook or twitter.



You must like or follow 9jatide on twitter or facebook so that we can be able to see your comment and uploads.



We are giving out 100mb every day to the first and the second winner of the game till we exaust the 10gb data, as we are only allowed to send data twice a day on MTN NG.

This game challenge will be posted on facebook and twitter with one day interval for example day 1 game will be posted on facebook, while day 2 game will be posted on twitter and so on.

100mb will be transferred to your MTN line before the day runs out.



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