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Olla M8 Plus Full Review

olla m8 plus

Olla mobile phone is owned by opera mini which also includes Opay, Oride, Olla m8 plus joins olla’s generation last year ending in 2019.

When the Olla m8 was released, I know many people have on their minds that the Olla m8 is better than the m8 plus because the Olla m8 has a bigger battery and camera, which made people wonder why olla decided to create a phone below its pro version.

I got the m8 plus on Thursday, August 2020, after Jumia cancelled the Ulephone s10 pro which I ordered from china I decided to go for m8. I understand them quite alright due to this pandemic delivery, and processing time now takes a little bit longer.

I request for a refund on Saturday 8/8/2020, through Jumia Facebook handle, they replied to me in time started the refund process quickly.

olla m8 review

On Monday which was 10/8/2020, I received a message from Jumia that they have refunded my money. I checked my email I saw another message from them that they have refunded my money, and if I paid through a GTbank debit card that the money would be deposited into my bank account and I should wait for 6 to 7 days due to bank processing and all that.

I patiently waited, then olla phones are hot cake on Jumia. I remember how I saw olla m8 on Jumia, I ordered immediately for pay on delivery but I received an error message with a code that it is out of stock.

then I followed the marketer on Jumia, luckily for me, 20 olla phones were available on Monday which was 10/8/2020 and I have not received my refund. I quickly ordered the phone that day hoping that my refund will be available within 7 days.

If my order is received by Jumia pick up station, it will take 7 more days before return, I did my maths well. I was surprised when I ordered the m8 pro on Monday and it came on Wednesday. Still am yet to see a refund, later that Wednesday evening I received a message from my bank about the refund on Jumia. so I picked it up on Thursday morning.

My first impression about the olla m8 plus.

It was well packaged seeled and when I opened it I saw the handset, charger, USB cord, manual, and a warranty card inside the park.

olla m8 plus review

The phone is large, the screen size is actually 5.99 inch, it is actually larger than Huawei y6 prime when we talk about body size while the y6 prime is larger in screen size than olla m8 this is due to the bad body to screen ratio on m8 plus.

The olla m8 plus also comes with a 2800mah battery, 2gb ram, 16gb ROM (The system used up 6gb, so you get 10gb for your self), 5mp selfie camera with two rear cameras of 8.0mp and 0.3mp. I am still yet to know what the 0.3 mp camera does, the lens is smaller than the main camera, I think it may be a wide-angle view or something, it was not specified in the manual. Olla m8 plus comes with Andriod 9 OS and UI look like that of the google pixel smartphones.

Everything on JUMIA

Now here’s the part people got wrong about the m8 plus. The processor is MT6739 QUARD CORE 1.3ghz cortex-A53 and not 1.5 or 2.0 as seen from other blog and its GPU is PowerVR Rogue GE8100.

Olla m8 plus also have 4g internet service enabled in it, and it works very well on Glo and MTN, I don’t know about other networks but I tested this two and it worked very fine. Olla m8 plus download speed is awesome too, it has a speaker below which sound like every normal speaker. it is not too loud but Huawei y6 prime speaker is far better than it. 

Olla m8 plus also comes with the latest youtube music, the Olla m8 camera is not the best but manageable, it doesn’t have a front flashlight and its back flashlight is not impressive as it has a soft flashlight which can hardly get a clear picture in dark.

The Olla m8 2800 battery looks solid and the phone is heavy it is more like a phone using 5000mah battery judging by its weight it is heavier than Huawei y6 prime which has 3020mah battery, and it has a  screen that looks slightly curved at the edges and sides.

people do ask me how strong is the battery well it is almost the same as a 3000mah battery. I wanted to know how strong the battery is on the first charge. I played some music at work with a 91% battery charge, from 9:50 AM 3:30 pm the battery went down to 35% not too good right well I don’t judge a battery until it is one week, then the battery will be at its fullest.

Olla m8 full specifications are as seen below


(Back camera)

back camera of olla m8 plus

back camera of olla m8 plus with blur effect

back camera with blur effect

back camera of olla m8 plus

8mp + 0.3 back camera (3264 x 2448 pixel resolution) with soft flash light, 

sensor size 3.67mm x 2.75mm 

focal length 2.88mm

aperture f/2.8

digital zoom 4.0

face detction (yes) max count 15

(Front camera)

front camera of olla m8 plus

front camera of olla m8 plus

5.04mp front camera with no flashlight (2592 x 1944 pixel resolution )

sensor size 2.90mm x 2.17mm

focal length 2.63mm

digital zoom 4.0

face detection supported 15 max count


5.99 inch




Quad-core 1.3ghz its set not to clock more than 1.27ghz

GPU PowerVR rougue GE8100

GPU Vendor imagination Technologies


RAM 2gb 



Android 9 pie

API 28


2800 MAh


Android 9

API level 28

Last security patch 2019/12/05

Java VM ART 2.1.0

Kernel architecture armv7i









wifi direct 


Bluetooth LE


Camera autofocus

USB accessory

multiple users

micro phone

SD card mounting

secondary display

Audio low latency

OTG support

Split-screen support


  • Olla m8 plus is pocket friendly, I mean no one will sell you a phone of 4g, 5.99inch, fingerprint for 18,500 Nigerian nairas.
  • Supports 4g you want speed at a low cost there you have it.
  • It is well-optimized I used it, and it works well, you can play the PUBG lite version on it too.
  • It has a big screen, remember, the bigger the screen the better the view.
  • Fully support (Gapps) Google applications, preinstalled, unlike other cheap china phones with great specs but no google apps.
  • Comes with Opay, Oride driver, two opera mini preinstalled with free 50mb daily to use from opera, that is if you are using either MTN or Airtel.
  • You can move apps to sd card

Why you should not buy the Olla m8 plus smartphone

I know everybody is just waiting to see this part. I am not affiliating for opera, I just want to make this clear picture of what and what to expect from olla m8 plus, so you don’t say the word had I know or something. The bad part of olla m8 is as seen below.

  • Body to screen ratio is not too nice as I see wasted spaces below the screen and above the screen, and its length is 16cm. I used my tape to measure it. Note mine might be slightly different from yours.
  • Am not sure if it’s getting any update or upgrade, as it was created late last year and no update till now.
  • The color setting on olla m8 is kind of a little bit dark. it has a kind of darkish display, especially when taking pictures. This is not very visible as you won’t know unless you are the techy type.
  • It doesn’t come with a type c or fast charge, and its charger is 1.0A which is slow it almost takes 3 hours to charge fully from 0 to 100%.
  • Camera not too great, especially the back flash is not too bright.

Things to be careful about Olla m8 plus

I love tweaking android smartphones, it’s my hubby I want it to look the way I want it. I soft bricked my olla m8 plus smartphone yesterday, I have to snap new pictures I used in this review yesterday, as soon as possible because I promised a review today.

Mind the way you make use of your developer’s option as I was left with no o[tion than to format it yesterday. I unlocked my developer’s option and changed my width under ( Drawing ), and it was love at first sight, not knowing it will cost me much I restarted it and it couldn’t boot pass the olla boot animation. I had to format everything including some articles am working on…. although most devices like Samsung do warn users about it, I love using it.

Olla m8 plus is just amazing for its price I just hope Olla would see this review and spice the next olla smartphone. I want to know your thoughts on this, are you using olla m8? how’s it? please drop a comment below, as I would reply as quick as possible.

Remember handle with care, no olla m8 plus pouch, screen guild, talk more of a body part as of now.

Price and where to buy olla m8 plus

olla m8 plus is available on

Jumia for 18,500 Nigerian nairas.

konga 27,000 Nigerian naira.

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