Top 7 Best Google Chrome Extensions

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My Top Seven Best Google Chrome Extensions

Before we dive into my top seven best google chrome extension we need to understand what google chrome extension is.

Extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience. They enable users to tailor Chrome functionality and behavior to individual needs or preferences. They are built on web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

An extension must fulfill a single purpose that is narrowly defined and easy to understand. A single extension can include multiple components and a range of functionality, as long as everything contributes towards a common purpose.

A screenshot of an extension’s icon in the browser barUser interfaces should be minimal and have intent. They can range from a simple icon, such as the Google Mail Checker extension shown on the right, to overriding an entire page.

Extension files are zipped into a single .crx package that the user downloads and installs. This means extensions do not depend on content from the web, unlike ordinary web apps.

Extensions are distributed through the Chrome Developer Dashboard and published to the Chrome Web Store. For more information, see the store developer documentation.

7. Intelligent Speaker

intelligence speaker

this is a chrome extension which reads out the test from your screen, this can be used if you feel lazy to read sometimes like me sometimes I do prefer to use it when I want to go through a bible page

intelligent speaker

Download Intelligent speaker



6. Chrome Themes

chrome themes

I know most of maybe using chrome wallpaper like me too but have you ever thought of chrome themes extensions yes you heard me, chrome themes have been available for a long time but some people don’t even know about it but its right there on your chrome browser all you need is a single click installation from the extension store there are tons of chrome themes on google chrome extension I also installed some which are lovely but I rather stay with my wallpaper because am already addicted to chrome default theme its just easy for me no just a simple image below is a chrome theme from one of my favorite game I love so much its called PUBG.

pubg chrome theme

Download Chrome Themes


5. Google DOCS Editor

google docs extension

okay this one is popular many people are already addicted to Microsoft word and co, but this is another extension you should try out this extension allows you to type down documents it’s also very good when you have Grammarly extension on your chrome browser it helps you write better i some times use this extension sometimes to write down my article before copying it to 9ja Tide

what I don’t like about Google  DOCS extension is that you must be online to document.

google docs

Download Google DOCS Editor


4. light Shot

light shot extension

This is another chrome extension I love so much as it allows you to take screenshot and stores it on their server with a valid URL to enable you or anyone else access the picture this is a good way yo save your data and make work faster. for example imagine you want to send your screenshot you took from your computer to someone else online all you need to do is just click on lightshot screenshot and send the link to the person, people who do freelancer jobs like picoworker this one is important. another good part about lightshot is the ability to crop the screenshot before sending it also have extra features like displaying arrows drawing lines on the shot taken and also saving it to your drive or sharing.

light shot

Download Light Shot.


3. Middle Monkey

middle monkey extension

this is a chrome extension which allows you to download any video from any website it also lets you download videos directly from youtube no need to copy and paste the URL like other website which lets you download youtube videos from the video link.. middle monkey also allows single click download for all videos on the page you are in, meaning you can now download all videos on a page with just a single click. I do use middle monkey a lot because I prefer to download youtube videos than just streaming it the good part I love about this extension is its option of video quality this means you are in control of the type of video format you wanna download, video quality or format include mp4 720 HD, mp4 360, HD/mp3 Televzr and so on depending the type of video and video quality uploaded this is very useful when you want to download a movie or tutorial from youtube instead of using watch later which will later need a data connection if you are offline for a long time middle monkey makes youtube videos available for offline usage and makes it possible to share videos with friends and love ones offline. some of the videos i downloaded with Middle monkey can be seen on the picture below

meddle monkey

Download Middle Monkey.

2. Grammarly Extension


I don’t know the word to use I really love this extension, this extension is used to correct blunders and errors an on an article or a text I do use this extension a lot it appears to be my number 2 most loved extension because most times I have limited time to write an article I just type as fast I could so as to meet up with other things I might use the google doc or notepad after am true I copy to 9ja Tide it just brings the red line beneath the wrong word with correction on how to, which is just amazing it ain’t like Microsoft word that just displays a red line for errors, Grammarly checks the sentence and brings out suitable word for that particular error word it also has this emoji which indicate how your write up sounds like it also has an auto capital letters correction like using a lower case alphabet for someones name it auto corrects that its good for people who work in the office, students and bloggers like me too. just kidding its good for all its a must-have this extension.

get this at the back of your mind Grammarly is not always 100% correct


Download Grammarly


1. SEOquake


Someone said SEO is dead I think there should be a rethink on this one I know most people who ain’t in the field might be wondering why is this my number one I will try as much as possible to make this simple (SEO) means search engine optimization if you are a blogger this word might not be new most people who have a blog are working day and night to make their blog stay on top on a specific keyword, this chrome extension called SEOquake is so unique in a way that it displays most search world on google, bing, and other search engines right from your chrome browser it shows difficulty keyword percentage it also shows ranks of a website like Alexa right from the google search result it also displays total indexed URL of a website right from your search result. I do use this extension anytime I want to write an article it has helped me a lot I am now getting organic result which is the dream of any blogger

seo quake

Download SEOquake

there are a lot of chrome extensions which I am yet to check out but let me know which you are using and which one you love the most.



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