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Tecno BA510 Is A lie

tecno ba510

I love smartphones a lot but I hate when people cheat others to make money with them.

Tecno Mobile is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer based in Hong Kong. It was established in 2006, it is also a subsidiary of Transsion Holdings.

Tecno has focused its business on the African and South Asian markets. However, following market research conducted in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America, the company found that Africa was the most lucrative region. As a result of this, in 2008, the company stopped doing business in Asia to exclusively focus on Africa.

Later in 2016, Tecno entered the Middle East mobile phone market after acquiring a good market in Africa, and then in Southeast Asia in 2017.

In 2006, Tecno Mobile was founded as Tecno Telecom Limited but later changed its name to Transsion Holdings with Tecno Mobile serving as one of its subsidiaries. In 2007 Tecno created a second brand, iTel that sold in Africa and in May 2017 was recognized as the “most student-friendly brand”. But the so-called Tecno ba510 is not what is said it is.

I traveled back to Lagos Nigeria so can enjoy my holiday then my bro gave me a phone called Tecno 510 the phone looks odd. doesn’t look like a Tecno phone to me cause of the specification it looks way better than the Tecno phones I know, according to the Rom and phone body and sleek design it has 64GB ROM 3GB ram 18mp back camera and also a Tecno ROM on it.

I studied this phone for a week and I checked the phone recover info and found some ZTE files on it,  I had to download phone info from the play store only to discover it was a lie it has 8GB ROM and 1GB ram I checked MTK engineering tool only to discover this phone is running on 2g network but display 3g on the UI, I was angry,  I checked radio info and found out it has 4g LTE 3g edge GPRS.


but it was only running on a 2g network I changed it to 4g  with the MTK engineering tool but no signal then I opened the back cover my God it has the Nigerian Son label on the battery I was angry, I peeled it off only to see another label which was the ZTE label which is ZTE ba510 I had to Google it and I found out that Tecno mobile or someone else has taken advantage of it and sold the phone which was fairly used for something higher than it should be I mean 64GB ROM 3GB ram lies who wouldn’t wanna buy it?

Everything on JUMIA

If you check very well the picture above is the so-called Tecno ba510, I had to scratch the body of the phone to know if it was painted to be something else and I guessed right, on its body, it has a ZTE logo on the top below the flashlight of the phone with a paint written Camon on it below.

I had to download ZTE blade ba510 Rom and the rest to flashback the stock ROM back to the phone

this phone is sold in bulks its many in the market why will Tecno Nigeria change another brand ROM and phone name just to put theirs and sell it’s annoying I thought which one of my MOD posted on Nairaland with pictures to back it up.

From the above picture, you could see how many ROMs I downloaded just to put this phone back to its original state but the worst happened.

I downloaded up to five ZTE blade ba510 Rom none worked except for the last one which flashed successfully but the phone refused to power on I have tried other ROMs too but none worked I have no choice but to go in search of the so-called Tecno ba510 Rom which I found on this website  but I wasn’t lucky because the Rom has been deleted from mega now the phone is useless

So many of these phones are out there in Nigerian it is usually sold as (Second-hand) fairly used phones and it is been sold for #17,000 Nigerian Naira (43.81443 USD) which is been sold for a higher price for its spec.

Have you used tecno BA510? what was your experience like?

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