How To Use Sim Cards On A Laptop

sim card and a laptop

How To Use Sim Card On Your Laptop To Browse And Send Messages

Have you ever wished your laptop acted — well, more like your phone, especially when it comes to data connections? While you can still hop on the internet outside the home using your phone as a hotspot, the setup process is annoying sometimes.

This is one of the most searched keywords online about how to make use of your sim on your laptop. most laptops nowadays come with a sim slot space and some people don’t even know it or recognise it, it has been asked on quora nairaland and searched on google with no straight forward or let us say a reasonable answer, I once asked a friend what that space (sim space on his laptop) is made for he was like I don’t know, I know we have different brands of laptops with different configurations and all that which might make it difficult to get a good answer or solution to you using your sim to browse or send a text message from your computer.

Ok, let us be clear here if you’ve not used a computer with a sim slot space available you won’t understand what this article is all about, new models of laptops available now come with a 4g mobile band in them this means you don’t need to look for a modem or a router, wifi and the rest to browse your favourite website or do some work online all you need to do is just a simple click and you are connected.

I want to make this article brief and simple so you understand and follow the procedures correctly on how to use sim cards on your laptop.

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Things you need to check out for

these are things you need to check out for to be sure your computer is fully equipped with this feature before proceeding to how to use sim cards on a laptop

Check if you have a space available for sim placement 

  1. to check if your computer has a space for sim card placement you can check on the two sides of your computer you will normally see a logo which has the shape of a sim card attached to it or remove your laptop battery, check the space between your laptop body and battery usually most brands do put sim card space there, as I have used a dell 3330 latitude and Toshiba Tecra m10 which have sim card space there.sim card space on my toshiba tecra m10
  2. Check information online you can do this by googling or check your laptop manual if it has any information about how to use sim cards on it.
  3. Check your device manager ( go to my pc or file manager right click on this pc click on properties then device manager) if you have any pre-installed driver for sim card support it is usually written this way mobile broadband if you see the driver be rested assured you are 80% ready to use your laptop to browse the net but if you don’t see it but you passed check 1 which is checking for sim slot space not to worry I will soon get there on how to fix this

Toshiba mobile broadband

4. Check if your mobile broadband is intact

Some brands like dell do sell their computers with not included models like the dell 3330 does not come with a broadband module pre-installed in it you need to get one for your self on like the Toshiba Tecra m10 which come with it pre-installed for you to be able to check if it comes with it you can contact your manufacturer or simply go to bios setup if you are using dell I don’t know for the rest but it should be displayed there, after booting to bios setup enter your password you will see something like system information after you must have clicked on it you will see something like the picture below as you can see my cellular device is missing.

dell 3330 bios information

If you have something similar to what I have in the picture above then its time to get a broadband module now to do this you can search in your local stores or go online to amazon aliexpress or jumia and search for it remember the different brand different module type like the one I searched online on jumia for dell 3330 which was 8 to 10,000 naira 25.81 dollars, these modules are quite expensive.


after you must have passed all those checks you need to download your brand mobile broadband manager it actually looks like the image below but this is for Toshiba mobile broadband manager if you are using dell and the rest a simple search on google and you are on your way downloading your broadband manager

toshiba broadband manager

dell broadband manager

as you can see image looks alike but with different brands on it

if you are using dell you can search here make sure you input you computer information correctly before downloading. this includes mobile broadband and the driver set up.

if you are using other brands like Toshiba hp and the rest just google brand broadband device driver download eg ( Toshiba Tecra m10 broadband device driver) and Ericson 3g driver download and install the driver will appear on your device manager now open your broadband manager and connect.


in case you encounter any problem click on the help in the mobile broadband application, it has solutions to some issues you may encounter

what I like about mobile broadband manager

  1. it is easier to use compared to a modem which you have to carry about connect and disconnect
  2. you can text with its very easy to do
  3. you don’t need to set over and overall setting are saved

what I don’t like about mobile broadband manager

  1. you can’t receive or make calls with it


if you have a better way or alternative you used to set up your computer inbuilt sim card modem you can as well share with us we would love to hear from you.




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