google delay android 11 beta after planning to unveil

android 11

Google delay’s android 11 beta after planning to unveil new features coming in Android 11 on June 3rd

android 11

Google delay android 11 beta.

Google had been intending to uncover new highlights coming in Android 11 on June third, however it has chosen to defer the divulging. In a tweet on Friday evening, Android’s designer account said that “We are eager to reveal to you progressively about Android 11, yet now isn’t an ideal opportunity to observe.” Google says that it will “be back with additional on Android 11, soon,” yet didn’t state when that may be.

In spite of the fact that Google doesn’t expressly say why, the explanation is clear. The declaration comes the same number of American urban communities are loaded up with fights, plundering, and flames. The reaction to the demise of George Floyd in Minnesota has expanded well past the contention in Minneapolis. The Bay region where Google and a large portion of its representatives are based has seen significant clashes in both San Jose and Oakland the night when Google decided its occasion. It’s a merciless night here in the Bay territory.


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On a down to earth level, Google clearly acknowledged hardly any individuals would be in the state of mind to get amped up for new highlights in Android. On a human level, deferring the dispatch was basically the proper activity.

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