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Play games on your computer with your gamepad on games that doesn’t support it

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Play games on your computer with your gamepad

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Some games are very hard to configure to a gamepad. In this article, we will be showing you how to configure a game with a gamepad.

we don’t know why some game designers and developers do develop a game for computers without a place to input gamepad configuration for computers. These reasons are best known to them. But we do know something for sure some games have more than 24 control buttons like the hitman blood money

hit man

Which can be very hard to configure because it doesn’t have gamepad support. Also, the unavailability of many buttons on a gamepad controller can make it impossible to configure with a game that supports so many buttons.

We all know that most gamepads used on pc are the likes of (play station 2 controllers) design like the type of U-COM which is sold in Nigeria and some parts of the world. The U-COM or PlayStation gamepad has just 24 buttons which include L1, L2, R2, R1, and d-pad 4-way button.

The action button(x, triangle, square, circle) the left analogue 4 way, right analogue 4 way, start, pause and the left and the right analogue button, which can be done by just pushing the analogue button down. All this button is up to 24 or less which sometimes won’t be enough for a game.

This might be the reason why some games are only meant to be played on keyboards. Because the keyboard has a lot of buttons on it. Also, most people believe the keyboard is the best option to play games.

Here we are going to show you a way of playing a game which only supports a keyboard or mouse, using your gamepad

We are going to use a software called joy to key, this software is free and can be downloaded here. Its size is only 2MB.


To unzip it, download 7 zip below.



Open the game you want to play, go to options and then click on control on your game, then keyboard settings. Yours might be different due to different game designs and options. I will be using the hitman’s blood money as an example.

hitman img

After you must have entered the keyboard editing area. you will see the arrangement of controlling keys. What you have to do is to go to (joy to key)
which you downloaded earlier and unzip the file. It’s a zipped file, before you get to use the software you have to unzip it using Winrar or 7zip or any other zipper.


Everything on JUMIA

After that, run the software as an administrator. The software looks like the below picture.

joy to key img

You have to create a profile for the game which you want to play.

After you must have done that click on the “option” button and then select the (stick/pov)and click on show all axes (8 way + pov *4). This will automatically enable all buttons.

joy to key img
Go back and connect your gamepad, now when you press any button on your gamepad you will see a yellow blink on the button of the screen with a sign like an arrow up and down to indicate the function. Click on the button on the screen you want to edit, and click on the “Edit button assignment“.

You will see “keyboard emulation” it’s at the top left, click on the first box and assign the key you saw in the game and give it a comment. The comment is located down before the “ok” key.

Click ok after you must have assigned all buttons or the buttons you need on your gamepad open the game and play.

joy to key img
hitman img

In some games, the mouse is used for an (overview) or something else, but for hitman blood money it is used for an (overview). Now we wouldn’t want to use the mouse for overview when we have a gamepad analogue.

Click on the button you wanna assign on the screen, the best button for an (overview) will be the right analogue. That is what I used because it’s easy to control and most games are configured like that.

Click on the button you want to assign. Then click on the edit button assignment (The right analogue button will be used in the place of the mouse).

Click on the mouse, it can be found after the keyboard (multi) at the top. Click on the mouse movement either up, down, left, or right. Assign buttons using the gamepad analogue stick and then save. Do this to all.

You can also adjust mouse movement speed too.

joy to key img

And that’s it you have your game running smoothly and fine.

hit man img

The hitman has many buttons, some buttons will be left out. You can just leave some buttons which are not used frequently on the keyboard.

If you have a simpler method to do this, please drop it in the comment section. Also, if this works for you we will love to hear from you

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