How to increase your PC ram using a USB flash drive or hard disk

How to increase your ram using USB flash drive

Many people have asked me can I increase my ram with a flash drive? my answer Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can increase your ram using your flash drive on your windows operating system and also boost your pc speed using virtual memory on your hard drive or pen drive. If you’re the kind of tech guy you might have heard about this method of using your flash drive as a ram on your computer as it is not new and it been there for some time, but if you’ve never heard of it or don’t know how to,  just relax and follow the procedure below.

Now for you to be able to use your flash drive or pen drives you must be running on either Windows 8 or 10 as I have tested it on the two operating systems and everything seems to be working fine I don’t know about windows7 and others as those operating systems are outdated and won’t get any security update as said by windows.

Now let’s get to business.
First, I believe you must have gotten your flash drive ready and make sure it’s empty, this is important you can’t use your flash as a ram or virtual memory and you got some file’s in there, as this will format your flash and use it as a ram. after you must have done that plug in your flash or pen drive. Navigate to “my computer” or “this pc” you can locate this using the windows file explorer if you don’t have that on your desktop, now go to this PC click on your right mouse button it will bring out options as shown below.

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picture 1

now click on properties

picture 2


then click on advance settings

picture 3


now click on advance then click on the first option settings (on performance)

picture 4


Click on the button change

picture 5

now what you will do is to untick the automatically manage paging then click on custom under custom size we have initial size click on the box then put in the size you wanna allocate like the one I have below is a 4gb Pendrive, now remember if you are using let’s say 8gb Pendrive or flash drive you cant put in 8000mb since some space on the drive are reserved as system memory you can either put 7000mb or 7200mb as the case may be, this is just to leave some space for system memory then fill in the second box with the same value click on set and okay.

picture 6


now go to your Pendrive or flash drive right-click the mouse button click on properties then select ReadyBoost then select the same value you used earlier Eg. 7200mb then apply and ok

picture 7


picture 8

picture 9

This is always good when you have your Pendrive attached to your PC always as it will always setup its self as ram on startup

that’s it you have your flash drive or Pendrive running as a ram. you will notice some speed on your computer depending on the value you give as a ram and the load of the PC.

remember to always disable everything back to its state as removing of Pendrive without going through the normal process might destroy your Pendrive
picture 10


You might get a message like “this device does not have the required performance characteristics for use in speeding up your system” you will always see this error when you are using a low-speed Pendrive or flash drive and a modem with a card reader or when you are using a USB card reader which ain’t suitable for it. You can also use your hard drive as virtual memory which I did on mine but it’s not as good as a Pendrive or flash drive as the hard drive is always busy with OS files and so on.

picture 11

(increase ram using USB flash drive )


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