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Awesome Shortcuts On Your Computer You Might Not Be Using

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10 Awesome Shortcuts In Your Computer That You Have Not Been Using


Have you ever wondered why your friends or co-workers is fast and productive when using their computer, and they hardly touch their mouse? have you ever wondered if there is anything like a shortcut on your computer? here we will show you 10 awesome shortcuts you’ve not been using and how to make use of them frequently?

  • The desktop shortcut 

Imagine if you have a lot of works on your laptop (multi-tasked ) in front of you and you want a clean desktop without killing any of your work.

All you have to do is to press (win + ctrl + D or win + D ) (or control up) if you are using a MAC it will switch to a new desktop and you are ready to go.


  • Switch between virtual desktops

After you must have used the shortcut for a clean desktop, you might want to go back or switch between virtual desktop. All you have to do is to press the (windows key+ ctrl + the left and right arrow keys). it’s that simple.

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  • Closing virtual desktop 

If you are done with what you are doing and want to close your work no need of a mouse or looking for the x (close) button at the right top of your computer, just use this shortcut button (windows key + ctrl + f4 ) on MAC hold down the (option key + x)this will automatically close your work for you.

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  • Return to the desktop from apps

If you have too many apps open on your computer and you need to use another one hiding behind all those windows on your desktop, you don’t need to minimize them one by one, you can minimize all at ones with this shortcut ( windows key+ M). You can also take a view from your desktop with this shortcut ( windows key + comma) or ( command key + f3) on MAC.


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  • Opening an app from task bar

If you want fast access to your most-used apps on your computer, consider keeping them on your taskbar as it’s faster to open the app without looking for it on the desktop or windows app. The shortcut button is (windows key + any of this numeric button 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,). Apps in tasks bar are arranged together with the numeric button depending on how you placed them.

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  • split screen between two apps or four apps

split screen

Everything on JUMIA

Do you know you can split your windows screen into 2 or 4 places rather than just jam-packing all your works under another window and all that?

I do use this method a lot when I want to perform a task between two or more apps especially when I want to copy and paste. I am using a split-screen right now, I am playing a music video and typing. For you to be able to do this, click on the following shortcut button (Win + left arrow key or right). Depending on the place you want to place the other application you can also split (4) screens by using up, down, left, and right arrow keys.

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  •  Switch apps

switch between apps

Imagine you are running a lot of apps on your windows, or you have a lot of work on your windows jam-packed on your screen, and you want to switch to another app without going back to your desktop or killing your apps.

You can switch between apps by using the following shortcut (windows + tab ). This automatically displays all apps or works on your pc all you have to do is to navigate and click on the app you want to open, isn’t that cool? but if you are using an Apple you use ( control + Tab ) shortcut

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  •  Troubleshooting and program management

I love this one a lot because I use this a lot. Sometimes when you are using an application on your computer, you get an error or a kind of issue where your application stops responding, and you also tried to use the (x) button at the right top corner of your windows to close the application after doing that nothing seems to be working, at the end you are left with an option to restart your computer, hey no worries you can kill the app using the troubleshooting app on your system which comes with your windows, it will open a task manager which helps you to force stop any malfunctioning application use the following shortcut button ( control + shift + escape) or ( command + shift + ESC ) if you are using MAC.

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(Nice shortcut code on MAC and Windows operating systems)

  • Opening file explorer

file explorer

I know you must be wondering why we got this one on our list, because it’s just there on your desktop, and you can easily click on it, but most people don’t know there’s a shortcut for file explorer.

I remember when I was in my 200l level in the university, I gave someone my computer to make use of it, only for the person to come back to tell me there is no file explorer on my computer, (the reason is that I don’t keep file explore shortcut on my desktop) also I don’t have files on my desktop I only have some applications and it was difficult for her to locate since she wasn’t that kind of tech girl.

The shortcut for windows explorer is ( Windows + E ). This automatically opens the windows explorer for mac users, make use of your finder app.

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  • Using your magnifier


Okay, this is the last one on the list. A magnifier is a software on your computer that helps you zoom in and out on your computer. I don’t make use of this, but sometimes when I’m doing a video tutorial about how to do something on the computer, I use the magnifier to zoom to the targeted file or object. Let’s say am trying to explain something on the computer, either a diagram or a written text, and it’s small I just make use of the magnifier to zoom into it, and my audience can see very clearly what am talking about. this also can be used for people who have a vision problem.

The shortcut for this is (windows plus + button or – button) the + and – button located at the top right side of your keyboard, for MAC users use the ( ALT, COMMAND, and + or -).

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Tell me which of these shortcuts you love most and how have you been using it?

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